How to boost your Black Friday sales with QR codes

Last updated:   November 17, 2022
  • As we are obliged to keep a safe shopping experience within our doorsteps, this year’s Black Friday shopping galore will have a different shopping approach.

    Because of that, big Black Friday participating shops like Macy’s, Target, and Ulta are incorporating the use of QR codes in their Black Friday advantages.

    Since 2005, the Black Friday sale gigs changes and have integrated the use of modern technology for their sale dissemination. Because of that, big and small participating Black Friday shops are finding a better competitive edge in increasing their sales.

    With this year’s change of Black Friday shopping approach, a new contactless technological tool is now being introduced by marketers to their participating Black Friday retailers.

    And this tool they are being introduced is called QR codes.

    If you are a participating Black Friday retailer and is planning to integrate the use of QR codes to transfer your business offline to online, then this article is for you.

    How to use QR codes for a supercharged Black Friday shopping experience

    Here are 10 ways on how to supercharge your customer's shopping experience during Black Friday shopping using QR codes.

    1. Direct customers to your online shopBlack friday QR code

    As COVID-19 continues to alter ways of living, some traditional habits such as store to store shopping are now moved towards online shopping. Due to that, many retailers are now planning to do their Black Friday gig online.

    But as the need for directing their customers online can be a hassle, the use of QR codes become their ultimate way to let them shop direct to Black Friday sales with no barriers.

    Because of that, retailers can direct their customers to their online shops without the need of typing the URL of their website before scrolling for products they want to buy.

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    2. Use QR codes as a giveaway promo portalGiveaway QR code

    One great way to hold a promising giveaway haul is by letting users scan a giveaway QR code and excitingly know the prizes that they will be winning by scanning them.

    One of the participating shops direct Black Friday sales with the use of QR codes in their giveaway promos is Macy’s.

    Their giveaway promo works by giving their customers a steal deal on the prices of their best selling products.

    To execute a QR code powered giveaway promo, you can use the multi URL QR code solution and have your own automated giveaway promo.

    Using it, retailers can set up a loop system for their designated discount vouchers by setting up the number of scans they want to change their promo's URL. 

    3. Prompt customer service feedbackFeedback QR code

    One way to improve one customer service is to gain feedback and suggestions from their customers.

    With the use of QR codes, you can employ faster customer service feedback from your customers by scanning and answering survey questions.

    Through the use of it, you can prompt an easy to access customer feedback service with your customers and easily implore them with your Black Friday advantages and gigs.

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    4. Let shoppers keep in touch with you on social mediaInstagram QR code

    As some shoppers are active on social media, connecting with them in social media can play an important role in gaining more Black Friday sales.

    Through engaging in social media, your customers will know about the latest deals your shop has in store for them.

    To widen your social media circle, you can use QR codes as a portal to let your customers easily connect with you on social media.

    By using these, your customers will no longer have to individually type your social media usernames and directly engage with you.

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    5. Portal for paperless sale catalogsQR code paperless catalog

    As printing physical sale catalogs can increase the amount you are spending for Black Friday, going paperless is the key to saving the amount of money and trees that are needed to produce one.

    By going paperless, you can unburden your customers from paying more for paper catalogs and view the deals with their devices only. 

    To let them easily view your paperless sale catalogs, the use of QR codes is a great mode of storing and sharing.

    By scanning one, they can enjoy scrolling through the catalog with ease and convenience.

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    6. Automate app download right to your shopper’s devicesApp stores QR code

    If you have an app where your customers can easily view deals, add to cart, and check out their products, then the use of App store QR codes is a great way to let your customers automatically download the app.

    With its device identity configuration, your app will easily be downloaded according to their devices’ OS.

    Through the use of it, your customers will no longer need to search your app on the App Store or Google Play and download them.

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    7. QR codes as Gift cards for your customersQR code gift card

    To break free with the typical gift card promos that you usually give to your customers as a welcome or loyalty appreciation gift, QR codes are a great means of letting them redeem their gifts.

    By doing so, your customers can easily register their gift card codes by scanning the QR code.

    In this way, the customers will no longer need to type in your promo site and claim their rewards. Thus, making the auto claim reward prompt possible.

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    8. Prompt contactless paymentsQR code contactless payment

    As shopping is now moving online, most of the transactions you usually are getting will come from your online shops.

    Because of that, you will now need a faster fund transfer tool that you can integrate into your online shops.

    With contactless payment methods surge of usage, the use of QR codes is great.

    By simply posting a payment QR code in your checkout prompt, your customers can easily have their purchase in no time.

    9. Direct shoppers to the store’s Thanksgiving videoVideo QR code

    Since Black Friday sale is a part of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, giving a Thanksgiving video to all your customers is a great way to thank them for all their support and patronage.

    With the use of Video QR codes, you can embed your short Thanksgiving video and let your customers scan the QR code. In this way, they will automatically view your video.

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    10. Create an interactive page for online shoppersH5 QR code

    Shops can direct Black Friday sales with QR codes. It adds an interactive part of your sales page can be a great marketing hack to gain more customers.

