Engraved QR codes: Here are 4 Ways to Use It

Update:  January 21, 2024
Engraved QR codes: Here are 4 Ways to Use It

You can directly mark engraved QR codes onto products made of almost any material using specialized laser marking software.

Today, when many people have smartphones, QR codes are everywhere, and anyone can scan them.

QR codes are liked for their marketing value, their usefulness, and the way they look.

Artists can create QR Code art and market it using a variety of QR code types.

In QR Code land, there is always uncharted territory. And everyone else does the same until one explorer finds a gold mine.

In this article, you’ll learn cool ways you can engrave QR codes and how to use them.

Can you engrave QR codes?

Without a doubt! Printing on paper isn’t the only way to create QR Codes.

Instead, we encourage you to experiment with etching or engraving QR codes onto wood, metal, glass, acrylic, or even stone.

Indeed, the number and quality of applications that read these codes are increasing daily, so more businesses will find ways to apply the codes more permanently.

QR code engraving that is made with a laser can make high-quality codes that are easy to scan.

How to generate a QR code before you engrave it

1. Log in to QR TIGER. Then, select a QR code solution.

2. Enter the information into the empty field.

3. Select Static QR or Dynamic QR. Then click the Generate QR code button.

To edit and track your QR code, choose Dynamic QR. This enables you to change the embedded data and track its performance.

4. Personalize your QR code by choosing a pattern, eyes, frame, and colors. Add your logo and a clear call to action (CTA).

5. Run a scan test on your QR code. If it works, hit Download to save your custom QR code.

A quick tip: Download your customized QR code in SVG format for a scalable QR code. This format lets you resize your QR code without affecting its quality.

Information you can embed in your QR code before you engrave it

However, before you can engrave QR codes, of course, you will decide first where and what landing page you will direct your scanners once they scan your QR code.

These 2D codes can embed different types of information, but we will give you some of the best recommendations you can use before you can engrave a QR code.

WiFi QR codes

Engraved QR code

Users can scan the assigned WIFI QR Code with their smartphone’s camera or third-party QR Code scanner apps to avoid entering the password.

Customers and guests can easily get WIFI QR codes, and you can change the password if it doesn’t require them to type it in.

It makes WIFI easier to use and safer because you don’t have to tell other people the password unless you need to.

Social media QR codes

Some popular social media platforms businesses use are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Linkedin, and Instagram.

You can use a social media QR Code to share your social media profiles with a single QR Code and let your customers choose where they want to contact you.

Still, instead of making a QR code for each social media site, you can use a social media QR Code to connect and share your social media profiles.

With one QR code, your customers can choose how they want to get in touch with you.

Using the social media QR code, you can promote your social media accounts and add e-commerce sites, food ordering apps, messaging apps, custom URLs, email addresses, contact information, and more.

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vCard QR codes

QR TIGER allows you to enter all your contact information in one place and generate a QR code for your business card contact details.

Indeed, the use of this QR card is to share your personal information with clients and potential buyers and maximize on-the-spot connections during events.

Share your name/business name, phone number, email address, business location, social media profiles, and more with a vCard QR Code.

The benefits of sharing vCard QR Codes over traditional business cards are as follows:

  • Update contact information at any time without having to reprint business cards.
  • Make it simple for potential customers to find your business location.
  • Place these QR Codes on print marketing materials to generate leads.
  • To enable contactless information sharing, avoid using physical business cards.

Of course, since it is a QR code, it takes up less space.

When scanned with a smartphone or a third-party QR code scanner like QR TIGER, important information will be shown.

The scanner can opt to save your information right away when scanning the QR code.

URL QR codes

The most typical application of a QR Code is this.

Rather than having your target audience type a URL into their smartphones to access your website, blog, or social media profile, you can instantly redirect them to any of those by scanning a URL QR Code.

File QR codes

This type of QR content is self-explanatory. You can upload any file, including JPGs, MOVs, MP3s, PDFs, and XLS.

It can be used to get brochures, manuals, music, and video files, among other things.

H5 editor QR codes

An H5 page QR code, also known as an HTML QR code, is a dynamic QR code solution. It allows you to create your landing page without purchasing a domain name or hosting site.

Also, you can attract more users and retarget them to a different landing page at any time by updating the QR code if you need to redirect them to a new interactive page to improve conversion rates.

