How to generate a customized round QR code

Last updated:   July 11, 2022

A round QR code image is the exact opposite of the traditional 2D squared QR codes that we usually see. However, they bring in new design innovations to the QR code’s aesthetic.

The circle shape QR code has been resurfacing everywhere and is catching up with the fame of the 2d squared QR codes.

And if you want to know how to generate your own customize round QR code, keep reading this blog to know-how!

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How to generate a customized round QR code

1. Go to

qrtiger qr code generator

QRTIGER QR code generator allows you to customize your QR code and make it round. You can also add a logo, image, and icon of your QR code to make it branded and even more appealing.

2. Choose the type of QR code solution you want to embed in your round QR code

qrtiger qr code solutions

There are many types of QR solutions you can generate using a QR code generator.

For example, if you need to convert your PDF file into a QR code, just simply click on the file category and upload your PDF file.

Any types of file you have you can convert into a QR code using the file QR code feature of QRTIGER.

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3. Switch to dynamic QR code instead of static QR

qrtiger dynamic qr code

Dynamic QR codes allow you to edit your QR code to a different landing page even though your QR codes have been printed

This makes dynamic QR codes cost-efficient as you don’t need to reprint your codes again.

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4. Click generate QR code

generate qr code

After you have entered the information in your corresponding QR code solution, just click the “generate QR code” button to start generating your QR code solution.

5. Customize your QR code and choose the round option

Customize your QR code round qr code

This is the time when you customize your QR code. You can make your QR code image in a round image, add colors, set the frame, and even add a call to action. 

6. Do a scan test

scan test your qr code

Before you print your round QR code, always make sure to do a scan test first. This is to make sure that the QR code redirects the scanners to the correct information.

7. Download and print

You can download your QR code in EPS, SVG and PNG format. Should you need to print your QR code in a larger size without affecting its quality, EPS and SVG option are your best option.

Best practices when making your round QR code

Do not add foreign images in your round QR code

Since you need to have your QR code customized into a round QR image, you need to have a QR code generator that allows you to do so.

Do not add a foreign element in your QR code such as dragging and dropping of any images or logo or even customizing the colors.

Customize your QR code within the elements available in the QR code generator software that you are using.

Do not use inverted color in your QR

inverted color qr code

Never ever invert the colors of your QR code. The foreground color of your round QR code color should be darker than its foreground.

That way, the QR code scanner detects it faster. QR codes are set to scan QR codes faster if it is non-inverted in color. If you invert the color of your QR code, it might get hard to read, or worse, it never gets read at all.  

Add a call to action in your round QR code

You need your QR code to communicate with your scanners! Adding a call to action is one of the most important elements in your QR code apart from its design!

add call to action to qr code

You need to instruct scanners to scan your QR code by using a CTA such as “Scan me” or “Scan to see a video!” A QR code without a call to action hardly gets noticed or scan.

You need to give your target audience a preview of what they will get from scanning your QR code!

Use dynamic QR code

If you’re using your round QR code for marketing or in the long run, dynamic QR codes are always a better option for you to have a flexible QR code campaign where you can edit and track your QR code scans.

Make sure your landing page is optimized for mobile users.

optimize landing page

Most QR scans will come from the mobile device, so make sure your landing page (information you have embedded in your QR) is mobile friendly and not heavy to load.

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Examples of round QR codes

round qr codes

Static vs dynamic QR code: Which is better for your QR code

Though there are a lot of QR code solutions you can use when creating a QR code that redirects to particular information, you can only generate your QR code solution in a static or dynamic QR code.

But what is really the difference between the two?

Static QR code

static qr code

If you generate your QR code in a static QR, the information you have encrypted in your code is fixed and cannot be changed.

The data in the static QR is already hardcoded in the graphics of the code itself making it permanent. Furthermore, you cannot also track your QR code scans in a static format.

Dynamic QR code

dynamic qr code

As we have mentioned, when your QR code solution is generated in a dynamic form, you can change the information in your dynamic QR to another information.

The data embedded in your dynamic QR is not directly stored in the graphics of the QR code, it only contains a short URL in the graphics that leads to online information when scanned.

Once you generate your QR solution in a dynamic form, the information or your code is stored in the QR code generator online dashboard where you can edit your QR code, replace the information, and redirect it to the new ones.

Moreover, by clicking on the “track data” button, you can also unlock your QR code data analytics do QR code tracking of your codes!

Generate your Round QR code with QRTIGER QR code generator

With a lot of QR codes emerging today with their different aesthetics such as a 2D square QR code, round QR code, and even a 3D QR code, it is very important that you can make them stand out by customizing them according to your brand or purpose!

With the QRTIGER QR code generator, we can help you customize your QR code that will get traction and a lot of scans!

If you have more questions about round QR codes, contact us now for more information. 

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