Must-Have Qualities of the Best QR Code Maker in 2023

Last updated:   March 21, 2023

With thousands of QR code generators online to choose from, how can you find the best QR code maker that gets actual results and conversion for your business and marketing?

QR codes have become essential to marketing, sharing direct information and data and adding value to various products and services.

From showcasing information about a particular product to tracking the user data using a dynamic QR code maker, QR codes can be your next winning digital marketing strategy. 

How to do this? Let us walk you through this article. 

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What is the Best QR code Generator? How to Choose the Best QR Code Builder?

QR code solutionQRTIGER is your one-stop shop for all QR code needs and demands; from Wi-Fi to Multi URL QR codes to social media channels to Emails, QRTIGER can produce QR codes of any type.

But let's just put our QRTIGER on one side and talk about the must-haves of the best QR code builder in the market:

  • Best QR code generator - convert an image to QR code feature;
  • Converts URL to a dynamic or static QR code;
  • Embeds files of various formats;
  • Houses all of your social media profiles in one dynamic QR code; and many more.

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Essential Features you need to consider

You need to consider that the best QR code generator in the market must have these features that offer endless services to their customers.

Static QR Code

Static QR code

You can also design patterns of your choice, such as the eyes, the color, and add a logo on the QR code as it applies to static QR codes.

Dynamic QR Code

Dynamic QR codeThese are editable types of QR codes. It allows the user to edit the content behind the code.

This is an efficient, reusable type of QR code. It can also track the data of the scans without worrying about re-printing a new QR code.

With the best QR code generator - convert images to a QR code, or any other file or ULRs, easily.

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Bulk QR Code Generator

Bulk QR codeGenerate multiple QR codes simultaneously, all embedded with appropriate information with a Bulk QR code solution.

You can use the CSV template to locate the page in creating a bulk QR code.

Input how many QR codes you want to generate using the same URL, which allows you to have unique QR codes and identify who scans them.

Moreover, you can only generate URL (dynamic QR), vCard (dynamic QR), URL with the number and log-in authentication (dynamic QR), number (static QR), and Text (static QR) for bulk QR codes.

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API QR Code Generator

API QR codeCustom QR Code offers an API professional solution for brands that want custom QR code templates.

Moreover, with an API QR code generator, you can add a tracking system to your dynamic QR codes and integrate it with Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

QR coed generator

Best QR Code Generator with Analytics: A Powerful tracking and data tools

As the best QR code generator in the market, QRTIGER provides a full-bodied analytics dashboard that collects the following data.

  • Time ChartTime chart
  • Device ChartDevice chart
  • Map ChartMap chart
  • Number of Scans, Location, and DeviceQR code track data

As a user, you can analyze an in-depth detail about the customers after connecting it to the QRTIGER QR Code Generator.

You can also determine the device used in accessing the site and know the browser utilized by the site visitor. Furthermore, you also have accessibility to the demographics and contact information of the visitors.

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QR Code generator with Google Tag Manager feature

Google tag manager QR code

Google tag manager feature lets you add the codes of the QR campaign ID into Google Tag Manager.

The user can get an overview and study the behavioral pattern of his target audience and monitor them in the GTM account.

As good as it is, you can track down who has scanned and engaged with your generated QR codes. Moreover, it allows the user to retarget landing pages based on how they interact with the campaign.

Password Protection QR Code feature

Password protection QR codeNo need to worry about the security of your QR codes since you can add a password to them.

This is best for confidential and exclusive documents.

Email Notification Feature

Email notification QR codeGet notified and receive timely email updates regarding how many scanned and engaged with the QR code campaigns.

Set an email notification feature depending on how frequently you want to receive alerts, whether hourly, daily or so.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free digital software offered by Google. It works by including a block of JavaScript code on pages of your website. 

Your users land on a website and view a page with the JavaScript code that references a JavaScript file executing the Google Analytics tracking operation.Google analytic QR code Track and analyze in-depth information about the visitors to your website. Furthermore, it provides valuable statistics that help you formulate strategies for your business.

Qualities of the Best QR Code Generator

As a user, you must look further into the best QR code maker and their must-have qualities to provide better service.

Here are the qualities you need to consider.


It must be a reliable QR code maker. As the user, consider the security, safety, and trustworthiness of the software you are making.

Choose the best QR code maker with unbiased reviews and recommendations as it indicated the credibility and performance-wise QR code generator.

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Customize your QR codes

When was the last time you scanned a basic QR code with black and white squares? That was a long time ago, right? Today, QR code generators allow you to customize your QR code per your product packaging or brand theme.Customize QR code For example, you can change colors, eyes, add an image or logo, and style of your QR codes to make them look appealing on your website, products, posters, brochures & flyers, etc.

With that being said, QRTIGER can custom design your QR codes by:

  • Choosing different design patterns
  • Customizing eyes at the corners
  • By adding a logo or image of your brand/product
  • Customizing colors per your brand

Custom-designed QR codes are more likely to get scanned than traditional QR codes. The QR code expert built this highly-developed QR code platform with an impressive customization tool that can enhance QR code appearance.

Customizing your QR code per your brand or product identity will make it stand out and offer another reason to your targeted audience to engage with your product or brand.

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Availability of Different Formats in printing the QR codes

An ideal yet best QR code maker lets you print QR codes on print media to distribute among your targeted audience.

For example, suppose you own a restaurant. In that case, you can print dynamic QR codes on your menu to provide additional information about your restaurant, i.e., the origin of the restaurant recipes and ingredients used in the food.

Most QR code creators enable users to download QR codes in raster formats like JPG, SVG, EPS, PDF, PNG, etc.

Availability of QR Code Solutions

QR code solutionThere is a diversity of QR code solutions that you can choose from in generating a QR code fit to your liking. QRTIGER offers unique features that fit and benefit your goals and business needs.

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Responsive Customer Support

It is a must to have responsive customer support that caters to the users' needs.

Send an email to see and test if the customer service is responsive to important queries. In this way, you can pinpoint the pros and cons of the QR code generator.

Moreover, it is also seen through it that the customer service is knowledgeable enough when generating QR codes.

 Compare the prices and features of the best QR code generators today

Comparison chart

QRTIGER knows the plea of its target audience.

Hence, it offers an affordable subscription to loyal customers, whether monthly or annually.

With a high-caliber QR code, the reasonable price QRTIGER offers will generate high-quality QR codes for your company branding.

QR code generator

Choose the Best QR Code Generator for your business

The best QR code generators on the market offer a wide range of services that fit your needs and standards when making QR codes for your brands and business.

Fret no more! QRTIGER offers you the best among the rest, giving you fewer worries regarding your QR code generator software's security, safety, trustworthiness, and credibility.

To know more about QR codes, contact us today! 

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