How to Create and Share Your Digital Business Card Using Apple Wallet

Update:  April 23, 2024
How to Create and Share Your Digital Business Card Using Apple Wallet

Heads up, Apple users: You can now add a digital business card on Apple Wallet! Networking can go completely paperless, and expanding connections is extremely hassle-free.

Initially designed for storing boarding passes and event tickets, Apple Wallet has evolved into a versatile platform for managing various items like credit cards, loyalty cards, and digital business cards.

In this article, we’ll show you the easiest way to create and share your QR code-powered digital business cards through Apple Wallet.

Can you add digital business cards to Apple Wallet?

You certainly can. To do this, you must first create a custom vCard QR code using QR TIGER—the best customized vCard QR code generator online.

With QR TIGER's newest vCard feature, you can directly add and share your digital business card on your Apple Wallet.

When you create one, simply click the Apple Wallet option and scan the QR, or click the link so you can add your vCard QR as an Apple Wallet pass.

We’ve prepared a step-by-step guide below, so keep reading to learn how.

Apple Wallet business card: How it works

Simply put, it’s a digital business card stored in the Apple Wallet app. It’s a convenient and eco-friendly way to network professionally.

Apple Wallet is a digital wallet application developed by Apple Inc. that can store digital passes, cards, or tickets. It’s available on iOS and watchOS.

You can keep and share digital cards with QR codes directly through Apple Wallet on your iPhone, eliminating the need for traditional paper cards.

When you want to share your digital business card, simply open your Apple Wallet, display the card, and let the recipient scan the QR code using their smartphone.

Once scanned, they can instantly access all your business card information and save contact details directly on their device.

Create and share your digital business card on Apple Wallet

Digital business card apple wallet

It’s pretty easy to create and share your digital business card QR code using Apple Wallet. Here’s how to do it in six easy steps:

1. Go to QR TIGER online and select vCard QR code solution. Choose your desired digital business card template.

Note: To enjoy this dynamic QR code solution, you must sign up for QR TIGER’s subscription plan. You can also opt for our freemium plan. It’s 100% free—no credit card required.

2. Enter all your contact information. You can also add social media links and a primary photo.

3. Once all set, click Generate dynamic QR code. A pop-up will display the option to share your digital business card. Click Apple Wallet Pass.

4. Scan the QR or click Add to Apple Wallet Pass. Then, click Add to store your vCard QR code pass into your Apple Wallet.

5. Customize your digital business card QR code. Choose different pattern styles and colors, add your logo, and use any of our frame templates. Don’t forget to add a call to action.

6. Run a quick QR code test by scanning it. Click Download if you wish to save it to your device.

This feature isn't just limited to Apple Wallet. You can also add your vCard QR code or digital business card on Google Wallet for hassle-free access. 

10 reasons it’s wise to use QR codes for networking

Business professionals can boost their networking strategies using QR codes. They’re an effective tool for streamlining information exchange and future-proofing networking efforts.

Here are seven compelling reasons why using QR codes in their networking endeavors is a smart move:

1. Instant contact information exchange

QR code for networking

QR codes simplify the sharing of contact details, removing the need for manual data input. Using a vCard QR code, you can store your contact details, company details, social media links, and more.

When you bump into your potential clients or business partners, you can swiftly open your Apple Wallet and let them scan your digital business card using their smartphones. They can directly save your contact information on their device, too.

2. Quick access by storing your QR code digital business card on Apple Wallet

With QR code technology, you can easily convert your printed business card to a digital one and add it to your Apple Wallet for quick access. This helps you easily network wherever you go.

This is much more convenient than saving your digital card as a picture in your gallery, especially if you have thousands of photos.

3. Enhanced professional image

Using QR codes as a networking tool signals tech-savviness and forward-thinking and establishes a strong brand personality and identity. 

Having this advanced technology shows that you keep an eye on emerging trends and advancements, displaying competence and quick adaptation to change.

They can also create a great first impression on people, especially those who still don’t fully understand how QR codes work.

4. Sustainable solution

QR codes can decrease reliance on printed business cards and other materials, reducing potential waste.

Dynamic QR codes like the vCard QR solution are editable: You can still change their content even though you’ve created and printed them. 

Creating or printing a new business card whenever you update your information is unnecessary. This way, you can adopt an entirely paperless networking strategy.

Simply edit the digital business card in your iPhone to guarantee your recipients get your latest contacts.

5. Versatility

Unlike old-school printed business cards, QR codes can direct scanners to your online platforms. Now, that’s a digitally interactive networking experience.

