QR Codes on TV Commercials: The New Normal for Running TV Ads

Update:  May 03, 2024
QR Codes on TV Commercials: The New Normal for Running TV Ads

Using QR codes on TV commercials allows brands to give an interactive engagement to their viewers by scanning the QR code that leads to online content.

Have you ever seen a QR code on TV screen?

Today, more and more brands are using QR codes on TV commercials.

Using QR codes on TV ads, innovative marketers can convert offline engagements to online conversions.

QR codes can take viewers to any form of TV advertisement or promotion online just by scanning the QR code using a mobile device.

From plain and static viewer TV engagement, brands can make use of QR codes to leverage consumers' interaction with their brand using QR codes.

What’s the advantage of a QR code commercial for marketers and companies today?

Read more to find out.

QR codes on TV commercials and how they work

QR codes are 2d barcodes that contain information (URL, video, social media, digital business card, etc.)

The data embedded in a QR code is generated using a QR code generator online.

It has the ability to lead viewers to online information of any kind once they scan the QR code using a smartphone device.

Tv ads QR code

QR codes can be seen displayed and are accessible anywhere it is placed, whether they are printed in offline marketing campaign materials (brochures, flyers, billboards, stickers, etc. ) and an online marketing campaign or a digital QR code (QR codes in TV ads, social media, websites, computer screens, mobile, etc.)

QR code commercials are no longer new.

In fact, it’s been used by many marketers to engage television viewers and promote their products and services, drive traffic to their website, boost online presence, redirect scanners to their online shop, and many more.

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Digital QR code

QR code commercials on TV use a digital QR code that routes users to online marketing platforms.

Digital QR code, like QR codes in TV ads, is a form of QR code marketing campaign that uses an online platform through television.

As we mentioned, a QR code on a TV screen is great to use as it provides a dual form of marketing (both offline and online).

QR codes on TV ads: Real-life examples

There are a lot of  TV advertising examples using QR codes.

Here are some real life use-case scenarios of how innovative marketers are making use of QR codes in TV ads!

Burger King’s TV commercial with a QR code that leads to a free Whopper

The fast-food burger chain giant Burger King just recently rolled out a fun QR code TV advertisement that gives a free whopper deal to viewers.

The company’s initiative also aims to levitate viewers anxiety who are stuck indoors during the height of the pandemic.

During advertisements, a QR code appears on television, if the viewer is lucky enough to scan the QR code that contains the free whopper deal, then a free meal awaits him! 

Fashion TV channel to drive website traffic and engagement

The international fashion broadcasting TV channel, Fashion TV is also taking advantage of QR code commercials as a marketing campaign on their television channel.

Fashion tv QR code

Every once in a while, a QR code will flash on the viewer’s TV screen that, when scanned, will drive the viewer to their website, where the viewer can watch and browse different fashion stories and stream various campaigns of high-end brands while driving traffic to their website!

Lacoste TV commercial with QR code that enables the user to purchase goods

The well-known French clothing company also joined the bandwagon of QR code advertisements on television.

Lacoste rolled out a shoppable TV advertisement using a QR code that, once scanned, will redirect the viewers to their e-commerce store, where viewers can shop and purchase the brand’s product.

‘Love or Money’ uses a TV commercial with a QR code to market tickets to viewers

Philippine TV movie ‘Love or Money’ uses QR codes on television ads that allow viewers to redeem tickets for the movie show instantly!

How to use QR codes on TV commercials

What is the possible function of a QR code commercial? How do you scan a code on TV?

Depending on what type of content you are promoting or marketing to the audience, QR TIGER QR code generator offers different QR code solutions you can use for TV advertisements.

Here are some TV advertisements that use QR codes and how to access them. 

Shoppable QR codes

There’s no better way to drive direct purchases than to have shoppable QR codes displayed on television ads!

Instead of having your target audience call or contact you to purchase your item, you can use QR codes that will redirect them to purchase your products, goods, and any items right away!

Shoppable QR code

To do this, you only need to generate the URL of your e-commerce store into a QR code.

Just simply copy the URL/link of your online store and paste it into the QR code generator online (and make sure you generate your URL into a dynamic QR code).

Moreover, if you want your customers to be redirected to a particular item online, just copy the URL of that item and paste it into the QR code generator online,

Using a URL QR code will redirect consumers straight to your product and check it out easily.

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Drive website traffic and brand awareness for your business

Just like how the Fashion TV channel uses a QR code on TV screen to advertise different luxury brands to viewers from the comfort of their own homes, sitting on a couch while sipping on their coffee, a QR code is also one of the best ways to drive traffic and brand awareness to your business in a very effortless manner by converting your URL to a QR code.

Viewers can easily scan the QR codes to be redirected to your online marketing campaign and website.

Let viewers download your app

What’s great about the QR code commercial trend today is that you can market an app to promote and boost app downloads.

