How to use a WiFi QR Code Generator for free

Last updated:   June 24, 2022

A WiFi QR code generator provides convenience to users who find it tiresome to enter WiFi passwords manually.

You can use this innovative solution to create a WiFi QR code to let your customers have instant Internet access by simply scanning the code with their smartphones.

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What is a WiFi QR code?

wifi qr code
A WiFi QR code can connect scanning users to a WiFi network.

This innovation allows hotels, cafes, or offices to easily share WiFi access with guests, customers, and employees.

It is advantageous since it saves people from typing long and complicated passwords. One scan is all it takes to connect to the Internet.

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WiFi marketing with WiFi QR codes

wifi qr codes for wifi marketingWiFi marketing is among the leading innovations in digital marketing today.

It is when businesses offer free WiFi within their venue in exchange for customer contact information.

Businesses then use the information for mass marketing campaigns through email or text.

The good thing with WiFi marketing is it benefits both retailers and customers.

Diners at a restaurant or café can stay productive while they sip coffee or eat a slice of cake.

Meanwhile, shopkeepers can expect an increase in sales since their customers will spend more as they stay longer on their premises.

Businesses that use WiFi marketing as a strategy can use a WiFi QR code generator to make it faster for customers to connect to the Internet.

What’s excellent about WiFi QR codes is that smartphones can now scan them.

At a low cost, businesses can satisfy their consumers and increase the likelihood of converting them into regulars.

In the third quarter of 2021, about 89% of 307 million Internet users in the United States went online using their smartphones. This number only makes WiFi marketing more strategic today.

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How to use a WiFi QR code generator for free

QRTIGER, the most advanced QR code generator with a logo, is your best choice for WiFi QR codes.

Aside from that, QRTIGER is now ISO 27001 certified. This serves as proof that you can trust us with your sensitive data.

To create a QR code for WiFi, follow these steps:

1. Go to QRTIGER and select the “WiFi” option.

qr tiger wifi qr codeYou will see an array of QR code solutions on the QRTIGER homepage. Click on the “WiFi” option.

You can also do this with the QRTIGER app! Open the app and tap the “WiFi QR” button under “Basic QR Codes.”

2. Fill in the required details.

generate wifi qr code
A WiFi QR code needs three details: the type of encryption, the service set identifier or SSID, and the password.

You can find these details on the bottom or the side of your router.

After filling the details in, click or tap the “Generate” button.

3. Customize your WiFi QR code.

customized wifi qr codeNow that you have a QR code, you can start customizing it.

You can choose a pattern and an eye shape and change the pattern’s colors and the background. You can even opt for a transparent background.

Also, you can add your brand logo to the code. Your brand logo will help reassure your customers and clients that it is safe for them to scan the code.

Also, do not forget to add a call to action to the code, such as “Scan to Connect!”.

4. Test the code first.

wifi qr codeYou do not want to disappoint people with a defective QR code. Scan the WiFi QR code using your smartphone to see if it works.

You may have to go to your WiFi settings and forget the WiFi network you’re connected to so you can scan the WiFi QR code.

5. Download, print, and deploy.

print wifi qr codeOnce the QR code is working, you can download it.

You can then print the WiFi QR code and paste it in places accessible to customers or clients.

Benefits of using a WiFi QR code

1. Convenience

wifi qr code for convenienceAny customer would prefer scanning a QR code to connect to the Internet instantly. They can then entertain themselves while waiting for their transactions or orders.

Aside from that, some customers do not have the confidence to approach waiters or employees and ask for passwords.

With a WiFi QR code, you can guarantee these conveniences for your customers.

2. Customer satisfaction

wifi qr code for customer satisfactionCustomers are more satisfied if an establishment offers free WiFi. In fact, 74% of diners want free WiFi in restaurants.

Suppose you now have WiFi for your business. Would that be enough? You can further improve that by using a QR code for WiFi.

It will significantly boost customer satisfaction since it’s a quick and easy way of connecting to the Internet.

3. Great first impression

wifi qr code for great first impressionModern technology is standard today, but it still excites most people.

A QR code for WiFi will surely amaze your customers since they are accustomed to connecting to a WiFi network by typing a password first.

This will lead to an excellent first impression, and they would surely spread the word to their friends.

