How to Use QR TIGER Link Management Software

Update:  August 21, 2023
How to Use QR TIGER Link Management Software

Apart from managing and creating QR code campaigns, you can also organize and have full control of your business links using QR TIGER link management software.

You see, QR TIGER is best known as one of the most advanced QR code generators online. But did you know that you can also use it as link management software? 

You can seamlessly shorten, organize, analyze, and create branded links for your company.

See how you can maximize this feature through this blog.

How does QR TIGER link management software work?

QR code dashboard

QR TIGER allows you to generate a QR code and a URL at the same time. But that would require you to choose one from their subscription plans.

Every dynamic QR code comes with a corresponding short link. This is what you’ll be using for your digital marketing campaigns.

You can add them to your social media posts, websites, emails, or e-commerce shops.

QR TIGER helps you ensure that you seamlessly handle all your URLs with its user-friendly interface.

You can get full control of how you organize, edit, and review your business links.

And depending on your active subscription plan with QR TIGER, you can share your dashboard with multiple users to help you handle it.

So, it’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

You get to generate, organize, edit, and track your QR codes as well as your business links at the same time on a single platform.

How to organize links with QR TIGER link management software

At QR TIGER, you’ll have centralized software for QR code and link management operations.

You can create a QR code and, consequently, have a corresponding short URL for that same QR code.

In your QR TIGER dashboard, you’ll be able to access your QR code as well as its short URL. You can also edit, track, and organize them in custom folders.

How to shorten links with QR TIGER

To shorten your links with QR TIGER, you must first convert your URL into a QR code solution. Here’s how to do it:

Link QR code

1.     Click the URL QR code solution

2.     Paste or input your URL in the space provided.

3.     Click Dynamic QR, then generate the QR code.

4.     Customize your QR code using the personalization tools.

5.     Run a test scan to check for errors.

6.     Click on My Account at the upper right tab of the interface.

7.     Tap Dashboard.

You can rename, delete, or add your QR code or short links into a folder for a streamlined digital marketing campaign.

How to organize short links and QR codes in a folder using QR TIGER

Here’s how you can create your folders to organize your short links and QR codes:

1.     Go to your dashboard.

QR code generator dashboard

2.     Click the Folder option.

QR code folder

3.     Create a folder or choose from existing ones.

Create new folder

If you already have an existing folder, then choose from one of them.

If you want to create a new one, just click Add new folder.

4.     Enter the folder name of your choice and save.

Add folder name

5.     Click the link or QR code you want to add.

You can find your QR code campaigns and short links in the left navigation panel. Choose the link that you want to add to your folder.

6.     Click Settings.

Click settings

7.     Choose Move to folder.

Move to folder

8.     Select the name of the folder, and click Save.

Select folder

Why should you use QR TIGER link management software?

Here’s what QR TIGER can offer you for your link management needs:

Allows you to shorten links

All of your generated QR codes in QR TIGER have a corresponding short URL, which means you won’t need third-party software just to shorten your custom links.

Instead of sharing a lengthy URL that mostly has over a hundred or a thousand characters, you can now use a URL of fewer than 20 characters.

You can convert a long URL into a short one by generating a URL QR code solution. After creating your URL QR code, you will then find its corresponding short URL in your dashboard.

It’s optimized for social media postings

Shorter links allow you to have shorter social media posts, which is better for your social media marketing strategy.

Take Twitter, for example. The social media platform having over 396 million users, implements a 280-character limit per tweet.

Sharing a lengthy URL on this platform is not ideal. You’ll need to keep less than 250 characters in each post to achieve a 60% increase in engagement on Twitter.

With shorter links, you can guarantee that you’ll get more engagement for your social media posts.

Increases website traffic

Sharing your links on social media builds backlink traffic for your website.

Aside from that, it can also increase your brand recognition.

In fact, 87% of marketers agree that the major benefit of social media in digital marketing is to increase your website traffic.

Since you’ll be getting more engagement with your shortened links, you’ll be able to redirect more audiences to your website, causing an increase in your traffic and brand recognition as well.

Streamlines link sharing to networks

QR TIGER helps you share your links without worrying whether you’ve sent the correct link to your newsletter subscribers, business partners, or your employees.

Its user-friendly interface makes managing and controlling your links much easier.

And because of this, it is also easier to moderate mistakes in link sharing—if that ever happens.

Get precise link views analytics

With QR TIGER, you can also get a comprehensive report of how well your links and QR codes perform.

In your dashboard, you can see how many clicks or scans they’re receiving, from what location are your audience scanning, at what time they are visiting or viewing, and what device they are using.

You’ll see the traffic of your business URLs.

You can use the analytics as your guide of what to do next for your digital campaigns, where to invest more, and what to improve to get more conversions.

Edit your embedded link

Generating a dynamic QR code allows you to edit the embedded link any time you want.

You can access the edit button on your dashboard.

This is a convenient feature that saves you from creating a new QR code and new link whenever you need to update the embedded content.

You can also save a whole lot of money because you no longer need to invest in a new set of promotional materials or pay for compensation charges.

With the link management software, you can even do away from committing to these errors in handling your business links.

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Protects your links from being blocklisted

According to HubSpot, Google has blocklisted approximately 40,000 website links every week since 2003.

You wouldn’t want the exact same thing to happen to your business links. 

For a secured link management and link-sharing operation, choosing safe software is a must.

QR TIGER has secured an ISO 27001 certificate which means that it has passed the international requirements in terms of managing cyber data for strong cyber security.

Using QR TIGER as your link manager guarantees that your short links are secured, so long as your embedded custom links do not promote malware.

You can limit the number of users who can access your dashboard to secure that only authorized users can manage your short URLs.

Manage your business links using QR TIGER today

Link management optimizes your digital marketing strategies since it streamlines link sharing and monitoring.

With QR TIGER, you are guaranteed that you’ll have a smooth-sailing QR code and link management and optimized digital marketing.

The security offered by QR TIGER link management generator also helps you ensure that your links will effectively reach your target audience.

You should try managing your business links with QR TIGER today or create your QR code campaigns using this same software.

Choose from one of the tiered plans with advanced QR code features and integrations at lower prices.

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