You can generate an app store QR code that will lead your scanners to download your app right away.

By doing this, you’re doing your viewers a favor. They don’t have to look for the app manually on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

QR codes to redeem tickets to movies

Along with movie promotion, you can sell movie tickets faster by flashing QR codes in TV ads that redirect viewers to redeem movie tickets online instantly!

Lead viewers to free meals

People love to eat, of course, and getting a free meal from their favorite restaurants will always sound fantastic.

Burger King, one of the fast-food chain giants in the global arena, recently used QR codes in a very interactive way to alleviate the mood of their home viewers who are stuck at home during the pandemic.

By giving them a chance to win a free whopper deal, a moving QR code will appear a few times on television screens that they have to scan to lead them to the free whopper.

If the viewer is quick enough to catch and scan the moving QR code, he might get a chance of winning a free whopper deal! (Image Source)

QR codes on TV commercials that lead to Gift vouchers

You can engage your home viewers just by sitting on their couch by giving them awards like product sales or gift vouchers if they complete a task, which- they can redeem the voucher online and use it later.

You can also award more points or free coupons if they share it with friends or around social media.

Allowing viewers to play fun games

Level up home viewers' experience by using a QR code to redirect them to fun games like scavenger hunts, trivia questions, PokemonGo, or even play your own game.

Play QR code

With most people stuck in their homes and probably binge-watching on their television screens the whole day, it can be your best opportunity to promote and turn your marketing campaign into exciting games that viewers will love to play!

Why should you use QR codes on TV commercials

Hook viewers with interactive content

Unlike traditional, plain, and static TV engagement, QR codes can provide an interactive visual interface to keep viewers visually hooked and entertained.

QR codes in TV commercials make room for interactive content, such as redirecting viewers to videos, images, polls, and games that connect with consumers in a more unique and direct way for a more compelling customer experience.

This grows customer interest in the brand and keeps their retention of the brand, as it enables them to be a part of it in a more personal experience rather than just being a distant audience.

Grow your social media following

By generating a social media QR code, you can grow all of your social media followers!

One customized social media QR code can bring together all your social media and other digital resources on one page!

Social media QR code

Connect all your Social Media Apps in one QR Code displayed on TV ads.

A Social Media QR Code displays all your social media apps as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat for Business, Reddit, Inc., etc. into ONE Mobile-Optimized landing page when scanned. YES!

Make it easy for your audience to like, reach out, and follow your social media profiles right away. No more sharing of long individual links that is inconvenient and time-consuming.

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QR codes are updateable in content even after deploying on TV commercials

With your QR solution generated in a Dynamic QR code, which is a modifiable type of QR code, you can make changes behind your QR code’s content to redirect viewers to other content!

This allows you to have multiple TV ads in one QR code! And no- you do not need to reproduce another QR code again.

You just need to go QR TIGER’s QR code software online, where your dynamic QR codes are also stored, and make your quick changes and update.

Track your QR code campaigns

You can track the data of your QR code scans, as such, the number of scans that have been made in a day/weeks/months, or years.

Moreover, you can also track your scanner's demographics and location.

Give the information right away to the viewers

As QR codes have the ability to provide direct information to viewers in just a scan. Viewers don’t need to use other devices to get that information. They can simply open their smartphone devices and scan the QR code shown on the TV.

How to generate a QR code on TV commercials

What is the process of creating a QR code for commercials? Here it is:

  • Go to QR TIGER QR code generator online
  • Select the type of QR code you will need for your TV ads
  • Generate a dynamic QR code
  • Personalize your QR
  • Scan test
  • Download and deploy

How to scan a QR code on the TV screen

To scan a QR code on the TV screen or anywhere where you see a QR code, you need to have a smartphone device and enable the settings to read QR codes.

The user only needs to point his camera towards the QR code for 2–3 seconds to access its content.

If your smartphone device can’t read QR codes, you can also opt to download QR code readers/scanners.

Moreover, social media apps also can read QR codes such as Messenger, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, and the like.

TV registration using QR codes

Samsung TV QR code

Other ways TV companies use QR codes is to allow their customers to register their products through QR codes instead of having to fill up registration forms manually.

One example of this is the Samsung company which also uses QR codes to have their customers register their TV purchases online.

QR code advertising

QR codes can provide more information about the product or service without sweat, and the information quickly goes to the user’s device in just a scan which makes it effortless and hassle-free.

Basically, QR codes promote interaction and engagement through the mobile phone.

This type of marketing strategy enables businesses to transfer information to the user right away.

QR codes on TV commercials: The next big advertising opportunity for marketers

Using QR (Quick Response) codes on television commercials, brands, and marketers can engage their TV audiences by enabling a scan-to-purchase channel.

The best thing about using a QR code in an ad is that people can interact with it with just one scan of their phones.

Still, wondering what is the QR code commercials' benefits? You can contact us today for more information.

brands using qr codes

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