Free Quick Response Code Generator: How To Make Custom Codes

Update:  May 13, 2024
Free Quick Response Code Generator: How To Make Custom Codes

A quick response code generator is an advanced, ever-evolving software designed to make the impressive squares most of us know as QR codes. 

They offer the means to breathe life into your fresh QR code ideas, with features ranging from basic to highly developed. Today, businesses across various industries are warming up to them like never before. 

Big names like Cartier, McDonald’s, Red Bull, Samsung, and many more have already incorporated QR codes in their product packaging, marketing campaigns, and supply chain processes. 

In this article, we will reveal the best QR code generator to help you quickly get on board this exciting new wave of technological innovation (for free!) and offer some useful tips to make your branded QR codes worthwhile. 

What is a quick response (QR) code? 

The QR code was invented in 1994 by a Japanese company called Denso Wave. 

It was originally used for tracking automobile parts in assembly lines, though other industries soon realized the overwhelming potential of its applications and began to adopt them as well. 

There are two types of quick response codes: static and dynamic. Static codes, once created, cannot be changed and have limited uses. They are a good option if you’re looking to store permanent information like a website URL.

On the other hand, dynamic QR codes allow you to edit the stored content even after you’ve printed it, making it useful for things like seasonal promotions or landing pages. 

Another perk of a dynamic custom QR code is its tracking abilities. It can tell you how many times it was scanned, the location of the scans, and which devices were used. 

Barcodes vs. QR codes

QR code vs barcode

What’s the difference between a QR code vs barcode and which of the two is more practical?

Most people are accustomed to the vertical lines of barcodes we see on our favorite packets of chips or brightly colored fizzy drinks, as well as the familiar beep as it passes the cashier at checkout. 

For a long time, their limited storage was enough to keep basic information about products and tracking inventory, but the world is moving faster and constantly craving more, more, and more. 

This is where QR codes come in. Since they are able to hold a significantly higher amount of data, QR codes can be more versatile and store things like website links, images, videos, and files. 

They are also easily accessible through any smartphone camera. With just a scan of the QR code, you are taken to an interactive world that barcodes cannot offer.  

Now, you’ll notice more of these recognizable squares peeking in the corners of menus, showcased on billboards, placed subtly in shows, and, yes, on product packaging, too.

How do I create a quick response code? 

QR codes are super easy to use; making them is just as effortless. QR TIGER, the best QR code generator online, can help you do this with a few simple steps: 

  1. Go to QR TIGER and log into your account, or click REGISTER if you don’t have one yet. 
  1. Select the QR code solution (e.g., URL, Menu, MP3, Wi-Fi, Instagram) and enter the necessary information in the data field. 
  1. Click Static QR or Dynamic QR, then choose Generate QR code.
  1. Customize your new QR code with your preferred color palette, patterns, and eyes, and upload your brand logo to encourage brand recall. 
  1. Finally, test-scan your QR code to ensure it works properly, then select Download to save it. 

Pro-tip: To create free dynamic QR codes, you can sign up for QR TIGER’s freemium plan to explore their rich features. They also have paid plans for individuals and businesses starting at $7 only.

Kinds of custom QR codes you can explore 

The applications and possibilities of QR codes are endless. Here are some of the more popular QR code solutions, to name a few: 

Paperless business cards

Go eco-friendly and switch out your paper business cards for a vCard QR code — what is it? It’s a digital business card that is kind to the planet and makes modern networking seem much less daunting. 

With these smart business cards, you never have to worry about losing, staining, or crumpling them. And the best part? Your contact information can be stored directly into another person’s phone in seconds. 

Since vCard is a dynamic QR code solution, it can store much more than your contact details, guiding users to your socials, portfolio, website, and profile picture to put a face on their new acquaintance. 

Surfing social media 

Social media QR code

Businesses use social media in different ways. Some use it to increase brand awareness and build trust with potential customers, while others use it to drive website traffic and sales. 

Whatever the purpose, social media remains an undeniably powerful marketing tool. That is why we highly recommend using a Link in Bio QR code for your business if you don’t already have one.

This solution means creating a QR code for all social media in one place—a perfectly efficient way of connecting users to your online presence. 

Artful landing pages 

A well-crafted landing page QR code can be another creative way of reaching customers without creating an entire website or requiring coding skills. 

