QR Codes for Ski Resorts: 17 Ways to Use Them

Update:  January 15, 2024
QR Codes for Ski Resorts: 17 Ways to Use Them

QR codes for ski resorts can facilitate smooth contactless transactions, from booking reservations online to renting ski equipment onsite.

Using this digital solution reduces the need for guests to touch surfaces, which protects them from unseen microbes that can make them sick.

Visitors only have to scan the QR code with their smartphones to make a purchase or avail of a service.

Any ski resort owner can take advantage of this innovation by using a reliable QR code generator with logo software.

Find out how QR codes for ski resorts can meet your requirements and implement them into your digital marketing strategy to reach more people than traditional print ads.

How to use QR Codes for ski resorts

Listed below are the ways you can use QR codes for ski resorts to elevate guests experience!  

1. Offer a QR code menu

QR code menuPutting a QR code menu on tables and counters will make it easier for your guests to look at the menu.

You can upload more than one menu so guests can look at the food, drinks, desserts, and seasonal items on their phones.

Since this is a dynamic QR code solution, you can replace the file on the dashboard to change or update the menu.

2. Share your WiFi connection

Wifi QR code

Offering WiFi in your ski resort will improve the satisfaction of your guests.

You can satisfy them even more by providing a quick way to have WiFi access.

How? With a WiFi QR code

Customers can easily scan the code with their smartphones to instantly connect to the network.

This free QR code removes the hassle of manually typing the password and finding the right connection.

3. QR codes on membership cards

Wouldn’t it be nice to access the services offered at a resort in just one scan? 

Not only that, you can embed different information in one QR code.

Running a membership program for your resort offers convenience to your guests.

You can then add a QR code to the members’ cards or assign one to each member.

Guests who are members can now check in, get points, and enjoy perks without bringing their membership cards. They can show their membership QR codes.

4. Give guests the details of your service

Wouldn’t it be nice to access the services offered at a resort in just one scan? 

Not only that, you can embed different information in one QR code.

It’s up to you to put all the information in one document or to keep the room service menu, TV channel lineup, and safety rules separate from the directory information.

In either case, you can store these documents in one PDF QR code that guests can scan to get the information.

And there’s more! 

You can also edit your PDF QR code when necessary because it’s a dynamic QR code. 

Dynamic QR codes can be tracked to monitor the real-time information from your PDF scans,  and you can also edit the content anytime you need to update the information.

5. Gain more social media followers 

Social media QR code

What better way to market your ski resort than using social media platforms? 

Active social media users are 45% of the total population, according to a recent study of eMarketer. 

Take advantage of this trend to get more viewers on your mobile online ads. You can achieve this with a link in bio QR code for social media.

This dynamic  QR code can store multiple social media pages and display them on a single landing page.

And with the latest QR TIGER generator update, you can now track the number of clicks on your different social media links. 

With the social media button click tracker integrated into your business pages, you can find out which social media platform you get the most interactions on.

You can create a better social media marketing plan to enhance your campaign.

6. Promote upcoming events 

Did you know you can create a customized landing page without buying a domain? 

The landing page QR code or the H5 solution allows you to create a landing page that caters to your marketing need, such as promoting a ski sled race or your resort’s founding anniversary. 

You can use the H5 editor’s drag-and-drop feature to create your landing page or build it using code.

You can then integrate the H5 QR code on your printed or digital promotional materials so guests can interact with it.

7. Make it easy for customers to find you

Some visitors may have trouble tracking the ski lodges and B&Bs in the countryside. Help your guests find their way to your front door with the help of location QR codes.

Scanning a location QR code lets guests easily find your resort, as this tool provides them with accurate directions.

8. Get customer feedback

Customers’ opinions can help you determine the strengths and weaknesses of your ski resort. 

A positive or negative comment is a valuable source of marketing information, and you can use this feedback for your ski resort’s improvement. 

You can quickly collect comments from resort guests with a feedback QR Code.

When scanned, this will take them to an online digital form for their reviews.

9. Share your contact information 

Make sure your guests who are out and about can always find information about your resort by printing a digital business card with a QR code on their room keys. 

The customer can quickly access your contact details, such as your phone number, and instantly save it to their phone’s address book.

This is useful in many situations, such as when they must tell a taxi driver where they are staying. Use a QR code instead of trying to fit all the important information on a small key card.

