Best QR Code Builders for Marketing (2023 Edition)

Last updated:   March 06, 2023

The surge of QR code builders has been a great help to modern technology. Companies have indulged in digital business and marketing as a new way to approach the modern era.

QR codes are rampant in most prints, brochures, and even online with these essential industries.

But how can we determine if this QR code builder is the best? Here are the reasons we should consider in choosing the best QR code builder for your business and marketing.

Essential Features to Consider in Choosing the Best QR Code Builder

As entrepreneurs, you should consider your chosen QR code builder's essential features. This will suffice the needs and wants of your company to progress.

Here are the following features you must consider when choosing the best QR code builder.

Static QR Code or Free QR Code Generator with Logo

The free QR code generator with a logo will help you easily create a QR code with a logo. It also allows you to have multiple customizations, which QR TIGER provides. Design patterns of your choice, eyes, color, and add a logo on your QR code, applicable even also to static QR codes.

Make as many QR codes as you want as this will never expire and will be valid with no limits.

Dynamic QR code or editable QR Code

Dynamic QR Codes are editable types of QR codes. It enables you to edit the content behind the code.

You can also change the destination address to where the QR code redirects you even after the code is printed. This is easier to re-use and update. Furthermore, it will also track the data of the scans. No need to re-print a new QR code. This will save you time and money while making adjustments to a campaign.

Bulk QR Code Generator

With this QR Code solution, you can generate multiple QR codes at once, all embedded with appropriate information. You may use the CSV template to locate the page in creating a bulk QR code. You can input how many QR codes you want to generate using the same URL.

This allows you to have unique QR codes where you can identify who scans.

There are five QR code solutions you can create in bulk, namely: URL (dynamic QR), vCard (dynamic QR), URL with the number and log-in authentication (dynamic QR), number (static QR), and Text (static QR).

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API QR Code Generator

A custom QR Code offers an API professional solution for brands needing custom QR code templates. You can add a data tracking system, dynamic QR codes in bulk or not, and integrate it with the Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Best QR Code Generator with Analytics: A Powerful tracking and data tools

QR TIGER presents a full-bodied analytics dashboard that collects the following data:

  • Time Chart
  • Device Chart
  • Map Chart 
  • Number of Scans, Location, and Device

Analyze in-depth detail about the customers after connecting to the QR TIGER QR Code Generator.

Determine the device used in accessing the site.

Also, know the browser being utilized by the site visitor. Furthermore, the demographics and contact information of the visitors may also be accessed here.

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QR Code generator with Google Tag manager feature

With this feature, you can add tracking codes, tags, and other snippets to monitor your marketing campaign's effectiveness.

The Google tag manager feature lets the users add the codes of the QR campaign ID to Google Tag Manager.

It tracks who has scanned and engaged with the QR codes.

The users can understand and get an overview of the behavioral pattern of their target audience and monitor them in the GTM account.

It can also get insights into how his audience behaves towards the QR campaign.

This can allow the user to retarget landing pages based on how the users interact with the campaign.

Password Protection QR Code

The password protection QR code feature allows users to generate a QR code with a password.

Consequently, authorized personnel/individuals can access the generated QR code when given a password to unlock the information embedded in it.

This works best with confidential and exclusive documentary content.

Email Scan Notification Feature

The email scan notification feature allows you to receive timely email updates to users regarding how many scanned and engaged with the QR code campaigns. You can set the email scan notification feature depending on how frequently you want to receive alerts, whether hourly or daily.

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Google Analytics

Google offers free digital software like Google Analytics. It works by including a block of JavaScript code on pages of your website. 

Users land on a website and view a page with the JavaScript code which references a JavaScript file that executes the Google Analytics tracking operation.

Moreover, it collects data about the page request through various means and points.

You can track and analyze in-depth information about the visitors to your website. It also provides valuable statistics that will help you to formulate strategies for your business.

Comparison Chart of the Best QR Code Builders in the Market

Here are the best QR code builders in the market, and you can choose where to generate your needed QR codes.

Qualities of the Best QR Code Builder in the Market

In looking for the top-notch qualities of the best QR code builder in the market, you need to consider a handful of reasons.

You may find a lot of QR code builders on the internet, but some are tedious to access, some are bugged, and chances are, you’re going to be landing on dozens of pages which does not even fit your taste.

Look into a hefty number of qualities yet find the best one with how efficient its quality of delivery and actual results are.

So, to identify which is the best QR code builder in the market, know these things:

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A reliable QR code builder will give you the best offers in generating QR codes.

As the user, you should consider the software's safety, security, and trustworthiness as you make a bunch of QR codes instead of yourself.

