QR Codes for Cyber Monday: 10 Best Business Applications

Update:  December 05, 2023
QR Codes for Cyber Monday: 10 Best Business Applications

QR codes have become a familiar sight during Cyber Monday, which takes place after Black Friday, the biggest shopping holiday in the US.

Data from the National Retail Federation (NRF) reveals over 196.7 million Americans shopped for Cyber Monday in 2022, which is 9.4% more than the previous year. Revenues from the one-day shopping holiday are also increasing year after year.

In fact, several big-name brands like Macy’s, Samsung, Skechers, and Lululemon have used QR codes to reap the most benefits in their marketing campaigns.

If you’re a retailer participating in Cyber Monday, kickstart a QR code strategy by launching a campaign from a trusted QR code generator where you can make a customized code, track the scans, monitor performance and effectiveness, among other things.

Read on to learn more about the best practices and applications of QR codes for marketing campaigns for shopping holidays, such as Cyber Monday.

What is Cyber Monday?

What is cyber monday
Cyber Monday is a shopping holiday, happening every Monday after Thanksgiving. In 2023, it falls on November 27.

It’s part of the series of shopping holidays occurring within Thanksgiving Week, which includes Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and National Secondhand Sunday. Customers can enjoy the lowest prices and the best deals this season.

Cyber Monday is specially created to encourage customers to shop online, although some retailers still offer a range of deals in their physical stores.

How to use QR codes for Cyber Monday

Using QR codes for Cyber Monday helps convert offline customers to online buyers, if you do things right.

Here’s some know-how for using QR codes for the shopping holiday.

1. Lead your customers to your website or e-commerce website

QR codes for cyber monday
An overwhelming majority of Cyber Monday customers shop online. The NRF says that in 2022, online purchases accounted for 77 million, compared to 22.6 million in-store purchases.

As a retailer, it’s important to focus your Cyber Monday marketing strategy on targeting online customers, using tactics such as display banners, influencer marketing, and text ads across search and social media platforms.

There are endless smart uses of QR codes in marketing.

To invite offline customers to your online store, using free QR codes for Cyber Monday coupons on in-store posters, OOH flyers, and tabletop standees are among the most effective measures.

Additionally, allowing customers to scan the QR code ensures they’re led to a legitimate store. This can be a great measure against scams, fake items, and other fraudulent activities.

2. Introduce a loyalty program based on QR codes

Encourage customers to join a QR code-based loyalty program using a dynamic QR code.

A loyalty program based on QR codes can help you increase engagement by incentivizing customers to scan with big rewards, promotions, and cashback.

It’s like hitting two birds with one stone: Expanding a loyal customer base while improving the effectiveness of your QR code marketing strategy on Cyber Monday at the same time.

3. Provide a product catalog with accurate information

Cyber monday deals
Electronics are among the top products for Cyber Monday. An accurate catalog allows customers to make smarter purchases, especially for higher-end products.

Achieve innovative electronic promotions using a file QR code solution—a dynamic solution that can store PDFs and other files (JPEG, PNG, MP4, Excel, Word).

By scanning QR codes for Cyber Monday, customers can view a comprehensive list of specifications or video tutorial guides for these electronics. This lets them easily compare the prices and features against their other choices and helps them find the best one that matches their needs.

While QR codes for catalogs are best used for electronics, they can also be very useful for other products, such as garments, where specific washing instructions may be required.

4. Offer an immersive purchase via a virtual experience

For products such as cosmetics, clothing, caps, and shoes, customers may want to try them on first before purchasing to ensure they get the right size, color, and fit.

With the combination of AR and QR codes, retailers can offer an immersive virtual purchase experience where customers can find the right item without going in-store. A virtual try-on makes shopping easier in online or e-commerce stores. 

Retailers can unlock this possibility by providing a simulated experience similar to customers physically fitting the clothes or applying different cosmetic products.

Through an advanced QR code generator, they can use the augmented reality QR code to store the virtual try-on link. With just a smartphone scan, customers can see what the product looks like on them.

This method has become increasingly popular across these types of products amid the rise of online shopping over the past few years.

5. Encourage customer feedback and reviews

One of the best ways to gauge your success is by gathering customer reviews and feedback on QR codes for Cyber Monday.

Feedback and reviews are a great way to know your strong and weak points, enabling you to revamp your product development according to what your customers need and want.

To ensure you get valuable customer feedback, you can send the QR codes via customers’ email after the successful delivery of online purchases. Otherwise, place a Google Form QR code in receipts for in-store purchases.

Similarly, rewarding customers with a freebie or a discount by leaving a review can increase the chances that customers leave feedback on your business.

6. Offer a coupon QR code specific for Cyber Monday

Cyber monday QR code
There’s no better way to motivate customers to make a purchase than a discount.

Days or weeks before Cyber Monday, launch a QR code campaign where you dish out discount codes, coupon QR codes, or vouchers customers can redeem on the shopping holiday. 