4. Lead generation

wifi qr code for lead generation
A WiFi network QR code works well with WiFi marketing.

You can attach forms to WiFi QR codes that customers and clients must fill out first before accessing the Internet.

Users must provide details such as their names and email addresses in the form.

You can then use these details for your advertising campaigns by sending them newsletters via email.

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Where to use WiFi QR codes

1. Public places

public places wifi qr codeThanks to free community WiFi connections, the public may easily access the Internet in most public places such as parks.

Public officials or authorized personnel may leave passwords at these places so that anyone can connect effortlessly.

Still, the problem is that some users may change the password to keep the WiFi to themselves.

With WiFi QR codes, people may quickly scan the QR Code to connect to the WiFi without the need for passwords.

2. Tourist spots

tourist spots wifi qr codeInstant WiFi access greatly helps tourists. They can then view online maps, check translations, and post their vacation photos on social media.

A WiFi QR code will make it even more convenient for tourists since they will no longer need to enter passwords for Internet access.

3. Restaurants and cafes

restaurant wifi qr codeSome customers find it a hassle to call a waiter and ask for the password. A WiFi QR code can help with this.

You can place a WiFi password QR code with a call to action such as “Scan for Free WiFi” on tabletops to let customers connect to your Internet.

They can then browse the web while waiting for their orders, which helps sustain their patience and satisfaction.

When their food is served, they can then take snaps and post these to social media, which helps generate buzz for your restaurant or café.

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4. Malls

malls wifi qr codeShoppers today prefer using their smartphones while shopping in physical stores to search for details about products before purchasing them.

WiFi QR codes would make it easier for shoppers and mallgoers to connect to the Internet. This tactic would surely make their shopping experience comfortable.

5. Hotels

hotel wifi qr codeToday, most travelers include WiFi in the list of things to consider when choosing hotels.

A Statista report reveals that one-third of Russian tourists consider stable WiFi the most important amenity in foreign hotels.

You can provide your guests with a WiFi QR code to conveniently connect to your WiFi network. This would definitely impress them and make them feel comfortable.

You can place WiFi QR codes on the front desk or in each room so that guests can easily see and scan them.

Hotels can also use WiFi to establish online internal communications for their management and staff. You can also set up a WiFi QR code for your hotel employees.

When you have newly hired staff, they can quickly gain Internet access without asking for the password.

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6. Hospitals

hospital wifi qr codeWiFi in hospitals lets patients talk to their families at home via video calls. It can also provide a way to ease tension while waiting for test results.

A WiFi QR code in hospitals will provide convenient and instant WiFi access.

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Five tips for customizing your WiFi QR code

It may be easy to create a WiFi QR code using an online WiFi QR code generator, but you still have things to consider to guarantee that your WiFi QR code will serve its purpose.

Here are five tips you should take note of:

1. Create visual QR codes.

customized qr codePeople must scan a QR code for it to function; therefore, you must ensure that the QR code you will deploy is attractive.

Try following a color palette to create a visually pleasing effect for your QR code. Also, avoid using colors or color combinations that would hurt the eye.

2. Add your brand logo.

wifi qr code with logoYour business logo serves as a security seal that would encourage people to trust the QR code and scan it. It is also excellent for brand recall.

3. Always use a call to action.

wifi qr code call to action
A call to action engages users to scan the code and gives them an idea of what to expect when they scan the code.

A CTA such as “Scan for Free WiFi” will attract users to scan it with their smartphones.

4. Use the appropriate size.

customized qr codeMake sure that the size of your QR code suits the place where you will put it. For instance, if you put a tiny QR code on the wall of a store near the street, passersby would not notice it.

5. Place the code where users will see them right away.

wifi qr codeQR codes need users to scan them; therefore, you must place them where many people are.

QRTIGER: your trusted WiFi QR code generator

The world moves fast, and people always try to find ways to save time.

With a WiFi QR code, you can provide convenience and ease to your customers, clients, and employees since they wouldn’t write down and remember long and complicated passwords anymore.

They would only scan the QR code with their smartphone to access a WiFi network instantly.

QRTIGER’s WiFi QR code generator stands out among others with its customization tools and user-friendly interface. It's also free to use.

Visit QRTIGER today and create WiFi QR codes for your establishments!

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