10. Showcase your ski resort’s best features

Image gallery QR code

By using an image gallery QR code, you can give your audience an interactive experience and show them several pictures at once.

You can show what your ski resort offers, such as the amenities and the activities they’ll surely enjoy.

11. Give customers a sneak peek of your resort 

Travel destinations and tourism services can gain much attention through virtual tours.

You can take your customers on a tour of your ski resort to give them a view of what’s in store.

Here’s when QR codes come in handy.

Include a video QR code to give potential guests a guided tour of your ski area.

Use a suggestive call-to-action like “Scan to view the resort” to attract customers to watch your videos.

12. Offer discounts and vouchers

According to a recent study by Juniper Research, mobile redemption of QR code coupons will reach 5.3 billion by in the next 2 years. 

As part of a standard print campaign, coupon codes can be printed out, but it would be up to the customer to remember to bring the coupon with them when they visit your ski resort. 

But, with the help of QR codes, coupons are now given out in a more modern way.

On any posters, flyers, brochures, or newsletters, you can include a coupon QR code with the discount code or a link to your website where the discount will be automatically taken off at checkout.

Create a coupon QR Code for your vouchers. You can use it in your email marketing campaigns to drive people to your ski resort. 

13. Elevate the email marketing campaign

When customers receive personalized emails that help keep them engaged, they look forward to hearing from you again and again.

You should consider adding QR codes to your templates to boost your email open and click-through rates.

The longer you can keep customers interested in your emails, the more loyal they will be to your brand.

You can send loyal customers an email and let them be the first to try out new features at your ski resort. To avail of the perk, they must scan the QR code.

14. QR code for ski resort’s contactless entrance

Some resorts would ask guests to present an ID card to verify their identity upon checking in. But with QR codes, you can eliminate this inconvenience just like some of the world's best airports do.

Customer health worldwide has become one of their top concerns, if not their top concern. This change in thinking has quickly sped up contactless economic growth.

Upon booking on your website, provide guests with a QR code. When they get to your resort, they must present the code and have it scanned by staff.

Once the scanner recognizes the QR code, the staff will grant them entry. This can be a paperless alternative to tickets or receipts, which is convenient and economical in the long run.

15. Ski resort rental equipment QR code

Rental QR code

Guests who have pre-booked ski equipment rentals online will receive a confirmation email with a web rental booking QR code and other relevant information.

They can then present the QR code on their mobile devices to the rental staff at the counter to complete the rental transaction and receive their equipment.

16. Ski resort's QR code for contact tracing 

Ski areas implemented a QR code contact tracing system to easily keep track of the flow of people coming in and out of their venue.

This not only simplifies and eliminates all contact during the stay in the resort, but it can also aid in contact tracing if a case of COVID-19 is discovered in the resort.

Skiers and other resort guests may be asked to show a QR code verifying their health status to access some resorts’ slopes and ski facilities.

17. QR codes for the ski resort’s reusable ticket

You can offer a contactless option for your customers and streamline your business’s access procedures. 

Multiple tickets and their respective validity periods can be encoded. A QR code for ski resorts can be printed on the ticket and reused for future visits.

The Axess Smart Card Lite is the best example of reloadable online membership and season ticket cards. Battery-free and highly adaptable, this plastic chip card can be used in various situations. 

How to create QR codes for ski resorts 

Here are 5 easy steps to make a QR code for your ski resort.

1. Go to QR TIGER

2. Choose your preferred QR code solution, then enter the required information

3. Click “Generate QR code,” then customize its appearance

Add your resort’s logo and a call to action to get more scans. This will help people remember your brand.

4. Do a test scan

5. Download and print out your QR code

The output quality of QR codes can be guaranteed by using this format.

QR TIGER: your one-stop QR code generator for your ski resort

Ski resorts can improve their services with the help of QR codes.

They can be used in various campaigns to promote your ski resort.

Use QR codes to involve your visitors.

Make their stay one they won’t soon forget, so they can’t stop raving about it.

QR TIGER, the best QR code generator online, allows you to customize and add logos to your QR codes. You can also download the codes in SVG format for improved print quality.

Our dynamic QR codes also let you access tracking data that shows when and where your codes have been scanned, among other useful information.

Become a QR TIGER subscriber today and integrate QR codes into your ski resort.

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