Choose the best QR code builder with unbiased reviews, blog comments, and recommendations as an indication that the QR code builder you chose is credible and performance-wise QR code generator.

Availability of QR Code Solutions

In choosing the best QR Code builder in the market, consider the available QR code solutions it offers. The diverse selection of QR code solutions will make you choose what type of QR code solution you will use in generating a QR code fit to your liking.

Consider that QR codes may be generated with integration to other software, or it allows you to generate a QR code in bulk.

Choose the best QR code builder that offers unique features fitting and beneficial to your goals and business needs.

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Conversion Tracking Capacity of Dynamic QR Codes

Tracking of the QR code scans is vital, most especially for businesses.

Dynamic QR code offers a conversion tracking feature that works and is offered by most QR code builders in the market.

This is essential to businesses as it has real-time conversion tracking that allows you to keep track of the total number of scans, time, location, and device type of the user who accessed the QR codes. Even the GPS location of the scanned QR code is possible to track when using Dynamic QR codes.

Moreover, you can also analyze the profiles of the target audience in different countries, cities, regions, or any areas in the vicinity.

Furthermore, getting deeper insights about the items, products, goods, or services some customers scanned that you offer will help you shape a successful formula for generating more sales. More profit to you.

Is it too good to be true? Worry no more!

This is the best QR code solution you need to consider as it is fundamental in real-time tracking that will help you determine your marketing campaign's overall success.

QR Code Builder with Constant Upgraded Features and Services

It is essential to utilize an up-to-date QR code builder that continuously improves its features and services.

The more updated and serviceable a QR Code builder is, the more it will attract and connect with the users and customers regarding the credibility and accessibility of the QR code builder in the market.

You don’t want to use outdated QR code software as it only provides underperforming issues and does not meet your expectations.

It will only give you headaches and not stress-free accessibility to QR code software.

Customization Options for your QR Code Appearance

The usual black and white QR code format is old-fashion. Some QR code builders offer you new ways to improve your QR code by customizing it according to your liking.

Gone are the days of old, tacky QR codes. The new trend is here. Many QR code builders offer you high-quality and professional customization of your QR code.

You can personalize a QR code that is fit for your branding. Hence, you can change the colors, add a gradient effect, choose the eyes, and add a logo or an image that personally portrays the brand you bring.

Styling a QR code will make it more appealing and eye-catching to customers to your websites, products, brochures, magazines, posters, catalogs, etc.

QR TIGER, one of the best QR code builders in the market, enables you to personalize the fitting QR code for your brand. Explore QR TIGER now.

Different Download Formats

For distribution among the audiences to your company, the best QR code builders allow you to print standard quality QR codes.

There are a vast of download formats you can choose from.

For example, you can print a dynamic QR code in your shop's menu, which provides additional information about your business, its history, and how it started to your target audience.

This makes it more engaging to customers.

You can even land them on a video page showing the company's business profile. Furthermore, this will improve a company brand's credibility and professionalism, attracting more customers.

This means that the best QR code builders allow users to download the QR codes in raster formats like JPEG, SVG, PNG, and others.

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Responsive Customer Support

You do not want to enter into business with a QR code builder whose customer service is unprofessional and tactless. It is a far worse experience to be stuck with a company with poor customer service.

Before signing into a QR code builder for your company brand, send an email to see and test if their customer service is responsive to important queries.

Moreover, this will also see if the customer service is knowledgeable about generating QR codes.

Compare the prices and features

Since there are many QR code builders in the digital market, list the prices and features it offers individually.

This will make it easy to decide and compare which QR code builder is suitable for your needs and purpose.

Most QR code builders offer an annual subscription. However, QR TIGER knows the plea of the target audience.

Some customers only need a subscription good for a month or five for special events, activities, or any affair. Fret no more! QR TIGER offers both monthly and annual subscriptions to your humble customers.

With top-notch and high-caliber QR codes, its reasonable price will generate high-quality produce fitting your company brand.

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Choose the Best QR Code Builder Today

The surge of QR codes has left a mark on the integral parts of business and marketing. It is vital to the company brand’s customer engagements and connections.

This is an innovative move to entering a digital portal of consumerism, business, and marketing, as QR codes are empoweringly useful for making a name of a company brand.

A better fitting to adding personality and vibe to a company as QR codes are customizable according to your liking, most especially, updateable when generated with a Dynamic QR code.

QR Codes are supposed to be accessible, simple, and optimizable. QR TIGER, not only offers you easy ways to generate a QR code but also offers you different features and services that go with its software.

QR TIGER is the best QR code builder with several qualities and features that better fit you. Visit us today.

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