This makes the H5 QR code not static and boring as it does not only direct scanners to a fixated landing page, as you can edit it anytime to make it more engaging.

You can engrave QR codes using a laser marking machine

This is the step where you can engrave the QR code after you generate using a laser marking machine.

QR codes are essential in today’s technological era. Some packaging industries will use QR codes to replace previous barcodes as new product information.

In contrast, others will scan and introduce detailed pages for each product.

We have now seen the QR code engraving. It can store a large amount of information in all aspects of life.

It is gradually being adopted by many merchants as a new type of publicity and marketing method, Smartphones create QR codes, and laser printers generate QR codes.

Real-life examples of engraved QR codes

Wooden social media QR code display

Wooden QR code

Help your customers quickly find your menu, Instagram, Facebook, or website by scanning this sign with their phone.

Just give us the web address you want to link to, and we’ll handle the rest.

It can be displayed at the entrance of your restaurant, an aesthetic addition with a purpose.

Metal business cards

Metal business card QR code

Adding a paperless approach is not just an eco-friendly choice but also adds more class to your business.

A laser-engraved QR code on a metal business card is a progressive innovation that adds luxury and sleekness.

And it can hold more information compared to traditional business cards.

Think about web URLs, social media profiles, and your basic contact information.

There’s no limit to what you can add to an engraved QR code for a metal business card.

Engraved QR codes on all available materials

QR Codes’ potential requires a creative eye.

But don’t let that stop you: our QR Code design page and the following ideas will provide you with a plethora of creative inspiration.

1. Metal QR codes

Metal QR code

They are all QR Code-compatible.

Not everyone can engrave on metal, but a QR Code laser engraving machine can help.

Laser engraved QR code on metal is durable and sleek, especially on business cards and tags.

These engraving machines can mark QR Codes on any material, regardless of density or toughness, making QR Code metal engraving easy.

2. Wood-carved QR codes

Wood carved QR codeImage Source

Wooden blocks can replace menus.

Given the popularity of QR Code menus, adding wood to your restaurant is brilliant.

Wood becomes a great marketing tool when combined with QR Codes.

Using engraved QR codes on wood is a sustainable, long-lasting, biodegradable, renewable, recyclable, and reusable choice.

It is an achievement for the environment and your business.

3. Acrylic QR Codes

Acrylic QR codeAcrylic QR Code signs are great for marketing.

Signage boosts company brand awareness.

You can add your logo to QR Codes to make your brand recognizable.

A QR Code engraving sign connects new customers to your website, virtual shop, or social media channels.

Try the Social Media QR Code to get the most out of our services.

Customize an acrylic QR Code sign for your pop-up store, wedding, charity event, or art gallery.

Acrylics and QR Codes both value versatility.

4. Glass album art with QR codes

This story includes album art.

We suggest combining album art and digital technology with QR Codes. Glass album art.

Album art in a glass frame showcased at your concert, launch party, or gig helps fans connect visually and audibly to your music so they remember it.

With an MP3 QR Code on your album cover, listeners can quickly find your song.

Here are some of the main advantages of engraved QR codes:

  • Increased Durability — the engraved codes are more durable than traditional printing methods. It lasts longer on products, even if they are handled frequently.
  • Optical Reading Ease — engraved QR codes can be easier to scan and read from a distance. The contrast between the dark markings and the light background is so strong.
  • Unique aesthetics — the markings allow you to add a personal touch to your product labels. This can help them distinguish themselves from the competition on store shelves.
  • More Versatility — lasers can produce QR code engraving labels in various shapes and sizes to meet your specific requirements. Traditional printing techniques frequently have limitations in this area.

Create your unique QR codes with QR TIGER before you engrave it

There has been an explosion of new ideas since the QR Code came out.

They have become the decade’s shape-shifters.

And as they continue to change, they open up a wide range of creative and marketing options beyond print, blending the worlds of technology and design that we never thought possible.

Engraved QR Codes on various materials is a subtle but effective idea for restaurants, galleries, and other businesses,

QR codes fill gaps where there is limited space for displaying information by providing customers with important information about your business.

No information is overlooked, and customers can still access all of the information even after leaving your business premises.

There are numerous solutions.

This new idea helps make the world a place where everyone feels welcome.

For more information, check out the QR TIGER QR code generator homepage and start creating QR codes right away.

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