How to Use QR Codes for Salons to Grow Your Business

Update:  September 15, 2023
How to Use QR Codes for Salons to Grow Your Business

A visual QR code for a salon campaign is the perfect add-on to help you streamline and improve your salon services and business.

Integrating QR codes into your salon business allows you to achieve digitalization in your services and products, making it easier for you to sell and promote your brand.

Your customers can get the pampering they want and the convenience they deserve with the various QR code solutions from the best QR code generator online.

Ready to take your salon, spa, or aesthetic clinic to a whole new level with QR codes?

This article is your ultimate guide to maximizing QR codes for your business.

How does a QR code for a salon campaign work

Salon QR code

A single QR code can store various data—URLs, texts, numbers, and digital files that help promote your business.

These modern-day barcodes initially facilitated product inventory, but marketers now leverage them in various ways to promote your company to a wider audience.

You can use QR codes for salon businesses to lead the target market to your official website, customized promotional landing pages, files, and other digital data you use for marketing.

Additionally, you can also use a location QR code to offer your customers convenience in finding your salon.

There is almost no limit to how you can use this digital tool.

Its versatility allows you to integrate it into your overall business operations.

Making a QR code isn’t as technical or complicated as you think.

With a professional QR code generator online, you can easily create multiple QR code campaigns that will lead you to a digital landing page when scanned with an up-to-date smartphone.

Best use cases of QR codes for hair salons, spas, and aesthetic clinics

To get better insights into how you can effectively use QR codes, here are some examples:

Boost appointment volume

Salon QR code uses

You can quickly double your salon’s client appointments with the right QR code optimization steps.

You can facilitate this strategy with the URL QR code.

If you currently use an online booking system, you can embed its ink into the code.

You can display them at the storefront, post them on your socials, or print them along with your marketing materials.

Once scanned, your target market can easily schedule an appointment in your beauty salon with QR code technology.

Or you can also use the Google Form QR code solution if you don’t have an appointment scheduler system.

It works the same way as the URL QR code but for a more practical purpose.

You must first set up your Google Form appointment form, copy its URL, then paste it on the Google Form QR code generator.

Promote social media sites

Salon social media QR code

Do you see low engagement on your social media posts?

It’s high time you step up your game with a social media QR code.

It is one of the most advanced QR code solutions to date.

You can embed your active social media accounts, instant messaging platforms, online store links, and websites into one QR.

After scanning it, your audiences will find a customized landing page containing buttons leading to these websites.

You can also easily dispense the QR code to the public so it can reach more users.

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Provide Wi-Fi access

Salon wifi QR code

Depending on the spa treatment availed, your clients can stay at your salon for less than an hour or a whole day. And the waiting game can also get boring.

You can entertain your customers by providing free Wi-Fi access with a QR code.

It’s a simple gesture, but experts claim it makes a huge difference.

A thesis from the Florida International University (FIU) revealed that offering free Wi-Fi access to customers boosts customer retention and loyalty.

About 80% of customers are more likely to return to a store or shop offering free Wi-Fi.

You can secure better customer retention as well using this strategy.

You can use the Wi-Fi QR code solution for more convenient access.

This tool allows your customers to easily connect to your internet without asking for the password every time.

So, whether your customers stay for an hour or a day, you can guarantee that they are well-entertained using your QR code for a hair salon, spa, or clinic.

Quick access digital business card

Latest studies reveal that about 80% of people just throw business cards only within seven days of receiving them.

You could face the same situation if you rely on traditional business cards.

Today, the market needs more engagement and interactivity before recognizing your brand.

And what better way to attract their attention than with a compelling QR code campaign?

If you wish to double your business network or increase brand awareness efficiently, try generating a vCard QR code solution.

It’s a digital version of a business card, but even better.

You can dispense more contact details so people will have more options for reaching out to you.

This digital solution lets you embed information such as:

  • Contact numbers
  • Social media accounts
  • Business websites
  • Online messaging platforms
  • E-commerce site
  • Physical store address
  • Email address

Gather client feedback and business review

Salon client feedback QR code

A QR code for home salons, hair spas, or aesthetic clinics can also help you accumulate customer reviews and feedback.

Using the URL or the Google Form QR code, you can quickly redirect your customers and clients to an online customer feedback system for your business.

For instance, you can create a Yelp QR code so that once your customers scan it, they can immediately leave an honest review about your salon service if you are on Yelp. 

Or you can also customize a Google Form and encrypt its link within the QR code.

Whichever method you use, you can guarantee that you can provide convenience to your customers—which will help them rate you five stars with no sweat.

Cashless payment option

Using QR codes as a contactless payment option became a huge hit during the pandemic.

Touchless transactions became mainstream as companies and people looked for safer alternatives to complete a transaction or a purchase.

A recent Ivanti research found that 83% of respondent consumers use QR codes to pay for products and services.

Many prefer QR code payments because they are more convenient and safer.

Customer data and payment transactions are encrypted, allowing clients and customers to safely pay for their purchases without sharing private information.

You can also integrate the same technology into your salon business.

Create a QR code integrated with your preferred payment systems online.

How to create a QR code for a home salon, beauty spa, and clinic

Create salon QR code

You can seamlessly create your salon business’ QR code campaign using trusted QR code creator software like QR TIGER.

It offers top-notch QR code features that enable you to create, manage, and monitor your campaigns with ease.

Using this software, you can create dynamic QR codes—a type of QR packed with advanced technology suitable for any business and marketing campaign.

Here’s what you should do to generate a QR code:

  1. Launch QR TIGER online and log in or sign up for an account.
  2. Choose a QR code solution that works best for your desired campaign.
  3. Enter the necessary data. Each QR code solution will require different information.
  4. Select Dynamic QR, then click Generate QR code
  5. Customize the QR code using the customization tools provided. You can add your salon’s logo, modify the QR code colors, put it in a custom frame, and include a compelling call-to-action.
  6. Run a test scan to check for errors, then download and save your QR code.

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Advantages of using the best QR code generator for your business

QR TIGER’s dynamic QR codes are famous for their capacity to make digital marketing smooth sailing.

Here are the benefits you can earn if you create a dynamic QR code for your salon:

Real-time data analytics

Dynamic QR codes are trackable, allowing you to view your campaign’s total number of scans, the time of the scan, the scanner’s location, and the operating system of the scanner’s device.

These analytics help you assess whether your QR code campaign gets traction and engagement from your target market.

Editable campaigns

One of the most famous advantages of dynamic QR codes is their editability.

You can easily edit, update, remove, and replace the information embedded in your QR code whenever you need to.

The change also reflects in real-time.

You don’t need to create a new QR code to update or change a URL, contact detail, text, or file in your campaign.

This cost-efficient feature helps you keep up with the dynamic market and always be up-to-date with the trend.

Get email notifications straight from the QR code generator

You can also receive email notifications about your QR code campaign’s scanning activity—hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly—depending on the frequency you set for this feature.

This advanced feature will help you monitor your campaign further to analyze your target market’s behavior toward your QRs.

Enhance your beauty business with a dynamic QR code from QR TIGER

A salon QR code helps you create a breezy appointment system, accommodating services, and a stress-free salon experience for your clients.

You can use QR code technology to market your business, generate potential clients, double revenue, and provide convenience to your customers.

Just imagine getting multiple five-star ratings because of loyal customers who keep coming back to you because of the comfort and quality of service they enjoy.

Don’t miss out on the chance to provide a splendid salon experience to your customers.

Generate a QR code for your business today with the best QR code generator.

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