    Through this, you can virtually engage your customers with the products you are selling for Black Friday before deciding on buying them.

    To make this a reality, QR code experts recommend the use of an HTML QR code. With its ability to embed codes, you can think of ways on how to keep your customers entertained with the use of it.

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    Benefits of QR codes for Black Friday retailers using a dynamic QR code 

    With its differentiated usage on how to use QR codes for safe Black Friday shopping spree, Black Friday retailers have the advantages of using it. And these advantages are can be narrowed by 5 foreseeable benefits.

    TrackableTrackable QR code

    As a retailer, knowing your customer’s demography is important to yield more effective Black Friday sales gigs.

    With the use of a dynamic QR code, retailers can track down the patron’s demographics and personalize their sale bonanza kits.

    Using it, their customers will trust their store often and promote them with their friends.

    The data that retailers can track with their dynamic Black Friday QR codes are the following:

    • The number of scans made – the total number of scans help retailers know how many customers are engaging with their QR code Black Friday gigs in total.
    • Location of the scans made – the location of the customer is can be obtained by determining their scan locations. The location that
    • Date of the scans made – the date of scans made determines how many people are scanning their Black Friday QR codes.
    • The device used in scanning – as most of the scans come from the customer’s mobile devices, the operating systems that dynamic QR code can track are Android, IOS, and PC.

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    EditableEdtiable QR code

    One perky benefits that retailers that get with dynamic QR codes are their ability to edit the QR code’s content.

    With the use of it, retailers can change their QR code’s content from time to time.

    Through this, they will no longer need to generate a new set of QR codes for their Cyber Monday sale.

    Cost-efficientCost efficient

    As QR codes are trackable and editable, the money needed to buy separate purchase tracking services is eliminated.

    In this way, retailers can save enough money for their next holiday sale spree.

    Environmentally friendlyEnvironmentally friendly

    Printing QR codes require only a smaller amount of paper to use. Because of that, QR codes are considered as one of the environmentally friendly tools that any business can have.

    By using these, retailers can help the environment while continuing their business.

    Accelerates sales generationQR code boost sales

    The use of QR codes can prompt an easy sales generation thanks to its scan and view cue. Because of that, retailers can let their shoppers shop with ease and convenience.

    Through the use of it, they increase their sales generations by just letting their customers get easy access to their online shopping shops.

    Tips on how to make the most out of your Black Friday QR codes

    With its 10 ways on how to use QR codes in having a safe Black Friday shopping experience, customers can enjoy their shopping galore.

    To make the most out of your Black QR code, QR code experts recommend the use of 5 tips that you can bear in mind.

    1. Only implement the action you are promoting in the QR codebest QR code generator

    Do not confuse your scanners. There should only be one QR code for a specific purpose.

    Say, for example, If you want to redirect your shoppers to your online shop, then make a URL QR code for that.

    If you want them to be redirected to a video page, then make a video QR code for that file and do not over-complicate your implementation on it. 

    2. Create visually appealing QR codes.Customize QR code with logo

    One great way to gain more scans with your Black Friday QR codes is to create visually appealing QR codes.

    To create one, QR code experts recommend you to use the QR code customization tool where you can select the set of patterns, eye shapes, and colors.

    To select the best suitable color contrast, having the foreground color darker than the background color is highly recommended.

    Shy away from using colors that might compromise the QR code’s scannability like yellow, light orange, and pastel colors.

    3. Match your QR code design with your product design.QR code design

    To get your customer’s attention with your Black Friday QR codes, matching your QR code design with your product design is a great tip to follow.

    Because of that, QR code experts advocate their users to match their QR code design with your product design with a QR code generator’s template design.

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    4. Always work with dynamic QR codesDynamic QR code

    Black Friday sale is one of the biggest sale bonanzas that participating retailers are hyped about. Because of that, QR code experts recommend retailers to use dynamic QR codes in their Black Friday advantages.

    With the use of dynamic QR codes, retailers can integrate more QR code solutions in one QR code.

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    5. Add your brand logo and call to action (CTA)QR code call to action

    For a more professional-looking Black Friday QR code, adding your logo and call to action (CTA) is a great move to do.

    This way, customers will recognize that the retailer’s QR codes are legit and usable.

    6. Print high-quality QR codes

    Most of the Black Friday deals retailers are posting are can be found on their store windows, standees, and mall bulletin boards.

    Because of that, QR code experts recommend retailers to print high-quality QR codes to maintain their scannability.

    To have a high quality printed QR codes, downloading them in SVG format is a great way to do.

    Black Friday QR code – the future of Black Friday shopping

    Every year, Black Friday sale is taking a futuristic approach for their shoppers.

    With this year’s Black Friday approach, QR codes have become one of the most useful tools to have a safe Black Friday shopping spree.

    Because of that introduction, Black Friday QR codes are becoming the future of Black Friday shopping.

    With the help of a professional QR code generator, shoppers can get the most out of their Black Friday shopping.

    Through the future of Black Friday shopping, Black Friday retailers can increase their Black Friday sales.

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