QRators in Action: How Zest Events International Ignite Artful Innovations with QR Codes

Update:  December 05, 2023
QRators in Action: How Zest Events International Ignite Artful Innovations with QR Codes

QRators (curators) in Action highlights our users who have harnessed the power of QR TIGER to achieve their goals, be it to provide convenience or upscale campaigns.

Today, let’s witness how Zest Events International achieves a tech-savvy art festival using QR codes as a smart tool for events.

Zest Events International is known for creating unique, huge art pieces like murals and street art throughout Australia.

The company provides events with art projects that effectively convey messages, draw attention, engage, educate, and entertain.

Navigating art trail visitors’ behavior through Facebook QR codes

Zest events QR code

Facebook remains the most popular social networking site, having nearly 3 billion monthly users.

It only makes sense that companies like Zest Events International use it for reaching audiences and keeping in touch with customers.

And to make the most of this social platform, they boosted their posts with a dynamic Facebook QR code. How did they do it? Find out below.

Can you tell us more about the company? And what sets you apart from your competitors?

Zest Events is an Art-for-Purpose organization that creates unique artworks across Australia to attract tourism, engage communities, and educate the public.

We specialize in public art consulting and arts project management for large-scale projects. We also provide 3D street artists, mural artists, chalk artists, graphic scribes, and sculptors for events and activations.

Why did you start using QR codes?

Editable art QR code

We decided to use QR TIGER’s dynamic QR codes for our Chalk the Walk Newcastle Festival program in 2022 to help people find their way around the 3D Art Trail.

We printed the QR code onto an outdoor decal installed next to the street artwork. People could scan it with their smartphones to find more artwork locations in and around the central business district.

What made you decide to use the Facebook solution for your event/campaign?

Trail map QR code

We wanted a fast and efficient way to get the word out about the festival.

Using the Facebook QR code allowed us to pin the map for the Chalk the Walk 3D Art Trail to the top of our Facebook timeline.

Then, people could scroll further down to see additional information about the event, including examples of how people were posing with the interactive artwork.

How has QR TIGER helped your company achieve its goals?

The QR code allowed visitors to navigate around the 3D Art Trail that we designed to get people out on the streets exploring the Newcastle Central Business District (CBD).

The data gathered from the scans allowed us to make justifiable estimates about visitation on the trail during the course of the event and report this back to our funding provider as part of our acquittal reporting.

What is the most important insight that you’ve learned from the campaign?

Of the 1,400 or so scans recorded during the event, approximately 350 were unique scans, telling us that visitors were exploring multiple locations in the trail, enhancing the richness of the reportable outcomes we could present to our funding partners.

Would you recommend using QR codes to other businesses?

Yes, and we have!

QR TIGER: The way to achieve smart events

QR TIGER’s impact on Zest Events International has proven vital in achieving more innovative and engaging events, offering a versatile solution to improve the overall experience.

Their wise use of dynamic QR codes showcases the versatility of these advanced tools: they can facilitate fast and seamless information access, boost engagement, and provide insightful data for more accurate and data-driven reports. 

This is a testament to the high potential of QR code technology in any field. They are the perfect tool for today’s fast-paced, digital world and competitive market.

Join Zest Events International and 850,000 other brands that trust our innovative QR code solutions and advanced features. Start your QR code journey with QR TIGER now.

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