Surge of QR Code Design for Tattoo Enthusiasts

By:  Claire
Update:  August 14, 2023
Surge of QR Code Design for Tattoo Enthusiasts

Ever wondered how art enthusiasts indulge in QR code tattoo imprints on their skin?

It is the trend today. You can see individuals with a tattoo on their skins like any other but QR codes are the latest.

You can see how QR codes are integrated with art, but they are far different from leaving it permanently on the skin.

Let us explore the art dimension of QR codes and tattoos.

What is QR Code Tattoo?

Generating a QR code is useful to any individual. They can redirect a generated QR code to a video, URL, image, social media accounts, etc.

QR code tattoo

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From the word itself, a QR code tattoo is a print on the skin with an image of a QR code.

This could be generated using a static QR code or a dynamic one.

Furthermore, you can direct your tattooed QR code to any landing page you want as long as it is available to your QR code generator.

It must be placed on a flat part of your body. Consider making it big enough to leave room for adjustments and scalability.

However, you should consider some errors that might happen when leaving a permanent print on your skin, hence, a QR code with meaning.

What should be embedded inside a QR code tattoo?

You need to consider a list of things in printing a permanent QR code tattoo on your skin. Tattoos should have meaning, right?

Always remember that the mere essence of it on your skin is its art form and its functionality.

It must be practical, efficient, and pragmatic.

Fret no more! Here are some ideas you might want to consider on deciding what should be inside your QR code tattoo.

A business card

Business card QR code

Do you want to leave a statement on a business meeting table? A scannable vCard QR code tattoo is a way to go. 

A social media account/s

A social media QR code directs the scanner to your messaging apps or social media handles, where he can follow, subscribe, and connect to you on social media.  

A hype on video/image

Ever wonder how to cheer up people on the streets?

People who are always on their phones while paving their way or bystanders on lampposts with their smartphones are your target audience on this one.

Video tattoo QR code

Integrate an appreciative video or image on your QR code tattoo and let people scan it to make their day.

Embed a video that will truly make one happy and giddy, or embed an image with an admiring statement to put a smile on a scanner’s face. 

On the other hand, you can also create an image gallery QR code to display multiple images in a QR. 

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Share your playlist

You can share your playlist instantly using an MP3 QR code solution. 

Redirect customers to your website

Using a URL QR code solution, you can convert your link into a QR code that will direct the scanner to your website. 

Real-Life Examples

Here are some examples you might want to know to shed light on how people tattoo QR codes on their skin.

COVID-19 vaccine pass tattoo on an Italian Student

Covid vaccine pass tattoo

The vaccine QR code tattoo of this 22-year-old Italian student allows him to provide proof of vaccination without bringing any material.

It is simply embedded on his QR code tattoo.

Furthermore, it lets him pass entry to establishments that requires a vaccination card.

QR Code Tattoos for Russian food delivery

The new service is aimed at Muscovites who need a QR pass for their restaurant and bar establishments.

Furthermore, it also reminds people about the importance of getting vaccinated. 

QR Code tattoo generator 

Several QR code tattoo generators are available online. 

These QR code generators offer you the best solutions you can generate your QR code tattoo into.

The list goes from social media QR code solutions, vCard QR code solutions, and to URL QR code solutions.

The best QR code generator you need to consider is QR TIGER.

It is the best one in the market as it offers a vast variety of solutions you can choose from in generating an interactive one.

Primary Type of QR Codes

You need to consider two primary types of QR codes when deciding on your QR code tattoo. The Static QR code and Dynamic QR code.

Static QR Codes

Static QR codes are free to generate and create in any QR code generator in the market.

However, their function is only limited.

 The data embedded inside the QR code will lead you to a permanent landing page that is not changeable.

Static QR codes entrench hard-coded information, and they cannot be updated.

Dynamic QR Codes

Dynamic QR codes require you to purchase a subscription to any QR code generators online.

These are the advanced type of QR codes, as they can be updated and changed.

 Furthermore, the embedded information inside the QR code can be revised anytime, even when it is already tattooed on your skin.

This is the best type of solution you might want to consider for your QR code tattoo!

Generate your tattoo with the best QR code tattoo generator

A QR code tattoo got the memo with the surge of different arts diversely!

There are many ways to show art with QR codes, from tattoos to drone shows. Name it. You might see some online and in person.

It is the trend today! However, take note that when you choose to print a tattoo on your skin permanently, it is irrevocable.

Consider the sustainability and scalability of the QR code tattoo you want to do on your skin.

It must be precise and big enough to leave room for errors.

It may wear out in time and may not be accurate for skin healing.

Be sure that the QR code tattoo on your skin serves its purpose.

To know more about QR codes and their art dynamics, visit QR TIGER now. 

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