With a landing page, content tends to fall on a single, scrollable page, which is ideal for exclusive one-time offers. It can also be applied to product packaging to increase leads, offer product descriptions, or boost app downloads. 

Convert your files

Next on the list is the handy file QR code. These codes eliminate the need for piles of paper by directing users to e-tickets for events and coupons, as well as downloadable content like e-books, recipes, and user manuals. 

How do you make them? A file QR code converter can transform any file into a smartphone-scannable QR code in seconds!

These codes support various formats, such as PDF, JPEG, Word, MP4, and more, and can hold up to 20MB of data. Once you generate your QR code, you can download and save it in SVG or PNG format. 

Connect to WiFi network

Most customers, upon entering a store or restaurant for the first time, will ask, “Can I have the Wi-Fi password?” Which is often followed by an awkward moment of typing in long passwords, getting it wrong, and starting over. 

Create a smoother experience with a Wi-Fi QR code to save staff some time and allow customers to enjoy your service without interruption. Place your codes on table tents, menus, or on storefront windows. 

Fancy feedback forms

Google form QR code

Filling out forms isn’t the most thrilling activity in the world, which is why businesses need to think creatively if they want to gather valuable insight from their customers. 

Creating a Google Form to collect customer feedback is a great way to make the process more interactive and pique people’s interest. This way, you can choose among the various question types and personalize the look and feel of your forms. 

To streamline data collection even further, you’ll need to use a reliable, quick response code generator to convert your form into a readily shareable Google Form QR code. 

Customers can scan your code to answer a short survey about their experiences with your products or services and help you identify areas for improvement. 

Multiple links in one QR

A multi URL QR code is your best friend if you want to cater to diverse audiences with a single QR code. How does it work? This solution has pre-set conditions that direct users to the relevant webpage. 

This means your QR code can have multiple redirections depending on a scanner’s specific location, time, or language. 

Advanced generators also allow you to use geo-fencing to permit people within a certain radius to scan your code and access the embedded content. This is perfect for location-based marketing or for testing new strategies. 

Why QR TIGER is the best quick response code generator

Here are a few compelling reasons why you should work with QR TIGER: 

Variety of solutions

They offer all of the aforementioned QR code solutions and many more, including but not limited to event, SMS, MP3, Pinterest, Facebook, and location QR codes. 

They also have a blog explaining how each works, its applications, and real-life examples of businesses using them so you can get a better idea of their capabilities and how you can apply them yourself. 

Complies with data regulations

QR TIGER isn’t called the best QR code generator for nothing. 

They reassure users of their data privacy and security by fully complying with international data regulations set by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). 

Customization options galore

QR TIGER lets you express your brand identity through striking colors to make QR codes pop and match your brand. They also give you a wide selection of eyes, patterns, frames, and the option to upload a logo. 

And the creativity doesn’t stop at your QR code’s appearance, as many of their dynamic QR code solutions allow you to personalize the content in many ways. 

For example, a vCard QR code lets you design your digital business card content with clean, professional-looking templates, brand colors, a profile picture or company logo, and add links to your website and socials.

Tracking scan performance 

Dynamic QR codes are QR TIGER’s specialty for a reason. They’ve mastered the art of providing the specific information you need to measure your QR code marketing campaigns and optimize future ones.

On your account’s dashboard, you can find the data they can track and record, which includes the total number of scans, scan time, top location of scans, and device types. 

Offers bulk generation

Another incredibly unique feature of this quick response code generator is its ability to create hundreds or thousands of QR codes in one go, perfect for teams and organizations. 

This means having multiple static or dynamic QR codes with identical or different content. To create each QR code, you simply input the data you want it to represent in a spreadsheet (CSV file). 

Bulk QR generation can be handy if you need to streamline processes such as identification systems, ticket authentication, large-scale campaigns, employee management, or event organization. 

Integration with apps

QR TIGER has a handful of integrations with different apps that cater to various needs, from popular design tools like Canva to smart marketing tools like HubSpot.

Another worth mentioning is Zapier, which allows you to build your own Customer Relationship Management (CRM), enable automated workflows, and connect to thousands of other apps. 

Then, there’s the added benefit of this generator’s robust Application Programming Interface (API), which opens doors to integration with in-house systems, CRM platforms, or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. 

Real-life businesses flaunting their QR codes 

Brands using QR codes

Here are some instances where brands use QR codes in creative ways: 


In early 2023, as an international first for the popular chocolate brand, KitKat launched an exclusive paper packaging trial in Australia. 

