The Biggest QR Code Campaigns Worldwide

Update:  August 04, 2023
The Biggest QR Code Campaigns Worldwide

How big can the biggest QR code in the world be?

QR codes are usually small since they’re often printed on product packaging, posters, and flyers. There are also some huge ones, like those on billboards.

But there are a few exceptions.

A few QR codes are so gigantic you could see them in the sky, while others could fit twenty football fields. And the best part? You can still scan them with your smartphone.

Thanks to advanced QR code generator online platforms, it’s now possible to create QR codes that will still work even when stretched to such an enormous size.

If you still don’t think it’s possible, take a look at some of the largest QR codes that have ever existed.

How large can QR codes be?

QR code size

Is it possible to create big QR codes? Definitely.

Using an advanced QR code generator, you can resize your QR code as large as you need it to.

There is no maximum size for QR codes. However, it is crucial to consider its scannability.

You can ensure the quality of your QR codes by applying a QR code optimization process. 

Whether printing the largest or smallest QR code, it is important to print it in high quality so smartphones can still recognize it when scanning. 

When creating a giant QR code, the best option is to download your QR code in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)—a high-resolution, versatile format that lets you render QR codes in any size.

The ideal scanning size-to-distance ratio for printed QR codes is 10:1.

Hence, your QR code should be around 1m (3.2 ft) wide and tall if it is 10m (32 ft) away from the scanner.

And to guarantee that your giant QR code works, always run a test scan using your smartphone.

10 of the world’s biggest QR code campaigns

1. Yuengling QR code

Yuengling QR codeImage Source

American brewery Yuengling partnered with Indiana-based Chalfant Family Farms to create a gigantic QR code from crops.

With a whopping area of 1,721,344 square feet, the giant QR code was about the size of twenty football fields.

Chalfant farmers strategically planted the crops in May 2022, and Yuengling finally made it known to the public in August after the crops had fully grown.

The QR code also appears on Yuengling’s limited-edition cans featuring a camouflage pattern and the logo of Team Red, White & Blue, an American nonprofit that supports war veterans.

Beer drinkers and consumers can scan the QR code to donate to Team RWB and purchase special items on the brewery’s online gift shop.

2. Halo QR code

Halo QR codeImage Source

A giant QR code made of 400 drones soared above Austin, Texas, during the South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference in March 2022.

Video-on-demand service Paramount+ collaborated with ad agency Giant Spoon to create the drone display, which promoted the new sci-fi series Halo.

The QR code measured 300 x 600 feet, leading scanners to an exclusive trailer for the series.

3. Shanghai QR code

Shanghai QR codeImage Source

While the Halo QR code was innovative, it was not the first to use drones.

In April 2021, game developer Cygames and Chinese video-sharing site Bilibili launched a lights display show using 1,500 QR drones to commemorate the second anniversary of the role-playing game Princess Connect! Re: Dive.

Spectators were in for a treat as the drones formed outlines of the game characters in battle.

At the show’s end, the drones gathered to create a giant QR code, which led scanners to a webpage where they could read more about the game and install it on their device.

4. Largest human QR code

Human QR codeImage Source

On November 25, 2019, China took home the Guinness world record for the largest human image of a QR code.

It was Taiping Life Insurance Co., Ltd. who achieved this epic milestone.

The QR code consisted of 3,029 people—all of which are staff of the said insurance company. 

When scanned, it led users to the company’s website.

But this is not the country’s first QR code made of humans.

In 2013, China also saw a giant human QR code. Golf club & spa resort Mission Hills enlisted 2,000 people to make the huge QR code possible.

The QR code redirected users to a webpage where people could join a promo and stand a chance at winning a holiday at the resort.

5. Giant QR code by SpurIT

Spurit QR codeImage Source

On November 17, 2018, Belarusian tech company SpurIT went to an empty open field and created an enormous QR code using a tractor.

It took months of careful planning and a team of 20 people to execute the plan smoothly.

With a total area of 90,343 square meters, their QR code stood a chance at garnering a Guinness world record.

But aside from breaking records, Spur IT launched the QR code to allow scanners to donate or join their charity projects.

The company also aimed to raise awareness of the country’s advancements in the IT industry.

6. Chinese maze: QR code made from trees

Maze QR codeImage Source

The Chinese seem to love QR codes so much, as this is yet another entry from them.

In 2017, the Chinese village of Xilinshui in the northern part of Hebei province created a gigantic QR code from 130,000 juniper trees.

It measured 227 meters on each side, covering a total land area of 51,529 square meters.

The grand QR code is actually a tourism campaign by the village to invite more visitors.

Users who scanned the QR code found Xilinshui’s official tourism page on WeChat.

7. Corn maze QR code

Corn QR codeImage Source

Known for its yearly corn maize (pun intended), the Kraay Family Farm in Alberta, Canada, planted and grew an enormous QR code corn maze measuring 29,000 square meters.

And here’s the fun part: the Guinness Book of World Records recognized it as the world’s largest QR code in 2012.

8. Sunny Sale QR code

Sunny sale QR codeImage Source

Using a QR code for marketing is a hot trend today, but did you know that a company already did this in 2012—long before QR codes were widely popular?

South Korean retailer Emart noticed that their sales would drop from 12:00 to 1:00 PM.

To attract shoppers during lunchtime, they launched the Sunny Sale campaign.

They also created a unique 3D QR code.

The structure worked like a sundial; when the sun hits the QR code directly at noontime, it creates shadows that form a scannable QR code.

It led users to Emart’s website, where they could shop and enjoy huge discounts.

