Fashion and luxury brands that are using QR codes for marketing

Last updated:   January 10, 2023

In this modern society where technology is prevalent wherever we go, there are so many brands and companies that are using QR code brand for advertising and marketing.

Each and every day, QR codes have become an important element incorporated by businessmen and marketers in their marketing, even in the luxury world. 

It has become a fundamental factor to drive mobile marketing techniques, that is, popular among young people. 

With the growing usage of QR codes and the growing interest of millennials have for this innovative technology, the number of smartphones to even access coupons by QR codes, is projected to hit 1 billion by the next 5 years. 

In this generation, even the most well-known luxury brands globally are already switching to the QR codes marketing campaign. 

In this blog, we’ll go through how these big fashion brands are using fashion marketing with QR codes to advance their advertising and marketing game using the best QR code generator online.   

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QR codes in fashion: Brands doing fashion marketing with QR codes

QR codes are popular in many brands worldwide.

In fact, many of these well-known luxury brands are joining the QR code marketing bandwagon! Listed here below are some of the famous brands using QR codes.  

1. Levi’s 

Levi's is one of the biggest apparel brands that are using QR code for marketing!

In 2016, Levi’s collaborated with the advertising firm MOD and kicked-off a QR Code campaign in China with their aim to build brand awareness among young people. 

The catch? The clothing company did not even have to produce any advertisements for the campaign.

The ad, titled ' We are First, ' allowed and encouraged people to make their own advertising. 

using qr codes for marketingImage Source

The campaign piqued the attention and interest of young consumers.

In fact, 2.6 million of Levi's advertisements were generated by millennials in just two weeks. 

Furthermore, 2.9 million customer engagements were made in the form of views, tweets, reviews, and shares.

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2.Victoria’s Secret

using qr codes for marketing victoria secretImage Source

The world's leading lingerie company and manufacturer of beauty products have upgraded sex appeal marketing to a whole new level. 

Victoria’s Secret brand launched its “Sexier than Skin” campaign in which they entice people to scan their QR codes attached to displayed billboards!

The customers will then be redirected to a landing page or URL that shows the brand's latest lingerie collection. 

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3. L'Oreal 

using qr codes for marketing websitesL'Oreal worked with Glamour and come up with a marketing technique to use QR inside taxis, and catch the passengers' attention caught in heavy traffic. 

The advertisement-supported the variety of product lines from Lancôme and Yves Saint Laurent.

They link the QR code ads to videos and information on how to use the items, which will then, lead the customers to the shop’s website.  

The resourcefulness used of QR codes helped L'oreal boost its app downloads by 80 percent.

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4. Nike

using qr codes for marketing nikeImage Source

If there is one of the most well-known shoe industry brands that are using QR codes for marketing, count Nike to that!

The footwear manufacturing company, Nike, stepped up their QR code marketing game and made a personalized QR code for their customers' shoes!

The campaign initiative resulted in a partnership between Nike and WeChat, China’s most popular messaging app. 

Firstly customers who want customized Nike shoes need to scan a QR code to follow the brand.

The users then need to pick which vibrant, colorful image they want and submit it to Nike, in which, the brand will give a response message along with the personalized shoes that match with the color of their choice. 

5. Diesel

using qr codes for marketing dieselImage Source

To help the customers verify and check the authenticity of their product, the jeans business company, Diesel, incorporated a QR code to its brand to protect it from the counterfeit items.

The brand had added a call for action 'Scan for Authenticity ' as a way to track down if the jeans are original or fake before buyers bought it.  

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6. Ralph Lauren 

using qr codes for marketing clothing brandsImage Source

The clothing company selling products secured the brand by adding QR codes to it.

The labels would grant each item a specific digital identity that can be accessed by scanning the QR Code using a mobile phone or a QR Code Reader tool. 

Upon scanning the QR code, styling tips and advice also awaits for the purchaser of the item.  

7. Zara 

using qr codes for marketing window storesImage Source

Zara has now come up with QR codes in the show windows to advertise and sell their goods to passers-by. 

People enjoy wandering around the malls, and adding QR Codes to your window store will entirely change the idea of a window-shopping experience. 

Let them scan and see the on-the-sale items of the shop. 

8. Lacoste 

using qr codes for marketing lacosteImage Source

Did you know that Lacoste did a fashion marketing with QR codes as well? The famous brand fashionably use customize QR codes to carry out TV ads. 

QR codes are not only limited to printed advertisements but, you can also promote and advertise your brand on television using QR codes! One example of that is the luxury brand, Lacoste. 

The brand displays the QR code during an appropriate TV advertising moment that let’s the customers scan the code and purchase their favorite items from the comfort of their own home. 

9. Louis Vuitton 

using qr codes for marketing luxury brand
Image Source

The fashion giant and producer of quality and stunning leather handbags has also integrated visual QR codes for their advertising campaign. 

The brand created its first designed QR code in partnership with the Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami, wherein, they customized a QR code according to the brand’s purpose and aim.

They ran a very cute and cool QR code campaign advertising that made Japanese people visit the Louis Vuitton online store. 

10. Adidas 

It is a fascinating fact to know that the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe, Adidas, used QR codes to recruit people!

During a large footwear/apparel event, the brand displayed a QR code that people could scan to drive them to their store. 

Furthermore, they also handed out a small card to their attendees with an attached QR code.

When scanned, it will direct the customers to a landing page wherein they have to enter their contact info, and eventually, the brand will be reaching out to them. 

using qr codes for marketing running shoesAlso, in 2019 of June, the footwear company also launched “Pulse HD” a new boost innovation created for urban runners.

The technology also uses QR code in partnership with Spotify. 

Adidas placed a QR code on the tongue of the shoes that links straight to a custom playlist based on your location. 

The shoe products featured GPS coordinates for Berlin, Paris, and New York! Cool, isn’t it?

The runners just have to scan the QR code using their smartphones to launch Spotify and access an exclusive playlist just for them. 

This motivates runners to always be on the go. 

Fashion Marketing with QR codes as a trendsetter

Fashion marketing with QR codes are taking off as awareness starts to rapidly rise.

The versatility of the QR code technology has made it popular among industries such as retail, marketing, advertising, education, payments, inventory management, and even luxury brands. 

QR codes in fashion industries serve as a design element where technology meets fashion.

The above examples are evident. 

Furthermore, you can also try to experiment and generate your QR code now using the free QR code generator online. 

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