QR TIGER Product Update: Edit QR Code Design Feature

Update:  June 08, 2024
QR TIGER Product Update: Edit QR Code Design Feature

Say you just realized that your dynamic QR code’s design doesn’t match your brand personality only after generating it. Worry not. QR TIGER just released its edit QR code design feature.

In addition to trackability and editability, this headway is the newest dynamic QR code function of QR TIGER’s roster of advanced features that you can enjoy. 

You can use this feature to enhance your QR code’s visual elements at once to synergize it with your campaigns immediately, creating aesthetic and recognizable codes that instantly connect with your brand. 

Sounds too good to be true? Read on as we show you the easiest way to change the QR code design using QR TIGER QR code generator.

Can I edit an existing QR code? The answer: Yes and no

Editing a QR code depends on the type you’re using: static or dynamic. Get to know each one deeper below.

Dynamic QR code: Edit your QR code’s content

A dynamic QR code opens the door to content modification. This QR technology allows you to edit a QR code and change its embedded data, making it ideal for marketing campaigns or situations where content may evolve.

With QR TIGER’s latest feature, you can update the data stored in your code and give its appearance a makeover to reroute scanners to a fresh QR code without launching a new one. This could help keep a thousand dollars in your pocket.

Dynamic QR codes are a mighty tool for businesses looking to create superior QR code experiences. The flexibility these tools offer makes them a wise investment.

Using a dynamic QR code software, you can handily create an editable QR code in seconds. 

Static QR code

A static QR code is a one-and-done kind. It does not support information editing; there’s no going back once you’ve generated the code.   

This type of QR code bears a fixed and unchangeable nature, which makes it an excellent tool for housing permanent details such as contact details and website links. 

What’s good about this tool is that you can create a QR code with logo and generate them online for free. You can plop them wherever you need and just scan and go.

Should you need to change your static QR code, you can simply create a new one and embed it with the updated details. But if you’ll change your data frequently, dynamic QR codes would be better.

How do I change a QR code design?

Edit QR code design
Here is a step-by-step guide on how to edit QR code online using QR TIGER QR Code Generator.
  1. Go to QR TIGER and log into your account.
  2. Select My Account in the upper right corner of the homepage. 
  3. Click the Dashboard button. 
  4. Find your QR code type under the My QR Codes tab and choose the QR code campaign you need to modify. 
  5. Click the Settings button of your chosen QR code campaign and tap Edit QR Design.
  6. Edit your QR code design to align with your brand or your preference. You will go through the same process and catalog of customization features in the initial creation of your QR code. 
  7. Scroll down and click the Save button.

Note: Unlock this feature by signing up for a QR TIGER subscription. The process is simple and fast.

How to sign up for a QR TIGER QR Code Generator plan

Edit QR codes, use the advantages of dynamic QR codes, and enjoy other advanced features like generating QR codes in bulk—you can do all these when you get a QR TIGER plan.  

Sign up on QR TIGER in just a few simple steps:

  1. Go to the QR TIGER homepage and select Pricing
  2. On the Pricing page, you’ll see a popup with a code. Copy and use it to enjoy a $7 discount on any yearly plan.
  3. Examine our offers. Once you’ve made your choice, click Buy now. This will redirect you to our registration page.
  4. Enter the necessary details and check the required fields.
  5. Carefully read our terms and conditions before agreeing, then click Register

QR TIGER plans that allow you to edit a QR code design

Check out the QR TIGER plans you can sign up for to enjoy the QR code design editing feature:

Advanced plan

QR TIGER’s advanced subscription has a newly added functionality that allows you to change a QR code design anytime.

Access these features, including the innovative password-protected feature, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager integration, and many more. 

Subscribing to this plan ensures a full year of access to the comprehensive features provided in this plan.

Premium plan

QR TIGER premium plan offers you the chance to experience all 29 next-generation active features to maximize your business potential. 

Apart from the edit QR code design feature, this plan allows you to use your domain, deploy multi-URL QR codes, operate precision Geolocation tracking, and restrict scanning zones with the Geofence feature. 

Subscription to this plan guarantees one-year access to all these inclusions.

Enterprise plan

There is no one-size-fits-all for companies; each has complex needs. And at times, available plans cannot meet these. This is where QR TIGER’s enterprise plan comes into the picture. 

This plan is designed to accommodate the needs of corporations, customizing resolutions to specific requirements.  

With QR TIGER, you can negotiate any concerns your company may have, and we will meet these conditions. Just call your preferred solutions, features, and how many dynamic QR codes you’ll need.

You can avail a varied selection of functionalities under this plan, ranging from the URL QR code to clone QR code, bulk generation, and multi-URL QR code. And, of course, you can enjoy the QR code design editing feature. 

