How to Use the 'Stage Unlock QR Code' in Cadbury PlayPad App

Update:  July 23, 2023
How to Use the 'Stage Unlock QR Code' in Cadbury PlayPad App

Cadbury did a great job promoting PlayPad, their augmented reality (AR) gaming software, through an app store QR code alongside their own stage unlock QR code.

Revealed on Cadbury PlayPad’s website, the branded Cadbury QR code redirects users to Google Play or App Store to conveniently download their app.

But there’s more: the PlayPad app relies on QR code technology.

Kids get the most out of their PlayPad gaming experience by scanning the stage unlock QR code printed within the latest Cadbury Lickables retail packaging.

Once scanned, kids can then enjoy interacting and learning with AR cartoon characters about animals, vehicles, and monuments.

How to use the Cadbury PlayPad app and unlock the next stage by scanning the ‘stage unlock QR code’

The Cadbury PlayPad app runs on AR technology that puts playing and learning together.

But here’s the thing, the PlayPad app is only available in India.

It’s an exclusive AR software that lets Indian kids enjoy learning with India’s famous cartoon characters like Chhota Bheem and Little Singham.

The app is packed with numerous games and characters that come to life, making it more engaging and ideal for learning.

Here’s how to use the Cadbury PlayPad app:

1. Fill in the required details for sign-up


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You must input your name, mobile number, and email address upon launching the app.

PlayPad will send you an OTP using the contact details.

2. Enter the OTP

Playpad otp

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The PlayPad OTP is a four-digit number that is only valid for 5 minutes after it has been sent.

You’ll need to ask for a new OTP if you fail to enter the previous one.

3. Scan the stage unlock QR code to activate the new game

Playpad QR code

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Tap the Scan the QR code button. Point your phone’s rear camera to the QR code found on the fourth page of each Cadbury Lickables instruction sheet.

You must secure an internet connection to do this. Once scanned, the PlayPad game is then activated.

But note that each Cadbury Lickables instruction sheet QR code can only activate one PlayPad game stage at a time.

4. Watch as the characters come to life

Playpad QR code characters

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PlayPad offers the first stage of the game accessible for everyone to use. This means that once it’s unlocked, the stage remains unlocked.

This allows players to reopen the stage anytime, share it with friends, and let them see how the PlayPad app works.

Once unlocked, PlayPad users can see characters coming to life. They must point their cameras to a flat surface to effectively see PlayPad characters popping out of the screen.

5. Use the AR interface to interact with the character

Playpad AI interface

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You can smoothly interact with the characters using PlayPad’s tabs and buttons on its interface.

Some of the interactive functions include:

  • Pinch-to-zoom to see characters up close
  • 360-degree character rotation by swiping left or right
  • Action buttons to see the character’s natural movements, sounds, and habitat
  • Info and fun facts button for character trivia and descriptions
  • Camera function to snap photos and save them to your phone gallery

6. Collect Cadbury Lickables for stage unlock QR codes

Cadburry lickables

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Finish each PlayPad game level by collecting stage unlock QR codes.

You can only get a hold of these by purchasing Cadbury Lickables, which also come with mini toys.

How to level up your PlayPad games with stage unlock QR code

Stage unlock QR codes are printed on the 4th page of every PlayPad’s instruction sheet. And these sheets are found in every Cadbury Lickables packaging.

So, to level up your PlayPad games, you must buy and collect as many Cadbury Lickables as possible.

With every newly unlocked stage comes new mini-games that kids can play with.

This means that PlayPad is not just mere AR learning: it also includes fun games that boost every kid’s competitiveness.

Not only that, but there are also exciting rewards that await every player at the 2nd, 7th, 12th, and 19th levels.

How do you scan a Cadbury PlayPad QR code?

The Cadbury PlayPad QR code is just like every other QR code.

It’s scannable with just your smartphone’s built-in QR code scanner app, your phone camera, your browser’s QR code scanner, or with a third-party QR code scanner application.

Once scanned, the Cadbury QR code will automatically redirect users to the app store so they can download PlayPad without any hassle.

No more manually searching the app’s name on the phone’s app store, which takes a lot of time.

Download game apps with app stores QR code

App store QR code

When scanned, an app store QR code leads users directly to the app store that runs on the device used for scanning.

This digital tool allows for a quicker app download as users no longer need to search the app on their app store manually.

To create an app store QR code solution, follow these easy steps:

  1. Launch QR TIGER on your browser.
  2. Choose the App Store QR code icon. Input the app store links in the designated space.
  3. Click the Generate dynamic QR code button.
  4. Customize your dynamic App Store QR code.
  5. Perform a test scan.
  6. Tap the Done editing/download button. You can now deploy your app store QR code to your marketing materials.

If you have changes or updates you need to do with your QR code, you can easily do so without the need to replace your existing codes.

Just log in to your QR TIGER account, visit your dashboard, and click edit. You can update, change, or remove the embedded links easily anytime you need to.

Another important thing is that you can track your QR code’s performance because of its dynamic QR code features.

A dynamic QR code allows users to see the overall data scans of your campaign.

The QR TIGER dashboard gives you access to your QR code’s total number of scans, the time when it was scanned, the location where it was scanned, and the OS of the device used in scanning.

The Role of QR Codes in interactive games

Adding QR codes on video games amps up the gamers’ experience.

It’s a whole new different experience to be able to participate in the game.

You can collect or hunt for QR codes, scan as many of them as you like, and enjoy various freebies and prizes in the end.

The Cadbury PlayPad’s strategy to use an app store QR code and stage unlock QR code offers engaging gaming and learning experience for their users.

And they’re very child-friendly as well.

You can also start your QR code gaming strategies online with the best QR code generator — QR TIGER.

Get to know more about what we have to offer for your interactive QR code-based games, or contact us today so we can assist you with your QR code needs.

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