6 interesting use cases of QR codes in 2020

The use cases of QR codes are rising globally. QR codes are making a strong comeback in Western countries in 2020, in Asia, and especially in China.

QR codes are already mainstream and used everywhere for various purposes, you can't imagine it or there is a QR code.

QR codes are setting the trend in the digitization of goods as you don't need an app anymore to scan a QR code. Let's have a look at 6 cases of how QR codes could benefit your business.

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Use-cases of QR codes in 2020

1. Ordering food in a restaurant from a QR code

use cases of qr codes order foodIn many restaurants in China and also in the fast-food chain as McDonald's you can scan as QR on your table and order food from an online menu and pay all from a Html5 page.

All this from your table no need to look for a waiter anymore. This saves time and frustration and makes the workflow for the restaurant more efficient. Something I expect to come to the West as it's just to efficient and part of the digitization of retail. 

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2. WiFi QR codeuse cases of qr codes wifi

We all struggle connecting to WiFi in a bar typing passwords wrong, well with a QR you can scan and straight connect to WiFi on your iPhone or Android, this saves time and the brand can redirect you to any page as a way to make some extra advertising. Easy and beneficial for the bar owner and customers. 

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3. QR codes for packaging design use cases of qr codes packaging

QR code on consumer products gives digital information and huge marketing value to any consumer good. Any customer can scan an see a short video of the story behind the product or get some additional information on how to use the product.

After the customer can be redirected to a social media page to follow or an e-store to push sales. Great opportunity to use FMCG as a messenger to do additional marketing to customers. The Digitization of consumer goods will be the standard by 2020.

Of course to have a dynamic QR code on your packaging is not enough, you need to have a clear ask for people to scan as scan to see the video, or scan and win, it's all about engagement.

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4. QR codes for events

use cases of qr codes eventsWe all love to go to events, in China every poster has a QR code to inscribe and pay for the event, convenient for the customer and the organizer is already sure of the number of people that will attend and can measure if he needs to do more advertising. Super useful I do it all the time.

As you can see the QR code will be placed in a visual place in the poster design so it straight grabs your attention.

5. Mobile payments in 2020

use cases of qr codes mobile payments

In western countries, in particular, the use of QR codes to make mobile payments has become extremely popular. It helps people to pay quicker than any debit or visa card can do and that makes QR codes very beneficial to use.

In Asia, it's already kind of the standard even beggars in the street have a QR code to receive a donation. The cashless society offers a lot of benefits and QR codes are definitely taking the lead.

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6. Printed media in 2020use cases of qr codes printed media

Printed media as flyers and posters are still everywhere around, having a QR saves space on your flyer and gives people a way to know more, ideal for lead generation, and giving people a digital extension to your printed artwork. Great way to measure if your marketing efforts are working or not.

With a dynamic QR code, you can edit your URL behind your QR code save you time and money on printing. 

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QR codes are making a quick comeback in 2020 and moving brands into the digitization of their business, consumer goods as a printed artwork. This trend is here to stay as you don't need an app anymore to scan QR codes as all new smartphones have a built-in QR scanner.

Dynamic  QR codes offer a new way to make maximum use of QR codes in 2020 as you can track data and edit the link behind your QR code. What's more, a customized dynamic QR code can enhance 30% scans than traditional black-and-white QR code.

There are many more uses for QR codes. Contact us if you like to integrate our QR API in your CRM and make use of our customized QR code with the logo.

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