QR TIGER vs. Uniqode: Comparing Features and Pricing

Update:  February 22, 2024
QR TIGER vs. Uniqode: Comparing Features and Pricing

If you’ve been searching for top-rated QR code software and found yourself undecided between QR  TIGER vs. Uniqode (formerly Beaconstac), we’ve got you covered.

With the continuous emergence of QR code generators in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose which software has the best solutions that can truly benefit your business and marketing.

To help you decide which QR code software is best for you and your business, we created this extensive research on the well-reviewed QR code generators available today, presenting a comparison of their features, integrations, plans, and pricing.

No marketing tactics of any sort. Just a pure comparative analysis of Uniqode vs QR TIGER.

Rather than feeding you with a marketing-based differentiation between QR TIGER vs. Uniqode, we will show you which QR code software is truly packed with QR code solutions, features, and integrations that will greatly help your business.

Criteria for the detailed comparison between QR TIGER vs. Uniqode

There are several ways to determine if a QR code generator is high-functioning or not. But most of them are quite technical and can be hard to understand.

In this article, we’re providing you with a detailed, research-based comparison that is reader-friendly.

We only have one goal, and that is to help you decide which one is the best: QR TIGER or Uniqode.

Availability of Static and Dynamic QR codes

Static QR codes

The availability of both Static and Dynamic QR code solutions is one of the most important things to check when investing in a QR code generator.

Do you simply need a QR code for one-time use, or are you willing to invest in a QR code generator that provides the details you need and will effectively boost your marketing campaigns?

A static QR code with a logo is best for one-time use. They are usually provided for free. Just enter the URL,  generate a QR code, and you’re good to go.

They work forever and have unlimited scans. The catch is you won’t be able to edit the URL attached to the QR code, and you can’t track its data, either.

Dynamic QR codes

Dynamic QR codes, on the other hand, provide a comprehensive solution for businesses.

Dynamic QR code solutions allow users to: 

1. Edit the QR code and its contents. They can personalize the colors, add their logo, and track the scan data.

Depending on your marketing needs, you can even use multi-URL dynamic QR codes to provide a more personalized user experience based on their location, language, and device’s operating system.

You can edit the URL or data linked to the QR code you’ve already created without affecting its design.

You can track the data of where, when, which device, and how many times the QR code has been scanned.

2. Dynamic QR codes have unlimited scans with a valid subscription. There are just so many things you can do with this type of solution.

So if you want a successful marketing campaign, it’s best to go with the features of a Dynamic QR code.

Given this information, let’s have a look at these QR code software and their number of Static and Dynamic QR code solutions.

Based on the QR TIGER vs Uniqode table, both offer a good number of Static and Dynamic QR codes, with each accumulating a total of 24 QR code solutions.

With QR TIGER, however, you can create a great deal of free static QR codes with a limitless number of scans.

With our free trial, you can also generate 3 out of 16 dynamic QR codes. Each of these is scannable up to a hundred times, which will run for one year.

The best part? QR TIGER does not require customers to sign up for a free trial.

We only ask for your email address, so we can safely give you a copy of your trial QR code.

It doesn't end here. With QR TIGER, you can also edit your existing QR codes' design even after you generate them using their Edit QR code design feature.

Uniqode, on the other hand, allows its users to generate as many QR code solutions as they like, which only works for 14 days. The downside is that interested individuals need to sign-up to their site to access these free trial offers.

High-functioning QR code solutions

Which QR code software offers a wide variety of solutions specific to digital marketing strategies known today? 

Your chosen QR code generator must be equipped with highly functional QR code solutions. After all, you’re in it for the long haul.

You’re basically paying them so you can create, track, and deliver your marketing campaigns effectively. Do they have the features and tools you need?

Every QR code solution should be designed to handle every business need.

While it can be tedious, examining the number of features provided by a QR code generator should be one of your priorities.

If you really think about it, this is one of the tools that can really help you increase your sales and market reach.

In this case, Uniqode lags behind QR TIGER when it comes to providing in-demand QR code solutions.

While it is evident that Uniqode offers a wide array of solutions, we can’t get rid of the fact that they are missing out on an important feature: a link in the bio QR code solution for social media that links all your social media sites together. 

When you scan this QR code, it displays your messaging apps, social media apps, and other URLs you have embedded in the QR code. 

This tool was made to boost your social media presence and increase conversion rates, as it makes it easier for potential customers to follow you. 

According to Statista, there have been a total of 3.6 billion users of various social media platforms 

This report only proves that social media sites hold the greatest number of potential and existing customers.

Aside from that, we also have a unique multi URL QR code solution that allows users to embed numerous links with four types of redirection: location-based, language-based, time-based, and amount-of-scan-based redirection.

Security features and certificates

Of course, QR codes are also vulnerable to cybercriminals phishing their way of collecting personal information.

The best way to protect your business, clients, and sensitive assets from threats of QR code scams is by examining whether a QR code generator actually has the relevant security certificates.

Sure enough, both QR code generators presented the basic certifications and measures to protect their users.

However, QR TIGER is the only software with an SSL and ISO 27001 certification. Does this make a huge difference?