To further boost engagement, you can set a time limit for the QR code coupon redemption. This can create a sense of urgency among customers as it heightens customers’ emotions of needing to avail of the voucher; otherwise they lose their chance to snag the item at a discounted price.

7. Enable contactless payments for purchases

Scanning QR codes for mobile banking and mobile wallets has become the go-to payment method among customers, even when purchasing in-store.

If you don’t have a QR code for payments in your physical and online stores, you may miss out on a considerable customer base that mainly pays for their purchases through these methods.

The great news is that the application for contactless payments is straightforward. Simply print out the QR codes for payment from the bank or mobile wallet and place them on tabletop standees at the checkout for customers to scan upon their purchase.

8. Increase the download of your e-commerce app

If you developed an e-commerce mobile application specifically for your brand, promote it through an app store QR code promotion on posters, advertisements, emails, social media, and other channels.

This works well with the App Store (for iOS), Google Play Store (for Android), and AppGallery (for HarmonyOS).

What’s incredible is that if you choose an advanced QR code generator with comprehensive features, you can use one QR code for different mobile app stores.

Once customers scan the app QR code, they’re redirected to the native app store of their smartphone, making the QR code campaign for Cyber Monday more effective overall.

You can generate a free QR code now if you wanna try this strategy.

9. Boost your social media engagement

Free QR codes cyber monday
Social media platforms have a great potential to boost your Cyber Monday sales. If you have a considerable following, utilize it for maximum engagement.

Across all your promotions, posters, paid ads, emails, and other forms of content, include a Link in bio QR code solution leading to a page that lists all your active social media platforms. Consider it a virtual business card for your online and social media presence.

Furthermore, social media is a great way to inform your audience about your ongoing promotions, discounts, exclusive deals, and one-time redeemable QR code coupons, as well as future launches and expansions.

10. Direct customers to your Thanksgiving campaign

Thanksgiving, at its core, is a celebration of gratitude toward the people you work with, a growing customer base, an increase in overall sales, and other blessings you’ve received throughout the year.

Share this spirit of appreciation through a Thanksgiving campaign, showcasing testimonials from the causes you support, small entrepreneurs you work with, contributions to the local communities, and more.

One of the most effective ways to let customers know of this campaign is through QR codes for Cyber Monday, displayed in both your physical and online materials.

How do I promote my business with QR codes?

QR codes may be an unassuming tool, but they can provide a one-stop shop to promote your business for shopping holidays, such as Cyber Monday.

As listed above, QR codes can be used to create advertising materials, promote app downloads and social media engagements, build a loyal customer base, provide a holistic customer experience, and dish out coupons to boost your sales.

The great thing is that customers don’t need a QR code or a coupon scanner online tool, as most smartphone cameras come equipped with this feature.

This convenience increases the likelihood of customers scanning your QR code, making it a powerful method to promote your business.

How to create a branded QR code for Cyber Monday campaigns

1. Go to QR TIGER to log in to your account. Don’t have one yet? You can sign up for the freemium version.

2. Choose a QR code type from the menu, then add the necessary information.

3. Select Dynamic QR and click Generate QR code.

4. Make your QR attractive. Choose your desired eyes, patterns, frames, and colors, and add your logo.

5. Test your QR code by scanning it. Save your branded QR by clicking the Download button.

What are the benefits of using a dynamic QR code generator?

Selecting the right QR code software can make or break your Cyber Monday run. Make a conscious choice to choose a dynamic QR code generator that offers these benefits:

  • Comprehensive and precise QR code tracking
  • Editable dynamic QR codes
  • Easy management in one page
  • Customization to appeal to your branding
  • Add your logo and CTA
  • High-quality QR code ready for printing
  • Affordable plan pricing
  • 24/7 customer support

Ready to boost your Cyber Monday sales? Start with QR TIGER!

QR TIGER is a trusted QR code software with the most advanced features that can do wonders for a successful Cyber Monday.

QR TIGER’s tools unlock the possibility of achieving record-breaking revenues in your QR codes for Cyber Monday campaigns.

Know more about QR TIGER QR Code Generator to obtain the best practices in your QR code game for this shopping holiday season.

Ready to boost your sales on Cyber Monday? Start your journey with QR TIGER now.

Frequently asked questions

How do I create a coupon QR code?

It’s easy to create a branded coupon QR code with a logo using QR TIGER. Simply go to their website online > Select a QR solution > Add link or information > Customize your QR and add a logo > Download to save your coupon QR code.

What’s the best coupon scanner online?

If you’re looking for a free and secure coupon scanner online, you can download and install the QR TIGER QR code scanner and generator on Google Play Store or App Store for free.

How do I tell customers to scan QR codes?

A QR code frame with a clear call-to-action is one effective way to tell your customers to scan your QR codes. Simply add a QR code CTA like “Scan Me” or “Scan to Win.”

The CTA has a crucial role—to tell and direct scanners what to do with your QR code. This also gives them a hint of what is stored in your code.

Brands using QR codes

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