Aside from your contact details, the vCard QR code can store links to your websites, social media profiles, and online portfolios or resumes.

You can also use many other QR code types to make your networking strategy even more powerful.

6. Seamless follow-up

You can also add your vCard QR codes in follow-up emails or messages. This simplifies the process for contacts to access your information, revisit your page, and maintain the dialogue. All it takes is one scan.

7. Insightful analytics

Aside from editable content, dynamic QR codes come with another advanced feature: QR code tracking. With this, you can easily monitor the metrics of your QR code campaign.

You can track data from your QR code’s scans, like when and where most scans occurred or the type of device they’re using. These vital data can help gauge the effectiveness of your networking endeavors.

8. Tailored branding

Business card QR code

Many of today’s online QR code generator software like QR TIGER now let you customize your QR codes to personalize them, make them attractive, or align them with branding.

Customization adds a unique touch to your QR code, making your networking materials more striking and catchy.

9. Wider reach

As of 2023, there are 6.92 billion smartphone users, accounting for 85.88% of the global population. As everyone dives into the digital world, using advanced technology like QR codes can be a wise long-term investment.

Since you can store your digital business card on Iphone Apple Wallet, you can share them personally or digitally. This mobile-first approach allows you to connect with individuals from the real and digital worlds.

10. Adaptability

It’s easy to achieve a dynamic networking approach with QR codes. It’s a mobile-friendly tool that allows you to adapt to today’s mobile-centric society.

And since you can quickly update your dynamic QR code’s contents, you can guarantee that your digital business card can easily adapt whenever you change your details.

How QR TIGER’s dynamic QR code generator can make your networking strategy even better

QR TIGER is an ISO 27001-certified and GDPR-compliant QR code software that can improve your networking means. Here are five reasons why you should use our dynamic QR codes:

Keep your information up-to-date

Dynamic QR codes let you update the stored information without changing the QR code or creating a new one.

Using a vCard QR code as your electronic business card, you can effortlessly change your contact details and other networking information as your career progresses.

Access real-time analytics

Our dynamic QR codes are trackable, giving you access to the following analytics:

  • The number of total and unique scans
  • The time of the scan
  • The location of the scan
  • The type of device scanners used
  • GPS map and map chart

QR TIGER’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to access the dashboard, where you’ll see all your active QR codes and monitor each of their scan metrics in real time.

Protect your data

QR code password

Aside from editing and tracking, QR TIGER’s dynamic QR codes have other advanced features. One is the ability to set passwords to them.

When a user scans a password-protected QR code, they must first enter the correct password to access its data. This unique feature offers an extra layer of security.

Receive QR code scan updates

Another unique dynamic QR code feature you can unlock is the email scan notification. You can receive scan updates based on different frequencies: daily, weekly, and monthly.

Activating this feature, you’ll see how many people have engaged with your QR code without going to your dashboard.

Access QR code integrations

QR TIGER’s Canva integration allows users to add their custom QR code directly to any design or template they’re working on. Simply connect your QR TIGER account to Canva using your API key.

For instance, you can create an Apple Wallet business card design on Canva and add your custom vCard QR code. Save it as an image or PDF to store it on the Apple Wallet app.

Business card QR codes on Apple Wallet: A modern networking strategy

Keeping your digital business card on Apple Wallet is an efficient and tech-savvy approach to connecting with potential clients, partners, or peers.

And with QR TIGER’s advanced vCard QR code, you can effortlessly network anytime and anywhere—reaching people exponentially, one scan at a time.

QR TIGER is a renowned QR code generator on G2, Trustpilot, and SourceForge, trusted by over 850,000 global brands—Disney, Universal, Cartier, Lululemon, McDonald’s, and TikTok.

Sign up today and start building lasting connections through QR codes.

Frequently asked questions

How do I add a digital business card to my iPhone Wallet?

To add a digital business card to your iPhone wallet or Apple Wallet, you must first create a vCard QR code. Save the QR code as an image or PDF, use the Pass4Wallet app to upload the QR code file, and click Add to wallet.

Can I make a digital business card on iPhone?

Yes, you can. Open Safari (or your preferred browser) and go to QR TIGER. Log into your account and select the vCard QR code solution.

Enter all the required information, generate the QR code, and customize your vCard QR code. Click Download to save it on your device.

Does Apple Pay have a business card?

You can use Apple Wallet to share your e-business card. Through the app, you can store your digital business card and effortlessly share your contact information. This can help you expand your network wherever you go.

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