Thanks to the Emart Sunshine Sale Promotion, membership grew by 58%, and lunchtime traffic increased by 25%. 

9. QR code on the roof of a building

Building QR codeImage Source

A small group of technology enthusiasts from Hackerspace Charlotte in North Carolina painted a 10,000 square feet QR code on the roof of a family-owned scrap metal recycler building.

To create the hugest QR code on Earth, the group ensured each of the code’s pixels occupied at least 10 square feet of roof space.

As a result, Hackerspace Charlotte gained more recognition.

Even more fascinating is that the satellite imagery captured a glimpse of it found on Google Earth.

10. Calvin Klein’s Red QR code

Calvin klein QR codeImage Source

Even the ever-famous Calvin Klein got their hands on QR code, bringing it to a new level. 

Jumping on the QR code bandwagon, they created a gigantic QR code for their 2010 Fall campaign with the catchy call-to-action, “Get It Uncensored.”

When scanned, the giant red and white QR code billboard redirected scanners to a 40-second daring commercial.

How small is the smallest QR code?

Nail QR codeWhile QR codes don’t have a maximum size, the smallest they can be is 2 x 2 centimeters.

This QR code minimum size guarantees that smartphones can still scan and recognize them.

But is it possible to have a QR code even smaller than the minimum size? Certainly.

Check out the examples below:

1. QR codes on fingernails

The Japanese city of Iruma uses tiny QR codes to keep track of elderly patients diagnosed with dementia.

Each QR code only measures 1 square centimeter, and authorities attach them to the patient’s fingernail.

The QR codes on fingernails contain the patient’s identification details, address, and telephone number.

A waterproof sticker seals the QR code and lasts roughly two weeks.

Authorities say this initiative is more helpful than the ID stickers on the patients’ clothing since they often don’t wear those.

It gives them access to contact details that could help reunite lost patients with their families faster.

2. QR code on diamonds

On September 18, 2020, Beijing Dexian Technology achieved the Guinness world record for the smallest QR code. Its size? 2.352 millimeters.

The QR code is so small that it requires special apparatus like a microscope to scan it.

The Chinese tech company created the QR code as a functional detail for diamonds.

Jewelry buyers can embed images and videos in the QR code and give the precious gem to their family and friends, making it a special gift that will surely warm the recipient’s heart.

PNG format vs SVG format

When creating gigantic QR codes that are still scannable, one crucial factor to consider is their format.

QR code formats are technical standards or graphic formats applied to encrypt data for storage in a computer file.

Most online QR code platforms provide two file formats for high-resolution QR codes: PNG and SVG.

PNG, or Portable Network Graphic, is a raster image file that can handle graphics with transparent or semi-transparent backgrounds.

It supports lossless data compression—the data is “packed” into a smaller file size without losing any data in the compression process.

Although they can handle high resolutions, they’re not as expandable as SVG.

An SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics is a vector file format for rendering high-resolution 2D images.

They can expand infinitely without losing any resolution.

The SVG format is the best choice for resizing QR codes as it retains all of its resolutions when scaled up or down.

No matter how large the QR codes are, the quality of the image remains high.

How to create a QR code using the QR TIGER QR Code Generator

QR TIGER is a leading QR code software trusted by 850,000 brands worldwide, and on top of that, it offers both PNG and SVG formats for your QR codes.

Users must have an existing plan to download QR codes in SVG format.

If you don’t have one, you can sign up for a freemium account, which is simple to do.

Here’s how to create a QR code:

  1. Log in to QR TIGER with your account
  2. Select your desired QR solution, then enter the required data
  3. Choose Dynamic QR, then click Generate QR code
  4. Customize your QR code’s design, then add a logo or a frame with a call to action
  5. Test your QR code first, then click Download SVG to save your QR code

Users can then integrate their QR code SVG format to design tools like Canva and Photoshop to resize and expand the QR code image.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How large can QR codes be?

There is no maximum size for a QR code. You can create and print QR codes as large as you want.

Download them in SVG format to stretch or resize the QR code without losing its resolution and maintain its high image quality.

  1. Will the QR Code work if stretched?

Yes. You can resize the QR codes as much as you want. As long as you use the SVG format, the size will not matter. Make test scans a habit after generating QR codes to ensure it works and leads to the right destination.

  1. What size should a QR code be?

Although there is no actual or standard QR code size, there is a recommended or ideal sizing for QR codes to ensure their scannability. For users to scan a QR code at close range, it must have a minimum dimension of 1.2 inches (3–4 cm).

  1. What is the minimum size of QR code pixels?

The minimum resolution for a QR code is 76 x 76 pixels or 2×2 centimeters. This is because 1 centimeter equals 38 pixels, and the smallest QR code size is 2 x 2 cm.

  1. Which image format is best for QR codes?

Both SVG and PNG image formats are excellent for QR codes as they allow you to preserve them in high resolution.

For huge QR codes, the best choice is SVG format so you can resize or expand the QR code indefinitely without losing any of its resolutions.

Create gigantic QR codes with the best QR code generator

When it comes to marketing campaigns, it’s either you go big or go home.

You can go for the biggest QR code to create a unique and unforgettable campaign that will generate leads, boost sales, and leave a mark in the industry. And to guarantee its quality, you can trust QR TIGER.

QR TIGER is the best QR code generator, offering the most advanced solutions, extensive customization tools, and helpful software integrations.

It also lets you create QR codes in SVG format to make them enormous yet still functional.

Check out QR TIGER’s affordable plans and create the most eye-catching QR codes to integrate into your marketing plans.

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