Father’s Day Special: Strategic Marketing Ideas for Your Restaurant

Update:  May 29, 2023
Father’s Day Special: Strategic Marketing Ideas for Your Restaurant

Restaurants will be at their busiest peak during special occasions like the celebration of Father’s Day. Some may have their own restaurant promotions and special deals in place already for this occasion.

Statistics say that 75% of consumers plan to celebrate this special day by spending on gifts, meals, and more.

This is an excellent time for restaurant owners to offer day-to-night specials and make your restaurant the perfect spot to celebrate this occasion.

Here are some fun ideas and activities you can do to promote your restaurant for Father's Day. You can also use an interactive menu QR code to make ordering easier during this special occasion.

Craft your Father’s Day restaurant promotion ideas

Father’s Day is almost around the corner, and we’re here to help you take advantage of this event that will boost your restaurant profits. father's day promotion ideasAlthough dinner is the most popular meal for those who dine out during Father’s Day, you can still make the most of this celebration.

Here are some strategic promotional ideas you can do all day in your restaurant.

Offer a time-based discount during Father’s Day

Restaurants quickly generate revenue per hour during busy seasons like the celebration of Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and others. However, there is a certain period of the day when there is lesser customer foot traffic.

To address the varying number of customers coming to your restaurant within the day, you can offer a time-based discount, depending on your customers' behavior.fathers day restaurant specials food promo For instance, between 12 pm and 2 pm, customer engagement is lesser than at dinner time which also lessens your restaurant sales.

Hence, your restaurant can offer a time-based discount from 12 pm to 2 pm to attract more customers during this downtime. You can also apply this discount during Father’s Day since everyone celebrates with their families.

It is an excellent opportunity for your restaurant to lure customers to the discounted prices of your menu items, making them feel that they are spending less. 

‘Kampai’ to beer and whiskey

Keep our Father’s Day customers in high spirit by serving a lower price of beer or whiskey on your restaurant’s digital menu QR code. Offer a discounted price of your restaurant’s available booze to give your customers a good time celebrating this special day with the best man of their lives.fathers day promotion for bars Whiskey on the rocks, a boozed tequila sunrise cocktail, a mug of beer, and other alcoholic beverages at a low-cost price during Father’s Day can fill up an intoxicating joy and cheers to your customers.

For instance, you can serve these low-priced beverages after dinner, appealing to customers to stay a little bit longer to chat and catch up with their fathers and father figures.

Nostalgic event for Father’s Day

Plan out a nostalgic event with varying themes like retro, the 90s, and others in your restaurant to celebrate special days like Father’s Day (of course, you can also do this during Mother’s Day!). 

For example, let prospective customers scan a voucher QR code to avail of your 5% off coupon if they buy your limited-time event ticket before Father’s Day.

Promotions like this help drive business and generate awareness of your restaurant to audiences who want to give their fathers the best day ever with good music, great food, and better restaurant services.

Set your restaurant's mood and vibe, creating nostalgia for your target customers.

Enjoy the wordplay of classic Dad jokes

Promote your social media account the festivities you plan to do in your restaurant during Father’s Day. 

Tell your audience about the Classic Dad Jokes contest you are holding in your restaurant’s dining area during dinner. Invite your customers with funny bones to do an impromptu speech of classic dad jokes on the podium.

Connect with your customers and their special loved ones during this celebration. This creates camaraderie and a relaxed relationship between the restaurant and its customer base.

Give out personalized messages through QR codes

Generate a file QR code with music or video that greets the best man of your customers’ lives during the celebration of Father’s Day.

You can use the best QR code generator in the market to create an embedded QR code with a piece of music, file, or video greeting saying quotes of appreciation for all the fathers out there.

This will make your customers feel valued and appreciated, especially during this special day.

Consider these promotional ideas to leverage your restaurant’s branding and productivity, most especially during the celebration of Father’s Day.

Design your website and digital menu fit for Father’s Day

Mix and match your concept, especially during Father’s day, and offer a rustic theme in your restaurant. This will make your customers feel at home, at ease, and comfortable while they celebrate dinner with their father and father figures.fathers day themed restaurant websiteStick to basics. Serve up that old-fashioned, sizzling grilled steak and vegetables to your customers during Father’s Day in your digital menu. Create a brand that goes well with your establishment’s concept, theme, and purpose.

Here are some design tips you can do on your website and digital menu.

Update the theme and colors of your menu

Craft your website and a digital menu that fits your restaurant’s color scheme. 

For instance, you can consistently go with the theme of your restaurant establishment using the light color scheme of ivory, beige, white, pale yellow, and light gray in your website and digital menu.update color paletteThe light color scheme is an excellent and safest choice for your restaurant to exude the ambiance of relaxed and comfortable vibe in your restaurant.

