Black Friday sale deals: Get $12 off on all QRTIGER annual plans

Last updated:   October 28, 2022

QRTIGER joins countless companies offering Black Friday sale deals with its “Great QR code sale.”

Get $12 off on any annual plan offered by the best QR code generator using a special promo code, which QRTIGER will soon reveal on their website and social media pages.

This is an opportunity to access QRTIGER’s wide array of QR code solutions and other advanced features at a much lower price.

Be a part of over 850,000 brands across 147 countries that trust QRTIGER, including TikTok, Cartier, Hyatt, Samsung, and Disney.

Plans offered by QRTIGER 

QRTIGER has a Freemium plan where users can navigate limited features, create static QR codes with unlimited scans, and generate three dynamic codes, each having a 500-scan limit.

But with an annual plan, you get to enjoy more advanced features. Here’s one: all dynamic QR codes in all plans do not have scan limits.

Each plan comes with different inclusions. Check this table below for the complete comparison of QRTIGER freemium and paid plans:

Dynamic QR code solutions


A vCard QR code can integrate multiple contact details into one landing page.

Upon scanning, people will access your contact number, email address, social media accounts, and more contact information. They can also opt to save these on their device.

With this solution, you can cut printing expenses and save the environment.


This QR code can embed different digital file types, including documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDF files, audio files, images, and videos.

This innovation facilitates faster and safer file sharing.

Social media

It is capable of storing many social links. When scanned, it brings users to a landing page with buttons for each social media page or account that will help promote your Black Friday sale deals. 

This greatly helps expand your social media visibility, making it a helpful tool for marketing campaigns today.

H5 Editor 

An H5 QR code or the HTML QR code generator lets you create your landing page—no need to buy a domain or learn how to code. It’s also more optimized for mobile devices.

It lets you design your landing page using the drag-and-drop method. You can also use any of the pre-designed templates.


This unique QR code is capable of storing multiple links. It can then redirect people to different landing pages depending on the following parameters:

  • Time of scan
  • Location of scanner
  • Total number of scans upon scanning
  • Language detected in the scanner’s device

App stores

The app stores QR code directs users to the device’s default app marketplace—Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS.

This can help promote apps to a wider audience, increasing the number of downloads.


This works the same way with the file QR code, but this one’s exclusively for audio files.

The embedded audio will automatically play when scanned. Users can also download it.

This QR code suits music enthusiasts, podcast makers, and audiobook creators for the Black Friday sale deals.

Special features

Advanced features for selected solutions

Dynamic QR codes have two main advantages over static ones: you can edit their embedded content and track their scan analytics.

But with QRTIGER, you get more advantages for your URL, vCard, and H5 QR codes. Check these out:

  1. Email notifications

You can opt to receive email notifications regarding your QR code’s scans. Four frequency options are available: hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly.

  1. Protect with passwords

Once you set this feature, people must enter the correct password before accessing the QR code’s content.

This allows you to control who can access your QR codes, especially those that contain confidential information.

  1. Expiry

You can fully control your QR code usage by setting it to expire on a particular date or upon reaching a specific number of scans.

This feature can help when running limited-time promos.

  1. Retargeting

This lets you track users who have scanned your QR code. You can send them more specified ads to convince them to take your Black Friday sale deals.

Bulk QR code generator

This feature lets you create various unique QR codes in one go, saving you time from generating codes one by one.

QR code types you can generate in bulk include URL, vCard, and text.

The bulk QR code generator can help users create QR code-based systems for checking personnel attendance or managing inventories.

App/Software Integration


Upgrade your promotional materials by adding your QRTIGER QR codes to your Canva designs. Simply connect your API key to start enjoying this integration.

You can also read about How to add a dynamic QR code to your Canva designs and make it interactive with 2D codes. 


You can automate tasks by customizing workflows in Zapier. This integration can increase productivity and reduce operating costs paid to software developers.


Subscribers can create and share QR codes directly from Hubspot CRM. This can increase sales and promote stronger marketing campaigns.

Grab your $12 discount on any QRTIGER annual plan

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