Must-Have Qualities of the Best QR code maker in 2021!

Last updated:   October 18, 2021

With thousands of QR code generators online to choose from, how can you find the best QR code maker that gets actual results and conversion for your business and marketing?

We all know how the  internet is filled and saturated with thousands of dynamic QR code generators each one offering something new than the others.

As this post talks about the best and ideal QR code generator, we’ll walk you through the necessary features to look for in a QR code maker.

QR codes have become an important part of marketing, sharing direct information and data, and adding value to the product to various products and services.

From showcasing information about a particular product to tracking user’s data using a dynamic QR code maker, QR codes can be your next winning digital marketing strategy! 

How to do this? Let us walk you through this article!

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What is the Best QR code Generator? How to Choose the Best QR Code Maker?

QRtiger is your one-stop shop for all QR code needs and demands, from Wi-Fi to Multi URL QR codes to social media channels to Emails, QRTiger is able to produce QR codes of any type.

But let’s just put our QRtiger on one side and talk about the must-haves of the best QR code creator.

Multiple Options

Almost every QR code generator provides more than two types of QR codes. But there are a few who can get you over 10+ QR codes types. In this regard, QRtiger can help you create QR codes for

The ability to make multi-URL QR code set us apart from most QR code generators available online. A multi URL QR code redirects users to multiple URLs depending on certain conditions like location, time, and device type of the user. 

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Never make the mistake to use unreliable QR code makers.

You are most likely to use your private information behind QR codes so using an unreliable QR code generator can put your privacy at risk. An ideal yet best QR code creators will have a high number of trusted users.

This indicates the credibility of the QR code software to perform QR code tasks with ease. It is recommended to go through user recommendations, blog comments, or reviews on the site that you’re deciding to use.

Dynamic QR Codes

Almost all QR code generators provide the accessibility to create static QR codes. To be honest, static QR codes aren’t going to improve your marketing tactics in any way. This is where dynamic QR codes come in handy. Concerned about the difference between static and dynamic QR codes? Well, here is the difference:undefined

Static QR Codes

Once the information is added behind a static QR code, it cannot be changed afterward. Thus, you must create new QR codes and start all over in case you wish you to change something behind the code.

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Dynamic QR Codes

One can change the saved information in the QR codes as much as possible. This lets companies use the same QR codes to offer different deals or menus.

It does not only save time but also a lot of your marketing revenue. Moreover, dynamic QR codes offer real-time user tracking to devise a successful QR code campaign.

You can track the total number of scans, location, time, date, and device type of the user.

As a business marketer, you might be after a dynamic QR code maker. It adds convenience and flexibility to QR code marketing. No doubt static QR codes are free, but they’re just a bunch of basic QR codes with no functionality.

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Conversion Tracking

This only works for dynamic QR codes and is offered by most QR code creators. Tracking is vital. If you aren’t keeping track of your QR code scans, you are most likely dumping money in the garbage and leaving a lot of sales opportunities to your competitors.

QRTiger is certainly the best QR code maker with real-time conversion tracking that allows you to keep track of a total number of scans, location, time, and device type of the user.

Even the exact GPS location of the scanned QR code is also possible when using QRtiger in your marketing strategies.   

In this way, you can analyze your targeted audience in different cities or even countries. You can analyze which of your products are getting more scans. Are they Android users or iOS users?

What time do you get the highest sales? Which of your product is failing? And then come up with a winning marketing strategy to generate more sales.

Sounds good? Thus, choosing a QR code maker with real-time tracking is necessary.

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Best QR code generator must-have: Multiple Designing Options

custom qr code

When was the last time you scanned a basic QR code with black and white squares? That was a long time ago, right? Today, QR code generators allow you to custom design your QR code per your product packaging or brand theme.

For example, you can change colors, eyes, add an image or logo, and style of your QR codes to make them look appealing on your website, products, posters, brochures & flyers, etc. With that being said, QRtiger is able to custom design your QR codes by:

  • Choosing different design patterns
  • Customizing eyes at the corners
  • By adding a logo or image of your brand/product
  • Customizing colors per your brand

personalize qr code Custom-designed QR codes are more likely to get scanned than traditional QR codes. Personalizing your QR code per your brand or product identity will make it stand out and offer another reason to your targeted audience to engage with your product or brand.

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Different Formats

An ideal yet best QR code maker lets you print QR codes on print media to distribute among your targeted audience.

For example, if you own a restaurant, you can print dynamic QR codes on your menu to provide additional information about your restaurant i.e. origin of the restaurant recipes, and ingredients used in the food.

Thereby, most QR code creators enable users to download QR codes in raster formats like JPG, SVG, PS, PDF, PNG, etc.

With a white label QR code generator, you can use your own domain 

QR codes in Bulk

With QRtiger it's easy to generate QR codes in Bulk, you can upload your CSV file and in a few clicks download all your QR codes in bulk. This saves you time in generating your QR codes, the great thing is that the design of your QR codes looks almost identical! 

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Generate your own QR code for free with the QR code generator for your next marketing campaign today! You can also avail of QRTiger's free dynamic QR code version and start experimenting with your QR code marketing game!

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Comparison of the Best QR code generators today! 

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