Advantages of using an editable QR code

Here’s why dynamic QR codes are the true chameleons of the QR code world:

The design dynamo

Custom QR code with logo

Customize your QR code and fuse lively QR code design ideas to your brand’s signature style. With QR code design customization, you can add colors, logos, frames, and templates to make a statement.

QR TIGER makes things even more exciting by adding a new feature that allows you to edit QR code design. You can now revamp more than what is stored in the content of your QR code.

Through this feature, you can change or improve the design of your QR code even after it has been generated. This makes design refinements easy and quickly accessible.

The ultimate shapeshifter

Edit the content and customize your QR code with logo anytime without reprinting. 

Need to update a website link? Or change a piece of information in your vCard? No need to fuss. Dynamic QR codes allow for modifications and revisions at all times in all places. And take note, the changes reflect in real-time.

The data detective

Tap into the possibilities of marketing and track the scanning activity of your QR code campaigns. 

Know who’s shown interest in your code, where and when it has been viewed, and what device was used for scanning.

You can even activate GPS tracking to track your scanners’ precise location. But take note: They must consent before you can access this private information.

You can use this data to refine campaigns, personalize experiences, and measure ROI like a pro. 

The multi-talented performer

Dynamic QR codes offer a wide variety of possibilities. 

Link a single dynamic QR code to multiple destinations. You can direct users to social media platforms, landing pages, app downloads, payment gateways or merchants, and multimedia content—the possibilities are endless!

Other dynamic QR code features you can enjoy

Aside from QR TIGER’s edit QR code design feature, here are more dynamic QR code built-in features you can revel in:

Clone QR code

This feature lets you duplicate any active dynamic QR code. Each cloned QR code gets a new short URL, allowing you to track the scans of each specific QR code while launching the same campaign.

You can use this to distribute and replicate a QR code in multiple channels to streamline brand promotions and scan tracking for accurate analytics. 

QR code passwords

Regulate access to content with a password protected QR code. This dynamic QR code feature is ideal for sharing confidential documents, medical records, or restricted contents, ensuring data security. 

It also guarantees that only authorized individuals can access the encoded information, preventing data breaches. 

QR code notification reports

Get notified of scans, measure QR code performance, and get insights into consumer QR code usage patterns without the hassle of going to your QR TIGER dashboard.

This feature gives brands a clear picture of consumer behavior and interests for targeted marketing strategies. 


Integrate location-based marketing and advertising with the geofencing functionality. This lets you use one dynamic QR code to launch location-specific campaigns in various areas.

This allows businesses to target potential customers within a specific area and send push notifications or banner ads to market particular products or offer special discounts. 


Custom gps QR code
The GPS QR code feature supports highly precise geolocation tracking, allowing you to obtain accurate scanner location—but with the scanner’s consent and permission. 

You can use this to retarget scanners and develop innovative strategic plans for marketing and advertising campaigns.

QR code expiry

Set your QR codes to expire on a specific date, upon reaching a certain number of scans, or when scanned by one IP address—meaning each one can only scan once. 

This functionality ensures current and relevant content, preventing users from accessing outdated or incorrect information. This also enables the creation of time-sensitive offers or promotions with definite expiration dates.

UTM builder for dynamic URL QR codes

Track a campaign precisely with the UTM URL QR code. This feature helps pinpoint which channels, campaigns, or materials drive the most traffic and conversions, offline or online. 

Retargeting tool

Say a user scans your QR code but does not proceed with your intended action, whether signing up for a free trial or getting a discount coupon. There’s still a way for you to convert them.

Using the retargeting tool, you can add your Facebook Pixel ID and Google Tag Manager to your QR code and send tailored ads to scanners. This remarketing strategy will help boost revenue and improve a company’s ROI. 

Give your QR codes a makeover on the go with QR TIGER QR Code Generator  

The ability to edit QR code designs is not merely an aesthetic enhancement. It’s a bold declaration that even the most technical mediums can be infused with art. 

Let’s not forget that in a place full of QR codes, the most striking one leaves a lasting impression and gets the most scans from people. 

QR TIGER’s QR code design editing feature and its impeccable customization settings make it the most suitable QR code generator for turning your visions into reality.

Take advantage of the power of design and start your QR code transformation with QR TIGER.


Can you customize a QR code?

Yes, you can definitely customize a QR code. You first need to look for a dynamic QR code software that allows you to make visually appealing, brand-aligned, and engaging QR codes.

With the QR TIGER QR code generator’s array of customization menu, you can modify the color, logo, frames, templates, and the pattern and eye of your QR codes.

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