How to Get the Most Out of Your QR Code Marketing?

Last updated:   November 29, 2021

QR code marketing has become an essential part of modern marketing strategies/tools. Those days are long gone when advertising content on television, magazines, and posters with simple plain text was an effective marketing technique. 

Today, people have generalized their digital as well as print-media ad campaigns with QR codes – a bridge between the offline and online world.

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Why Business QR Codes Aren’t Getting Enough Leads?

As complex as it seems, generating a QR code might be easier than downloading an application from your App Store. But how to get the most out of your QR code marketing?

Well, the extensive features provided by QR code generators with logos aren’t for nothing.

A best QR code generator online with a logo will provide you enough opportunities to get started with your QR code marketing.

These are the key aspects of how business marketers and owners are making their products or services stand out from the rest.

Aside from getting the perfect logo QR code for your brand, there are endless ideas to venture with in order to achieve a successful marketing campaign.

You can also watch this video below for tips on how to effectively utilize QR codes! 

Things to Consider for an Effective QR Code Marketing Strategy

Follow this post to learn more about how to use a QR code generator with a logo effectively.

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Placement of Your QR Code

Where will you be pasting your QR code? Is it for a webpage, a poster, a flyer, a restaurant menu, a business card, or a landing page? The perfect placement of your marketing QR code varies in all these mediums.

For instance, a QR code should be bigger and visible enough to grab the audience’s attention on a poster. Yes, big enough so that your targeted audience can scan it from a certain distance.

Similarly, placing a QR code beside a picture or video on a webpage can make a difference.   

Certain brands added and placed QR codes in their stores, in their packaging, taxis, subway stations, libraries, etc. Everywhere is a good place to add your marketing QR codes.

The very common is QR codes in product packaging. When added to your packaging, QR codes can come in handy.

You can embed your website as a landing page if buyers scan the QR code found in your packaging. This can make your customers well acquainted with your brand or product.qr code marketing placement

You can redirect them to extensive details about what they bought. Redirecting them to a customer service platform where they can give feedback and report problems is also a good idea.

Also, you can redirect them to informational videos and content about your business too. The possibilities are endless when adding marketing QR codes in your packaging.

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Size of the QR Codeqr code marketing size

Again, the ideal size of the QR code depends upon your medium. For instance, you can’t use the same QR code you posted on your web page on a bottle cap, right?

Also, the QR code you used on the bottle cap cannot be used on a bigger poster, flyer, or landing page. And if you’ve been following this practice, insufficient may downgrade the image quality – resulting in hindering the scanning process. 

Add a CTA or Call-to-actionqr code marketing call to action

Adding a frame and call to actions like “Watch Video”, “Subscribe Now, “Get Discount”, “Scan Now”, or “Avail Coupon” can definitely make a difference. If the viewers aren’t aware of the outcome of the code, the majority will just ignore it.

Call to actions should be short yet interesting. It should give out a sense of motivation or encouragement to take that phone out of the pocket and scan your QR code.

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Color, Logo, Densityqr code marketing visual

A QR code generator with a logo lets you change the colors, add a logo, the density of the design, and the eyes of the QR code. Use the customization features as a benefit.

Design your QR codes per your brand image or service provided and you’ll certainly get more scans than a regular QR code.  

High-Quality Yet Engaging Landing Page

So, you’ve finally customized your QR code. What’s next? If you plan on posting the QR code on a landing page, it is important to create an engaging yet high-quality landing page to get more leads.

Make sure your landing page and QR code blend in together to engage more users.

Another problem as to how QR codes don't usually get the expected leads is that landing pages aren't mobile-friendly.

QR scanners, if not all, are mostly from smartphone devices and when your web page or content embedded in your marketing QR code is not mobile-friendly who would still like to scan it, right?

So what do we mean by being mobile-friendly, Make your web pages load fast when using mobile phones. There are also ways in how to re-scale your web pages when opened using smartphones.

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QR Code into your Brand Marketing 

Since you've learned the basics of how to effectively maximize the capacity and the efficiency of your marketing QR codes, here are ideas on how to incorporate or utilize QR codes into your own brand and business.

Direct them to your websiteqr code marketing for website

You can embed your own brand website into your marketing QR codes. This way customers will be redirected to your official web pages and relieves them from the hassle of typing in the URL or searching your website.

Give them your contact detailsqr code marketing for contact

By scanning your QR codes, your customers can be redirected to your contact number, email, or maybe the customer service platform.

By giving them access to your company's contact details, they can communicate with you directly.

For example, by embedding a customer service platform to your marketing QR codes, your customers can give feedback and report problems simply by scanning the code.

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Direct them to your locationqr code marketing location

Yes, you read it right! Strategically place your marketing QR codes to supermarkets, subway stations, terminals, etc. By scanning these codes, people can be redirected to a map of your store location.

Make them go back
qr code marketing promo

You can always make your first-time customers become your loyal customers. How? Add QR codes to your products or store in which they can scan it to get exclusive promos and offers for their second, third, fourth purchase, and so on.

Jump into social media platformsqr code marketing social media

QR code marketing doesn't have to be limited to websites, contact details, and photos of current offers and promos.

Using your QR codes you can redirect your customers to your social media pages like Twitter account, Instagram account, Facebook page, etc.

Who doesn't like to be redirected to social media platforms now? Make use of it!

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QR Code Marketing Strategy: Marketing Campaign towards Success

Following the above tips, you will probably get the most out of your QR code marketing. Concerned about the results?

If so, try using a dynamic QR code generator with a logo so you can track the user activity on each QR code you make.  

Many brands and companies still don't understand the massive potential of QR Codes, they could tell the story of your product in one scan, a great added value for the customer and valuable data for the brand! Sounds good?

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If you have more questions about QR codes or should you need to create your QR codes in bulk, just contact us today and our customer support team will be happy to serve you!