Flowcode vs. QR TIGER: Which QR Code Generator Should You Choose?

Update:  August 08, 2023
Flowcode vs. QR TIGER: Which QR Code Generator Should You Choose?

Torn between using Flowcode vs. QR TIGER for creating QR codes? Worry no more: we’re here to lay everything you need to know.

While both generators are excellent in their own right, each offers different solutions and features.

Some may have difficulty deciding which can provide better services.

This article will present detailed comparisons to help you with that decision, highlighting the pros and cons of each platform.

A comprehensive analysis is ahead—from features to pricing. See for yourself which QR code generator is best for you.

Feature Comparison: QR TIGER vs. Flowcode

Free Trial

How can you make a QR code for free? Through a free trial, of course.

Customers usually check and signup for the free trial of a generator to experience its interface and features before fully committing to a purchased plan.

The generosity of offers reflected in the free trial inclusions can greatly impact customer decisions to avail of the software plans. 

Below is the comparison of QR TIGER and Flowcode’s free trial versions:

QR code generators free trial

Flowcode’s free trial comes with 100 dynamic QR codes, but here’s the catch: it’s only valid for a month, which might not be very convenient for users. It doesn’t offer static QR codes too.

Flowcode’s free QR codes come with their watermark. You also cannot add logos and texts to your QR code; you must upgrade to their Pro plan first.

Despite offering only three dynamic QR codes with limited scans, QR TIGER’s free trial includes full customization options like adding logos and text or a call to action.

It’s also valid for a year; you can create as many static QR codes as you want within that time.

More than that, QR TIGER also allows static QR code generation without a free trial account.

Users need only to provide their email to receive their static QR codes.

Availability of Static and Dynamic QR codes

One of the critical metrics of a great QR code generator is its capacity to provide static and dynamic QR codes.

To give you a quick background, a static QR code inputs the data directly onto the pattern, making it permanent.

It’s great for campaigns that don’t need constant updates, such as one-time promos, or for your company website.

But the problem with static QR codes is that the pattern will become denser with more data. And when you scan a QR code with a congested pattern, it may take a while.

On the other hand, dynamic QR codes are a more flexible type of QR code as they allow more features, such as editing, tracking, password-protect, and email notification.

Static and dynamic solutions

Comprehensive QR Code Solutions

Customers are particular about a generator’s offered to customize QR code solutions. More QR code solution means more options for various campaigns.

Customers won’t pay for a 1-year subscription to a generator with two to three solutions. They want to get the most out of their investments.

Below is the comparison of QR solutions between QR TIGER and Flowcode.

QR code solutions

Security Features

Unfortunately, QR codes may still be a target of fraud, and some security concerns come along with it.

It’s normal for customers to ask for the safety of their data when using a QR code maker.

In creating a QR code, you must provide certain information.

Skilled scammers may just get these and use them against you.

Take a look at the security features offered by both generators below:

QR code security

It’s good to note that both generators are General Data Protection Compliant (GDPR), as this is the strictest privacy and security law.

However, you just can’t neglect other specified security features.

Although Flowcode is CCPA Compliant, QR TIGER still remains a secure and safe generator with its ISO-27001 certification. The SSL certification proves the authenticity of your website.

The ISO-27001 certification follows international guidelines and protocols to protect you from cyber-attacks and malware—which is enough requirement to fulfill the standard set by CCPA.

The more security features a generator has, the better.

Software Integrations

The role of a generator should not only end with creating a QR code.

It’s a plus to check out a QR code generator’s integrations before availing of one.

A generator that seamlessly integrates with CRM platforms and other software allows smoother and more streamlined workflows.

QR code integrations

Zapier automates workloads by synchronizing all your other software so you can control them all at once instead of checking them all separately.

It can link up to 2,000 apps and lets you work efficiently.

For email tasks, HubSpot is a great software that you can use.

The Canva integration enables you to access your dynamic QR codes on its design platform and quickly add them to your designs. 

Google Analytics gives you an in-depth analysis of your QR code campaigns.

While both generators offer Zapier, it is the only integration in Flowcode.

QR TIGER, on the other hand, has integrations with HubSpot, Canva, and Google Analytics.


Language translation is another metric to consider when choosing QR code software. 

QR TIGER supports multiple language translations for its homepage, allowing international users to use the software conveniently. 

QR code translation

Advanced Software Features

It’s easy to find a QR code generator that offers basic services.

However, choosing the best one that provides advanced features at a professional level is quite challenging.

Check out the following metrics that you must consider when selecting a generator.

QR code advanced features

As you can see, both generators both have all features but one: error correction.

Flowcode Flowcode lacks this necessary feature.

The QR code error correction allows your QR code to withstand conditions, such as wear and tear or creases on the printing material. It will enable your QR code to remain readable.

The table also shows that both generators have a tracking feature. Unfortunately, this is available only with Flowcode’s Pro plan.

While QR TIGER, on the other hand, already provides this feature even for freemium users.

Site Interface

For starters, beginning a QR code marketing campaign might be hard, especially when you’re not tech-savvy and just starting to adapt to high technology.

The thing is, a complicated interface will not be easy for you to manage. It should be user-friendly and easy to access.

Check the table below to help you decide when you can say that a generator is friendly.

QR code generator interface

The QR TIGER new software update displays a more user-friendly interface with its fresh and smart look. This new UI allows users to experience seamless QR code generation.

Its homepage is straightforward; you’ll immediately see all the solutions offered. You’ll also see other sections like blogs and pricing in an organized manner.

But more importantly, QR TIGER is mobile-friendly. Since more people now browse the Internet on the go, navigating this generator using phones is convenient for users.

Customer Service

Responsive customer service is necessary as it provides convenience and easy access to your users and subscribers.

Customers will feel more valuable if you give them enough attention by attending to their queries and concerns.

Not responding to even just one customer can create a domino effect on your overall performance.

Here we compare QR TIGER vs. Flowcode and their availability to entertain customers.

QR code generator customer support

Apart from 24/7 customer support thru email, QR TIGER also sends out monthly newsletter product updates to customers.

QR TIGER also responds to questions sent to their social media platforms. This is a huge advantage since many customers find it easier and faster to ask via social media.

In-depth Plan Pricing Comparison: Flowcode vs. QR TIGER

Pricing is a big factor to consider. While some wouldn’t mind spending much to enjoy all features, most would go the extra mile and find a more affordable yet worthy option.

Below is a list of the prices of QR TIGER and Flowcode plans, together with the perks offered per plan.

QR code generator price

This pricing comparison proves you don’t have to spend much to get more. QR TIGER shows a wide array of offered features, and a huge difference compared to Flowcode is visible.

With QR TIGER, you get more perks the higher your plan is. It offers three plans you can choose from, unlike Flowcode, which only has two. 

Both offer enterprise subscriptions that you can check on their site.

QR TIGER: The Best QR Code Generator Choice

Finding the best QR code maker shouldn’t be hard now that you know what you should look for in a generator.

Between Flowcode vs. QR TIGER—QR TIGER can obviously provide more necessary features that users will need, making it the best choice.

It serves quality QR codes, various solutions, wide customization features, and even more advanced functions—proven by the trust of over 850,000 brands worldwide, including the big names in the industry like Hyatt, Marriott International, Samsung, and Disney.

If you’re planning to take on this QR code campaign, visit the free QR code generator—QR TIGER homepage now and sign up for an account. You may also contact customer service for more info.

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