Colors like ivory, beige, white, pale yellow, and light gray are perfect for cafes and upscale restaurants. 

The shade of blue is overrated as a Father’s Day special restaurant promotions. It is about time to scale up and experiment with other colors that complement our fathers' favorite meals and beverages. 

Highlight dad’s favorite dishes

This is an excellent opportunity for your restaurant to bring your customers’ homes to your restaurant establishment by starting with updating the header image using the favorite dishes of most dads.

For example, you can add an image of a sizzling steak or drink.

Hence, you can highlight the favorite meals of our fathers on your restaurant website and digital menu to form a bond and connection with customers. You can do this as a Father's Day promotion ideas for restaurants.

Keep it simple and striking.

Design a website and digital menu that is well-optimized and user-friendly. Creating a simple webpage and digital menu with all the elements needed for your restaurant is crucial. 

Carefully write down a brief background of your restaurant in the About Us section. You can also update this section during special days and craft a personal greeting to your target customers.

Engage with your customers through visual experience and add images to your website and digital menu. Let the photos tell a story while also selling out the meals you offer in your restaurant. 

Communicate with your customers without exaggerating your communication mediums in the online world.

Now that we’ve crafted simple tips for designing your website and digital menu, it is time to reach out to customers through email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing campaign ideas

Using your customers’ email addresses with the help of MENU TIGER’s contactless ordering system, you can connect to your guests even outside of your restaurant.fathers day promotional ideasThat is why we compiled catchy Father’s Day subject lines and content you can write on your email campaign during this special celebration.

Bring emotion into email subject lines

Make the recipient open the email by creating a touching and full of emotional email subject line. 

You can curate a Father's Day special restaurant promotions email as a striking online marketing campaign for your business.

The subject line must show the love that when you listen to the sound of your email, it charms the emotion of anyone who reads it.

Example: Don’t forget to show love to him this Father’s day

Extend a helping hand

Don’t just remind the customers about the upcoming special celebration; also help them decide what gift they can grab. 

Give email recipients a hint about what treats you suggest they can try for their father. For instance, you can write a Father's Day special restaurant promotions as, “Treat your dad with something sweet this Father’s Day”.

Getting into the holiday spirit

Making a subject line that will boost the festivity is much needed to attract the customers’ interest. 

Make this season more fun when one receives emails like: Surprise your dad with a treat this father’s day or How about Sweet treats for dad this father’s day

Help your customers decide to get a gift in time

There is always the last-minute decision to buy a gift for every occasion. People may realize very late that they need to get something for someone.

You can create a helpful Father’s day email subject like this: 5 days left before dad’s Special day.

Include humor

Humor doesn’t go out of style. Make a burst of laughter about things that dads do that they can relate to. The best way to connect people is through a funny subject line bound to be opened.

Send the targeted customers a “first access” marketing email with special table availability for Father’s Day upgrades.

Highlight your promotions

If you are running special promotions, you can highlight them in your subject line. This idea will arouse your customers’ curiosity and urge them to open the email to see the full detail.

You can write your email like this: Save up to 50% for a meal for Father’s day, or Get 30 % off for desserts for Father’s Day.

Serve more customers with digital menu QR code

To cater to more dine-in customers and simplify the ordering process, you can use a digital menu QR code so your customers will only scan the QR code on their tables and proceed to order.

Safe and easy contactless transactions

Your restaurant can offer cashless transactions to customers with menu QR codes.contactless transactionCustomers can scan the QR code to place their meal orders and pay afterwards, without having to interact with your restaurant’s cashier.

Promotes better customer satisfaction

Menu QR code offers your customers a comfortable dining experience. Your customers no longer need to talk with your staff if they want to order.comfortable dining experienceYour customers can quickly proceed to scan a menu QR code, skim through the food lists with images and menu descriptions, and place their orders.

Fast and seamless ordering process

Your restaurant can offer quick table turnover with menu QR codes and a fast, seamless ordering process.seamless ordering process with menu qr codeCustomers can easily navigate your online ordering page to look for the meals they want to place in their carts. 

This accelerates the ordering process of your customers inside your restaurant.

Celebrate with your customers seamlessly during Father’s Day using MENU TIGER

That sums up our tips and guides to help you make your restaurant promotions during Father’s Day a success.

By carefully applying these strategies, you can engage your customers not just while they are dining but also even outside your restaurant.

Moreover, you can enhance your promotion efforts and the ordering process during peak hours using the advanced features of interactive menu software.

To know more about MENU TIGER, contact us now.

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