They added QR codes with a call to action saying “Tell us what you think” to encourage customers to scan and access a questionnaire and log their thoughts about the packaging. 

This initiative informed Nestlé of their next steps, which led to a promise to wrap their delicious KitKat products in 90% recycled plastic by 2025 in an effort to significantly reduce virgin plastic use.


PepsiCo is another brand that made a mark with their packaging QR codes.

They released limited-edition packaging for their “Press Play On Summer” campaign, featuring a QR code that lets users “Unlock Apple Music” for up to three months. 

Pepsi’s promotion is in partnership with Bad Bunny, Apple Music’s Artist of the Year of 2022. It allows people to explore the artist’s top hits and over 100 million songs for free. 

Anyone can access it by simply purchasing any of Pepsi’s 20-ounce bottles that have their summer QR code on them. 

Japan Post Holdings 

Make no mistake—QR codes aren’t limited to food and drink packaging! They can be applied across many other industries, such as Japan Post Holdings, a leading innovator in logistics. 

In 2023, to open the graduation season, this modern post office released limited edition stamps with peelable seals that revealed a QR code underneath. When users scanned the code, they were led to Spotify and found 39 popular 1960s hits.   

QR code best practices to keep in mind

Here are a few things to take note of when you decide to make a QR code:

Choose the best QR code generator

A competent offline QR code generator and dynamic QR code software are easy to spot if you know what to look for. The following are a few key features to consider: 

  • Supported solutions. Make sure it can handle the information type you want to embed, such as URLs, vCards, landing pages, MP3, etc.
  • User-friendly interface. Most generators allow you to make free QR codes, but the difference between a clear and complicated interface can make or break the experience. 
  • Design options. Many generators let you play with your QR code’s colors, but you can also find some that allow brand logo integration and other useful elements to promote brand recognition.

Maintain high color contrast 

Remember to keep a healthy balance between light and dark when customizing the colors of your QR codes. 

QR code scanners rely on detecting the contrast between the dark patterns (your data) and the light background of your QR codes in order to decipher the information properly. 

For printed QR codes, the color can fade over time due to sunlight or wear, so keeping high contrast also helps by acting as a buffer to keep it in good condition. 

Keep it noticeable

The whole point of having a QR code is to connect more people with your digital presence. It’d be a waste if no one could see your custom codes when they’re hidden away in overlooked places. 

This is why you must put your codes in high-traffic areas so people are more likely to notice and scan them. If you want to put a QR code on a poster, for example, don’t tuck it in the corner; instead, position it in a prominent spot. 

Your QR codes must also be the appropriate size if you want them to grab people’s attention. Consider the scanning distance, as the farther your code is, the larger it needs to be to ensure it functions properly. 

Long live the scan: The enduring power of QR codes 

The humble origin story of QR codes has transcended its automotive roots and has impacted other huge industries, such as marketing, business, education, and more.

This comprehensive tour of an advanced quick response code generator, from its versatile applications to the surprisingly simple way it can create QR codes, highlights its widespread adoption. 

With the rise of smartphones comes a certainty that QR codes will not go anywhere anytime soon. They’ve already influenced how we share contact details, collect customer feedback, and make cashless payments.  

To become part of this dynamic future of QR codes, we can only recommend QR TIGER, the best QR code generator online, to bring your business into the modern world with advanced, trackable, and safe QR codes.


Can I generate a QR code for free?

Yes, you can. There are many QR code makers online that let you create QR codes for free, though dynamic ones are often part of a paid plan. 

Keep in mind that completely free platforms have limitations. They may not offer certain QR code solutions, have lower resolution, or have very basic customization options.  

What is the best quick response code generator?

The most advanced and user-friendly QR code platform online is QR TIGER. They offer a wide variety of QR code solutions, comply with international data regulations, provide 24/7 customer support, and have affordable paid plans. 

Do QR codes expire? 

Static QR codes do not expire, though a dynamic QR code might lead users to an error page if it has reached its intended use or the subscription of your chosen service expires. 

As for setting an expiry date on dynamic QR codes, you can specify a timeframe for how long your QR codes remain scannable. 

Is creating a QR code difficult? 

Not at all! Many free QR code programs are available online. They are usually user-friendly and straightforward, allowing you to input your information in a data field, customize your codes, and test them.

Brands using QR codes

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