9 Creative Ways to Use a QR Code for Flower Shop Business Promotions

Update:  July 31, 2023
9 Creative Ways to Use a QR Code for Flower Shop Business Promotions

A QR code for flower shop business can help florists promote to a wider audience, boosting their visibility and sales.

It can also provide convenience in the store by digitalizing manual transactions, making them faster and smoother.

With this innovation, you can market your flower shop business and simultaneously cater to in-store clients and buyers.

QR codes for flower shops: How do they work? 

Flower shop QR code

A flower shop QR code can store various information or digital files that promote your business. To create one, you’ll only need an advanced QR code generator.

What’s excellent about QR codes is that it only takes a smartphone to read them, which is convenient since almost everyone has one today.

With one quick scan, customers can access the latest sales, deals, prices, and flower availability in your shop via the flower shop QR code.

QR codes can also streamline shop services. For instance, they can facilitate cashless payments which is convenient and safe for customers.

Florists can bloom their businesses with QR code technology in flower shops.

How to use a QR code for flower shop business

1. Manage inventory seamlessly

Use a bulk QR code generator to create multiple QR codes, each having a unique serial number. You can add the QR codes for flowers and other items you sell.

This inventory QR code can also contain other details, such as its delivery date and the expected date it will wither.

Staff can track the number of supplies of each flower by scanning the QR code. 

This allows an easier recording and tracking of the flower supply.

2. Share videos on flower care

Flower shop QR code uses

Most buyers want their flowers to last as long as possible. As an accommodating seller, you can give them video tutorials on proper flower care and preservation.

The advantage of videos is that people can easily follow the steps, compared to reading a manual or a set of instructions.

Share video guides with your customers using a video QR code solution. You can add tips on the correct trimming of stems or preservation methods, such as flower pressing.

3. Promote your flower shop online

Online flower shop QR code

Already have a website for your store? Create a URL QR code for your domain using a reliable QR code generator with logo online.

This QR solution can give customers instant access to your website, where they can check for available flowers, order floral arrangements, or hire your florists for designing services.

You can also include previous proof of transactions or feedback from past clients to add credibility to your flower shop online.

4. Easy access to contact details

One may call it a QR code for business cards. It can store multiple contact details, such as your mobile number, email, store address, website, and social media pages.

With one scan, consumers can view and access your contact details. They also have the option to download and save them on their devices.

Users can also download and save their information directly to their smartphones after scanning the vCard QR code solution.

This digital tool is a sustainable and tech-savvy alternative to printed business cards.

5. Record customer details

You can use QR codes for a florist business to facilitate these forms digitally.

This is possible with the Google Form QR code solution.

When customers scan the code, they will find a digital copy of these forms and can quickly complete them on their smartphones.

Google Forms automatically collects and organizes all the responses, promoting smoother and easier management of the forms.

6. Engaging buying experience for customers

After creating the file, convert it into a PDF and embed it within a PDF QR code.

Flower buyers need only scan the QR code to find helpful information that can ignite their interest in flowers, making them buy more.

7. Create your personalized landing page

Flower shop page QR code

With the H5 editor QR solution, you can create a landing page for your flower shop. 

What’s great is that you won’t need coding or programming skills to make this. You also won’t have to buy a domain for your page.

The H5 QR code also has an image slider option to upload many images.

You can then use this to show a wide variety of flowers, so customers have a lot of choices.

On top of that, it is editable, so if a flower runs out of stock or you’ll introduce a new flower variety, you can update your landing page easily.

You can use the HTML QR code generator for this. 

8. Streamlined loyalty program

Many sellers today use QR codes so consumers can redeem coupons and avail offers much faster.

You can use a text QR code to embed an alphanumeric code.

Add a call-to-action to direct users to scan the code to find the promo code, which they can use on their next purchase.

9. Increased marketing audience

Flower shop marketing

Many people use social media daily, and marketers have used it as a platform to promote their goods, boost their sales, and convert more leads.

If you have created social media pages for your flower shop, you can use the social media QR code—a one-stop shop for all your accounts and pages.

Upon scanning, users will see a landing page containing buttons for each social media, making it easier for them to follow or subscribe to you to keep updated.

And since it can increase your follower count, this method can boost your online engagements since more people will see your content.

Why should you use a dynamic QR code for your business? 

QR codes come in two types: static and dynamic.

Static QR codes are permanent—you cannot edit or update them after making them.

You will have to generate a new QR code, which is very inconvenient. They’re only suitable for one-time campaigns.

On the good side, dynamic QR codes are editable.

You can still change their embedded data even though you’ve generated, printed, and deployed them.

Updating your QR code’s content is needed for flower shops since stocks vary depending on the season.

For that reason, dynamic QR codes are better for your business.

The advantages do not stop there. Here are more reasons why you should go for dynamic QR codes:

Track QR code scans

You can track the scan analytics of dynamic QR codes, giving you access to the following data:

  • Total number of scans
  • Time of each scan
  • Scanner’s location
  • The operating system of the scanner’s device

This feature allows you to determine whether your QR code campaign gets engagement from your target audience.

You can then monitor the performance of your campaign. If no one’s scanning it, you should try placing it somewhere more crowded where more people will see it.

Receive email notifications

A few selected dynamic QR codes come with an email notification feature. You’ll receive emails on the total number of QR code scans and more if you activate this.

There are four options for the frequency of the notifications—hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly.

How to generate QR codes for a florist business

  1. Go to QR TIGER QR code generator online.
  2. Select the type of QR code solution you want to generate.
  3. Enter the required data, then click Generate QR code button
  4. Customize your QR code’s design. Change its pattern, eyes, and colors. You can also add logos or images to it.
  5. Scan your QR code to check whether it’s readable.
  6. Download and deploy your QR code. 

QR TIGER: The best QR code generator for flower shops

Take advantage of the advancement in shopping technology to impact your flower shop’s revenue while increasing your shop’s engagement.

And make sure to give your customers the best buying experience they deserve when shopping for their favorite flowers at your shop. 

Generate a QR code for a flower shop business today using QR TIGER. It has an extensive set of QR solutions, customization tools, and a user-friendly interface.

To top it all, it’s also ISO 27001-certified, so you can guarantee that your information is safe and secure.

Go to the best QR code generator and get a free trial now.

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