The Pros of a Virtual CEO Business Card and How to Make One

Update:  June 04, 2024
The Pros of a Virtual CEO Business Card and How to Make One

Having a virtual CEO business card in this day and age goes a long way toward promoting yourself and your company. It’s convenient, and it shows that you are in tune with the times. 

And here’s another great thing: you can carry your vCard around more compactly and professionally using a QR code! 

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of using a virtual business card and how to create one through the best QR code generator online.

What are virtual business cards?

Normally, business cards are paper cards with your business information printed on them. Virtual or digital business cards are similar, except instead of being printed, they are available electronically.

These smart business card are highly useful for networking purposes. However, instead of handing someone your card, you share your virtual business card via email, usually as your signature.

Other ways you can give someone your virtual business card are:

Benefits of using a virtual CEO business card

Ceo business card QR code benefits

Now that you know what makes virtual business cards different from printable ones, let’s look into why they are better:

More information in one place

Traditional business cards have always put a limit on business owners in how much information they print on them. This is because the size of a standard business card is only 3.5 x 2 inches (or 89 x 51 millimeters).

Thanks to the fact that they exist digitally, your virtual CEO business card can hold more information than traditional ones. 

Aside from your name, contact numbers, and physical or email addresses, you can include images, social media handles, and more in an electronic one.

Convenient to use

With virtual business cards, you don’t need to meet up with anyone to give them your information. Sending people a link to your card is enough to give them everything they need.

You can make a QR code business card template using a web-based QR code generator. This way, people only need to scan the QR code quickly to get your business information. 

This contactless method of sharing your vCard also skips the process of manually adding contact information to a smartphone. You also won’t need to worry about someone losing or damaging your business card.

Cheaper and more eco-friendly

Ceo digital business card QR code

In 2016, Adobe estimated that 88% of business cards that were handed out were thrown out within a week. That is over 8 billion cards! The world ends up wasting paper, ink, and everything else involved in bringing all the materials to cardmakers.

By using vCards instead of printable business cards, you can save money as well as time. You can even free up space for other cards in your cardholder or organizer.

Another thing to consider is the environmental impact of making business cards. Cardstock, the material cards are made from, is just paper that is thicker and tougher than your usual sheet of paper.  

What’s concerning is that 10 million hectares of forests were cut down every year from 2010 to 2020. When you think about the number of cards thrown away, those trees were cut down for nothing.

By using virtual business cards, you will be able to save money and the world. 

Information is easily updateable

Your business is always prone to change. Even the slightest change may require you to change something in your business card. 

If you’re using traditional business cards, that means printing a whole new batch of cards with the new information. This will cost you more money and leave any unused business cards useless.                                     

With a virtual CEO business card, any changes you want to make will take effect as soon as you save them. Anyone clicking on the link or scanning the QR code for your card will be able to see the new information in real time.

Easily track engagement and interest

Trackable ceo business card

With traditional business cards, it is difficult to say if leads were generated after you handed out your information to others. Because of this, you may not be able to analyze performance metrics that are important in today’s world of digital marketing.

This is why another benefit to using QR codes for business cards is that you can keep track of metrics such as:

  • The total number of times your business card was scanned.
  • The total number of times your contact information is saved.
  • The number of unique clients reached with your cards.
  • The location and time of day each card engagement took place.

Must-have information in your virtual CEO business card

Now that you know what using a vCard QR code can do for you, it’s time to learn the details you need to include when making your card.

Your name & position

It may be obvious, but people need to know what to call you and what position you hold in your company. This is why it is important to add your full name and your job title (i.e., CEO) to your virtual business card. 

If you have a nickname, feel free to add it to your card as well. Not only does it make you more likely to be remembered, but it also gives them an insight into your personality.  

A photo of you

QR code for ceo business card

A professional headshot does a lot in making a strong impression online. Thanks to the advantages of having your business card in a virtual space, you can now add your picture to your business card. 

Having your picture on your virtual business card helps people remember who you are. This is especially important when you share your virtual business card during an in-person conference.

