How to Create a QR Code Business Card Template

Update:  October 25, 2023
How to Create a QR Code Business Card Template

A QR code business card template facilitates users in digitizing their QR code-based business card campaigns.

Using the best QR code generator, you can generate a QR code to help upgrade your old-school business card into a digital version.

This is a smart move, especially if you incorporate business card marketing strategies to grow your network and generate leads.

For each 2000 distributed business cards, companies can expect a 2.5% increase in sales. And QR codes can amplify these numbers.

With the best QR code business card generator, you can provide your business networks with a convenient mode of contacting you. They can even save your details on their devices.

Now, it will be easier to start and close a deal.

Want to know more about this digital strategy? This blog will tell you everything you need to know.

How does a digital business card with a QR code work?

Business card QR code

Compared to old-school business cards, a digital business card with QR code lets you dispense more contact details without upsizing your cards.

The vCard QR code solution allows you to include your social media links, website links, multiple phone numbers, online store links, and other information.

These advanced 2D barcodes can hold thousands of alphanumeric characters. The QR code embeds each of these characters within its modules—the little squares that make up its pattern.

The more data you encrypt into a QR code, the more modules it will take, resulting in a pattern with too many squares compressed.

But since a vCard QR code is dynamic, you won’t have to worry about this.

Dynamic QR codes only embed a short URL instead of the actual link or data, resulting in a QR code that remains organized and clutter-free.

After scanning the QR code, the short URL will pop up on your screen. Tapping this link will immediately redirect you to the vCard landing page.

You can customize your digital landing page to align it with your branding.

QR code business card template: Where can I find one?

QR code business card template

You can create your business card with QR code template using a QR code generator with logo such as QR TIGER.

After generating a vCard QR code for your business card, you can save your customized designs as a template.

All you have to do is subscribe to QR TIGER to start your business card QR code campaign.

So, the next time you create a vCard QR code solution, you can readily use the design templates you saved previously on the software.

This is the ultimate time-saving option that’s truly convenient for you.

Contact details you can embed in a vCard QR code

Here are the contact details you can add to a vCard QR code solution:

  • Name
  • Job title
  • Phone numbers (personal or work)
  • Fax number
  • Website
  • Address (street, city, state, zip code, country)
  • Organization
  • Email
  • And over 40 social media sites

How to create a vCard QR code solution

Digital business card template

Generating QR TIGER’s vCard QR code requires an active subscription plan with the software.

It’s one of the most advanced tools offered by QR TIGER, which means it has professional features and functions.

Guaranteed, you can get the most out of your subscription.

Follow these steps to generate a vCard QR code:

  1. Launch QR TIGER online and choose the vCard icon. Select your desired digital business card template.
  2. Enter the contact details you want to include in the QR code.
  3. Click the Generate dynamic QR code button.
  4. Customize your vCard QR code solution. You can change the eyes, patterns, and colors and add logos and frames with a call to action.
  5. Run a test scan to check for errors, then download.

How to use QR TIGER software with a template for bulk vCard QR code 

QR TIGER’s bulk vCard QR code generator is a handy feature that can save you time and effort.

Instead of manually generating QR codes for business card campaigns, you can create multiple unique ones after a few clicks.

Even better, you can use the downloadable bulk vCard QR code template provided in the software.

Using this CSV template, you can input the details you want to encrypt into your vCard QR code outright.

All you need is a CSV file to input the data that you want to encrypt in each QR code. You can create one  using spreadsheet platforms like Excel or Google Sheets. 

Note: This feature is exclusive to Advanced and Premium subscribers.

How to generate multiple vCard QR codes with a professional QR code generator

Here are easy-to-follow steps in creating multiple vCard QR codes for your business cards:

1. Login to QR TIGER and click the Bulk QR option

Bulk digital business card

You can find the Bulk QR code option in the upper navigation panel of the interface.

