Why your website needs an App QR code

Last updated:   July 15, 2022

As applications hold promising advantages to marketers, here are the reasons why your app needs an app QR code especially displayed on your website. Does it affect your internet traffic?  

App QR codes have become an essential tool in marketing strategy for the past few years.

Whether you have bought an earphone, laptop, smartphone, or even a burger, you are most likely to scan the QR code on its packaging to go through extra details.   

As this blog talks about the famous app QR codes, let’s get straight to the point. Though this is an efficient bridge that connects the online and offline world, these remain completely on the web. 

In this scenario, they can be used to engage the customers to stay longer on web pages, which in turn, decreases the bounce rate and improves search engine rankings.

This post depicts how an application QR code on your app can serve as an amazing mobile application marketing strategy.

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What is an App QR Code?

app qr code An app will redirect people to the Android Play Store, Apple App Store, or the Amazon App Store to download your application when scanned.

Rather than searching by the app name, visitors to your website can easily scan the code and download the app directly.

It is designed to be more convenient, easy, and straightforward for users. With advanced QR code generators with a logo, you can also embed additional info, an intro video, or more information when linking it to your application. 

A QR code for a web app maximizes your app downloads! 

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QR code definition

A QR code, also known as Quick Response Code is a two-dimensional code that contains data information.

Denso Wave, an automotive company in Japan invented the QR code. The initial purpose of the QR code is to track vehicles during manufacturing.

A typical appearance of a QR code has black squares arranged in a square grid on a white background.

It has four standardized encoding modes such as numerical, alphanumeric, byte/binary, and kanji) to store data information.

To access the information embedded in a QR code, you just have to point your smartphone towards the QRcode.

Once scanned the QR code for a web app is scanned, you will be able to access the information like the app store URL where you can directly download an app.

Because of the convenience and reliability, the QR code is not only used in the automotive industry but also in other sectors like the restaurant industry, retail, and finance and insurance companies.

Why your app or website needs an App QR Code?app qr code

Many of you would not prefer to use your smartphone when you are already browsing through a website on your laptop.

But what if the content on a web page is somewhat related to your smartphone? For example, a website represents a mobile application or software and you might need to download it via the app store.

In such cases, adding it next to the “Install Now” button will let you install the application without manually searching it in the app store. Sounds fair enough?

Here are some more reasons why your website needs to have an app QR code. 

  • A customized app QR Code for a web app adds value to an existing web page on your website.
  • Adding it will assist the users in installing an app or loading certain data on a smartphone. Thereby, it creates a bridge between your mobile phone and laptop.
  • It is the easiest way to find certain mobile applications on the app.
  • This can have further information besides redirecting to the app store.

Moreover, you can also print the same QR codes on any other landing pages, company brochures, visiting cards, restaurant menus, or posters to help people install your mobile application with ease.

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Video: QR code to your web app

  • First, just go to www.qrcode-tiger.com and click on App Stores
  • Input the URL for iPhone and the URL for android
  • Click on Generate QR code. This feature only works for users with a paid account so make sure you’re logged in with your account.
  • Customize your QR code and then click on the green download button.
  • Your QR code is downloaded to your computer and you are now redirected to the Track Data page. On the Track Data page, you can edit the URLs you’ve entered in step 2. You can also check the Data of all your URLs. You’ll be able to track the time, exact device, and location of your scanners. 

Make your App QR code for a web app using a customizable QR code generator with QRTIGER! 

A QR code generator with a logo can help you generate an efficient app QR Code with customized designs, colors, logo, edges, eyes, and many more. 

Modern QR code generators online can help you create a customized QR code to redirect to the play store or any other URL.

Make a dynamic App QR code on QRTIGER: www.qrcode-tiger.com 

Should you need to create your QR codes in bulk you can contact us now for assistance. 

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