Business name and logo

As the CEO of a company, you should include the name of your business on your card. Make sure that the name is spelled out instead of abbreviated. 

This way, people will not confuse it with another company with the same abbreviation. This will also give others a better idea of what your business is all about immediately.

Adding your company’s logo is also a good idea because, on average, it takes someone 5 to 7 times to remember your logo. 

If you hand out your vCard to people you associate with frequently, adding your logo will help them remember you and your company quickly.

Services you offer

Aside from your company’s name, you should also provide a list of your company’s services.  This is a convenient way of telling people more about your business without the need to access your website. 

To do this, your virtual business card can include an image listing your services. 

If you have a long and comprehensive list of services, summarize it in an image instead or simply. You can then provide a link to a PDF file or a landing page that has the full list.

Contact information

Sharing your business card without including a way to reach you defeats the purpose of the card in the first place. Therefore, you should make sure that your virtual business card has your contact information. 

Information included in this part of your business card should include:

  • your telephone number
  • your mobile number
  • your fax number
  • your email addresses
  • the company’s postal address

Website and social media handles

In this age of digital technology, having a website, landing pages, and social media is necessary for your company’s online presence. This is where people on the Internet will learn everything there is to know about your business, from its history to its services.

Your virtual business card is the perfect place to showcase this side of your company. Be sure to include the URL to the company website. You can also direct people to a landing page instead if you wish.

Don’t forget to add your social media handles to your business card. This will give others another way of contacting and learning about you.

Compelling CTA

Lastly, you should end your vCard with a call to action (CTA). This is how you can tell people what they should do with your business card. 

This can be done through a clickable button. Not only does it add functionality to your virtual business card, but it can also enhance its appearance. The button should have a clear and concise CTA within.

How to get a virtual business card with a modern business card design using the best QR code platform

QR codes are a quick way to give someone your virtual business card. All they need is a smartphone with a QR code scanner, and your information will be shared.

Making QR codes is also as easy as sharing them with someone. It’s easy to go online to search for a free business cards maker to accomplish this. 

But with an advanced QR code digital business card generator online, you can have a branded and professional-looking business card QR code in seconds. 

To make your QR code, follow these steps:

1. Open QR TIGER on your browser. 

2. Choose the vCard QR code solution and select a template for the overall look of your virtual business card. There are five options to choose from, with varying layouts and designs. 

Note: We offer over 16 QR code types that you can also use for your business, such as multi-URL, file, social media, and App stores.

3. Complete it with the necessary information, such as your name, company name, position, address, and contact details. You can also include a short description of yourself and a professional headshot.

If you have social media, you can choose to include them as well.

4. Click the “Generate dynamic QR code” button

Pro Tip: Generating a dynamic QR code will allow you to track the engagement your QR code gets. It’s highly recommended that you use this for your virtual business card.

5. Customize your QR code. This QR code generator with logo lets you change the eyes, colors, and patterns or add your company logo and a call to action using a frame. 

6. Perform a quick scan test to see if your QR code works. You can use your smartphone to do this.

7. Download your QR code in PNG or SVG format. 

With your QR code ready, you can now give everyone access to your virtual business card. Show them your QR code with your phone or send it at the end of every email.

Create your virtual business card with QR TIGER 

QR codes are widely used throughout the digital world. They have been proven especially useful in marketing, whether on the Internet or along the streets of your city. 

With its ability to provide access to information in such a convenient way, business cards can now be handed out virtually to anyone anywhere. The only thing you need is to create a QR code for your virtual business card. 

With our software, you can generate a QR code for your business card. We provide several customization options so you can have a modern business card design. We also offer enhanced security features and more QR code solutions for all your other needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Create your virtual business card with the best and most dynamic QR code platform today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still use printable business cards?

While vCards offer more benefits over printable cards, nothing is stopping you from sticking to tradition! 

Do you write CEO on the business card?

When providing information for your virtual CEO business card, you should include your position in the company. This will inform people of your role within the business.

How do I write owner on a business card?

Writing down “owner” as your title on your owner business card is more than enough to tell people about your position.

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