ISO 27001 is the world’s best-known form of security certification that any IT company or institution should possess.

This is a set of international standards that enables businesses to manage the safety and security of company assets effectively.

The great news is that QR TIGER is the only QR code software among all the top-rated QR code generators to have been accredited with an Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification from ISO.

With the ISO 27001 certification, QR TIGER fortifies the system from cyber-attacks, malware, cyber-scams, and the like.

It’s important to note, however, that Uniqode is SOC-2 Type 2 compliant, while QR TIGER is not.

We prioritized securing ISO 27001 as our customers are currently looking for an ISO certification. It comes with a broader scope of security standards from the employees down to technology and best practices.

Integrated brands and platforms

When looking for a QR code generator, you should also consider the integrations they offer for your CRM and other software applications.

For a centralized web application and third-party software integration, QR code generators should at least enable end-users to easily automate workflows and manage generated leads, especially in the enterprise plans.

When it comes to integrations, you’re most likely looking at Google Analytics, Zapier, and HubSpot. But how do these make QR code handling easier?

Zapier can connect, at most, 2,000 applications necessary for an automated workflow.

Rather than individually running multiple tasks from different applications, using software like Zapier allows you to manage tasks seamlessly.

On the other hand, Google Analytics is arguably the biggest web analytics and data tracking tool that grants QR code generator clients access to in-depth information about QR code scans and users.

With the transparency of the QR code statistics, you can easily formulate strategies for the continuous growth of your QR code campaigns.

HubSpot is one of the most used email marketing platforms today.

In this critical time, making sure your chosen QR code generator is integrated with a digital marketing system is important to reach out to your target market easily.

In this case, both QR TIGER and Uniqode enjoy the benefits of Zapier and Google Analytics.

However, only QR TIGER is compatible with HubSpot, which means that we are ready to integrate with the most advanced marketing tools for any type of company.

Advanced software features

When it comes to software features, does the QR code provide you with a premium-level experience?

In this case, QR TIGER and Uniqode are stocked with QR code API, bulk generation features, real-time data tracking, editing QR code-linked contents, and error correction.

All these features make way for seamless integrations, personalized QR code software use, and smarter QR code campaigns.

Bulk QR code generation features

Uniqode can bulk-generate at most seven QR code solutions but has no specific feature for product authentication.

By contrast, QR TIGER QR code generator offers four QR solutions generatable in large volumes: URL, vCard, text, and number QR code for inventory tracking.

And since we heavily value the importance of Intellectual Property (IP) rights, QR TIGER also programmed a QR code specifically designed to combat counterfeit products in just one scan.

That’s one premium thing that no other top-rated QR code generator has ever created.

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User-friendly site

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but by its website, you can surely judge a QR code generator.

It’s not enough that software could offer you numerous features and QR code solutions –  their website should also be user-friendly.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you have a hard time navigating around the homepage? Are the important features shown at first glance, or do you still have to figure it out yourself?

If you answered “Yes, ” you’re most likely working with less advanced QR code software.

While Uniqode presents a minimalistic webpage that is also mobile-friendly, they failed to recognize the need for a better user experience by showing all available QR code solutions in one click.

We acknowledge this need at QR TIGER completely.

Rather than confusing our users with a lot of tabs and pop-up options, we readily present everything that our customers would need right on our homepage.

No pop-up menus, no confusing tabs, and buttons. QR TIGER provides a user-friendly page that you can easily navigate. See it for yourself.

Responsive customer support

We can all agree that having very responsive customer support reflects the credibility of a company.

QR TIGER and Uniqode are aligned in this standard, as both software ensure 24/7 service to all of their customers via email.

But QR TIGER’s edge over Uniqode is that the QR code platform is open to customer queries 24/7 on their social media channels.

With over three billion social media users now, we’ve optimized our customer service by catering to the social media market as well.

Know that you can easily reach us via email and our social media platforms.

You can try to contact our customer support here

Trusted by brands globally

You know it’s a trusted QR code software if a lot of companies, big or small, are enjoying the features and solutions they provide.

Here’s how QR TIGER and Uniqode differ when it comes to the number of brands and companies that trust their respective services:

In less than two years in the QR code industry, QR TIGER has significantly increased its market reach, serving over 850,000 brands in over 147 countries.

This could imply that QR TIGER is as competitive as Uniqode, which is also in the global market for quite some time now.


Both QR code software offers four subscription plans, including the enterprise deal for more advanced solutions. 

Here’s how QR TIGER and Uniqode measure up against each other:

QR TIGER vs. Uniqode (formerly Beaconstac): Which is actually better?

Indeed, Uniqode has made a name for itself many years after its launch: it established a well-developed site, boosted traffic, articles, and even QR code features.

However, we can’t get rid of the fact that QR TIGER has catapulted its way to compete with top-rated QR code generators after only two years of service.

With our advanced features, QR code solutions, integrations, and very ideal pricing, QR TIGER definitely deserves its spot beside other QR code generator online that has been in the industry for much longer.

This comparative article clearly stated that.

To know more about our awesome features, contact us today and schedule a demo of our enterprise plans!

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