2. Download the CSV file template for vCard QR codes

Download csv file template

QR TIGER’s downloadable vCard template is a ready-made spreadsheet. You can open and edit the file using a CSV reader like Microsoft Excel.

If you’ve already created a CSV file, you can proceed to step 4.

3. Fill out your CSV file with the required business card information

Vcard csv file

Tip: When saving your file after filling it out, save it in .CSV format. Double-check it before uploading it.

4. Upload the completed CSV file on the QR TIGER bulk QR code software

Upload CSV file

Wait for the popup that confirms you have successfully uploaded your file.

5. Tap the Dynamic QR option, click the Generate Bulk QR button

Dynamic vcard QR codes

6. Customize your bulk vCard QR code, run a scan test and download

Customize bulk QR code

Advantages of integrating a dynamic vCard QR code on business cards

Here’s what you’ll get when you use a dynamic QR code for your business cards instead of a static one:

Trackable data scans

QR TIGER knows that marketers need to track their campaigns to get valuable insights, determine their market, and evaluate the performance of their strategy.

You can easily monitor your dynamic QR codes on business card campaigns on your QR TIGER dashboard.

You have access to comprehensive analytics of your QR code campaigns, including the following metrics:

  • Total number of vCard QR code scans
  • The geographical location of users who scanned the vCard QR code
  • The time a user scanned the QR code
  • The operating system of the scanner’s device

Updateable QR code content

You can edit, update, remove, and add contact details to your vCard QR code anytime.

This allows you to save time and money to produce a new set of business cards with QR code.

You can simply visit your QR TIGER dashboard, choose the QR code campaign you want to edit, and make the changes there immediately.

You can update the vCard QR code even though you’ve already created, printed, and deployed it.

Convenient to use

Digital business card design

The vCard QR code is an all-in-one communication and promotional tool, making it highly convenient today. It can benefit you and your target audience.

With a smooth business card marketing strategy, you can expect an excellent first impression from business partners, network expansion, improved social media and website traffic, and better sales.

On the other hand, your card recipients will also find it easy to visit your social media pages, check out your website content, save your contact details, and browse your online stores.

Short URL

The short URL does more than keep your vCard QR code looking minimal and organized. You can share it with people to lead them to your vCard landing page.

This can help you share your vCard in places where QR codes are unsuitable, such as your social media bios, emails, or websites.

You can reach more potential contacts in your networks using this link-sharing strategy.

Best use cases of business cards with QR code

QR codes are versatile tools. You can place them on any medium for any purpose. Here are innovative ideas you can use for your business QR code campaigns:

1. Printed promotional materials

You can include the vCard QR code for your business cards on your printed marketing materials.

This lets you reach more people to view and scan your QR code while promoting your brand.

Integrating a QR code into your marketing materials helps your audience to give you a call or slide through your email or DMs.

2. Social media profiles

Display your vCard QR code on social media business profiles to get more traction. You can add it to your profile picture, cover photo, or on your posts.

This allows your mutuals and followers to easily save your contact details and access your business sites anytime.

3. Portfolios and resumes

Portfolio QR code

You can integrate a QR code on your resumes and portfolios to leave a great impression on recruiters and employers.

Doing so shows that you know your way around modern technology, which can be an asset for securing the job.

Even better, you can see which companies have made the most interaction with your QR code because of its tracking capacity.

4. Business proposals

You can also add your business card QR code when submitting business proposal documents.

In doing so, you can provide your target companies with a wide array of methods of contacting you regarding your proposal.

And the best part, the QR code itself might even impress them.

Digitalize your business cards with QR TIGER QR code generator

Business cards are one of the front liners in promoting and representing your brand.

It’s only intuitive to upgrade them to increase your conversion and traction rate digitally.

The vCard QR code from QR TIGER, your ideal QR code generator software, is your best bet for digitalizing your business cards. 

You can edit, track, and customize your vCard QR code solution. 

And you can even save your QR code business card template to the software so you can reuse it the next time.

Go to QR TIGER and start your digital business card campaign now.

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