How to boost online presence and get more customers with a social Glovo QR code

Last updated:   July 11, 2022

A social Glovo QR code allows your customers to order right away to your shop on Glovo and entices them to connect to your social media business pages instantly. 

As the on-demand delivery market intensifies, more businesses are using Glovo to cater to consumer needs. But as a business owner, how can you make your brand stand out in Glovo given the competitive space for quick deliveries?

One of the relatively new ways to market and connect to customers is social media. With social media, you’ll be able to tap into a new audience to boost your marketing.

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter you can use each platform to sell your products and get more opportunities to grow your business in Glovo.

More people are using social media platforms daily that is why it makes sense to connect to them via these channels.

Study shows that consumers spend almost two and a half hours per day on social media channels.

With the emergence of technology, you can still further enhance your social media marketing by integrating social media QR codes for Glovo. 

But how do you start using this solution? What are the ways to maximize its uses in conjunction with your social media marketing strategies? Let’s find out more about this on this article.

What is Glovo?

Glovo is an e-commerce courier service company that purchases, picks up, and delivers products such as food and grocery items ordered through its mobile app. 

Consumers across 21 countries and over 876 cities worldwide are using the Glovo platform.

To date, it is the largest on-demand platform in Europe that has more than 10 million users.

The service company partnered with big brands such as Unilever, Nestle, and L’oreal as well as supermarket chains like Walmart and Carrefour.

It has been helping small businesses as well to still operate despite the pandemic.

What is a social Glovo QR code and how does it work?

Social Glovo QR code is a powerful tool that connects all your social media pages in one QR code.

When a user scans the code using a mobile device, it automatically displays all your chosen social media platforms on the smartphone screen.

Then a user can order right away from your shop on Glovo or follow, like, and subscribe to your social media channels.

Your customers don’t have to look for your shop on Glovo anymore or manually type your business name on social media. It’s simple and convenient, right?

Thus, with the social Glovo QR code, it can help boost the brand’s visibility, increase website traffic, generate leads, and help engage customers. 

How to generate a social Glovo QR code

1. Copy the URL of your business on Glovo

To start with your QR code for Glovo, copy the URL of your business on Glovo.

2. Go to and click on the Social Media category

Then go to for you to click the social media QR code solution.

The social media QR code allows you to house and connects all your social media pages along with your Glovo account in one code.

3. Paste your Glovo URL in the Glovo section.

Next, click on the Glovo icon and paste your Glovo URL. As you add the Glovo icon, the tab is placed at the bottom of the link tabs.

Move the Glovo tab to the top by clicking the up arrow icon on the right side of it. Repeat the process until the tab is at the top of all other succeeding tabs.

4. Integrate social media pages and other social media pages/ online resources that you have

To boost your social media presence, add your social media business pages where you are actively promoting your business.

You can also let your customers reach you on messaging platforms like Email, Whatsapp, and Viber.

The landing page builder has 4 default social media tabs namely: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can paste the respective link to the field box. 

5. Click on the “generate dynamic QR code” button to start generating your QR

6. Customize your Glovo social media QR code 

Make your QR code on-brand by personalizing it. You can set the eyes, and patterns, and add a logo or colors to your QR code.

To guide your customers on what to do with your code and to boost scan rates, add a call to action tag. This way, your customized Glovo QR code is much more appealing to the customers. 

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7. Scan test

Test your Glovo social media QR code first before downloading and deploying it. Does each content redirect to the correct URL address?

This is to ensure that you will not receive negative feedback from customers because of a non-functioning code.

8. Download and deploy your Glovo social media QR code

The last step is to download and deploy the QR code to your online and offline marketing channels. 

If you want to print the QR code, you can follow these recommended printing guidelines. You can also generate the code in either EPS or SVG format to ensure its image quality even if it’s printed.

How to use social Glovo QR code to grow your customer base

1. Boost web traffic 

More web traffic translates to increased sales and partnerships. 

By incorporating social Glovo QR code in various marketing channels you can double down your core markets and continue to expand your customers.

As a company that has a unique multi-category offering, more customers and partners worldwide will become curious about how the platform works. 

With your Glovo QR code, you can redirect them to your website or social media business pages to learn more about your platform.

2. Give an additional course of action in your print materials

You can engage your customers even if you’re just distributing a leaflet or brochure by adding your Glovo QR code.

Aside from reading what’s written in your print collateral, your customers can visit your platform or follow, like, and connect to your social media business pages.

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3. Engage prospects and customers online

QR code is flexible to use and can be displayed even in the online space. 

You can display the code in the online medium you’re actively using or on your existing brand partner’s website so prospects can reach you easily.

QR code Glovo: How to edit and track your social Glovo QR code

As Glovo expands to new markets, you need to invest in smart solutions that are economical to use and ensure ROI such as QR codes.

Using the social media Glovo QR code, you can still edit the content of the code even after printing it.

Plus, you can track the scans of your QR code.

Editing and updating the QR code of Glovo

To remove or add social media links, you can update your social media QR code.

First, log in to your account and proceed to click the “track data QR code” button. You can see your saved social media campaign and then update it. Don’t forget to click save.

The changes you made in the content of your printed QR code will reflect immediately.

Tracking your QR code data

A data-driven marketing campaign is a must for every business. With a social media QR code for Glovo, you can track your QR code information.

You will be able to see the number of scans, the demographics of your scanners, and their location when they scanned the code.

To track your QR code information, click on the ‘data’ button of your QR code campaign. 
Then it will redirect you to your QR code analytics webpage so you can get valuable insights into your Glovo QR code campaign.

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Generate your Social Glovo QR code with the QRTIGER QR code generator today

The Glovo social media QR code can help your business reach a wider audience and increase client loyalty amongst the existing clients.

It allows shop owners on Glovo to boost their online visibility, drive more traffic to their online stores, and survive in a competitive landscape. 

For more questions and information about the Social Glovo QR code, you can contact us today for more information!

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