QR Code Strategy: 7 Persuasive Ways To Capture Interest

Update:  June 14, 2024
QR Code Strategy: 7 Persuasive Ways To Capture Interest

Ever wondered why you get a sense of curiosity after seeing those black-and-white squares on billboards, magazines, or product packaging? It is the impact of a QR code strategy at work.  

Without strategic foresight, many would overlook these QR codes, thinking that they are of no value. However, you may not realize that you can maximize these codes to encourage people to engage with your brand. 

They may seem simple, but their potential to drive conversions and enhance customer experiences is beyond doubt if implemented correctly.

Create a killer campaign with a QR code generator with logo and captivate potential customers with calculated QR code strategies. Dive in to learn how to supercharge your marketing efforts with the QR code best practices.

What is a QR code strategy?

A strategy for QR codes is a proactive approach businesses use to harness Quick Response (QR) codes for multiple purposes, such as marketing, customer engagement, and workflow optimization.

In essence, this campaign plan involves the deliberate use of QR codes as a tool for achieving a specific objective. 

But, it goes beyond just generating codes. It encompasses their placement, design, integration with campaigns, selection of content, and knowing your target audience.

Persuasive QR code tactics for modern marketing

QR codes are not just there for decoration. If you want to capture the interest of your audience and drive them to action, you should know the techniques for creating one. 

Here’s how to turn those pixelated squares into deal closures:

Increase engagement and curiosity

When people encounter QR codes, there’s an immediate curiosity that sparks. It’s the mystery of not knowing what lies beyond that draws them to scan. 

Instead of bombarding customers with your offerings, you can use QR codes to provide a subtle invitation and hook them to engage further like a nudge saying, “Hey, scan me and see what happens.”

For example, you can tap into the natural human desire and include a landing page QR code on a restaurant menu that leads to a special discount on their meals. This way, you can get them actively interested and foster deeper interaction. 

It’s like magic, but with technology–and that immediate payoff keeps customers returning for more. 

Develop a sense of empowerment

Empowerment flourishes when individuals feel in control, and QR codes can deliver this in so many ways. 

Firstly, QR codes democratize access to knowledge. 

You can embed a nutritional video about the goods they buy in a QR code. With a simple scan, consumers can tap into this information, encouraging self-reliant learning and intellectual exploration. 

Secondly, QR codes empower self-service. 

Let’s say a customer encounters a malfunction of your product. A QR code placed on an interactive packaging can lead to a troubleshooting guide or a live chat with customer service. This bypasses the hassle of frustrating searches and endless phone calls. 

In a world where knowledge is power, this is a game-changer. 

Drive emotional appeal

Emotional marketing

QR codes harbor an extraordinary potential to engage people on an emotional wavelength and deepen engagement.  

When people scan a code, perhaps they are only expecting your run-of-the-mill website redirect. Instead, a QR code strategy for emotional marketing can take them on a rollercoaster journey. 

For instance, a billboard shows a heartwarming image of rescued animals with an ingeniously placed QR code. Scanning it would lead scanners to inspirational footage about the shelter’s work, evoking feelings of empathy and compassion. 

This tailored approach creates a feeling of exclusivity, encouraging them to support your cause. It is also one way that brands can connect to the audience on a personal level–and that connection can make all the difference.

Foster intellectual stimulation

QR codes can take you places traditional content can’t. Today, they can function as a springboard for intellectual stimulation, actively engaging users in a progressive quest for knowledge. 

Imagine a museum with a QR code next to ancient artifacts or stunning artwork. Curious, visitors scan the code and are suddenly immersed in a wealth of information about the piece in front of them. 

Through this innovative tool, they learn about its creator, access a multimedia presentation of its historical timeline, and explore its significance in the grand scheme of things. This unexpected layer of information stimulates curiosity and drives a desire for more discovery. 

The QR code’s ability to bridge the physical and digital realms creates a dynamic learning environment that benefits individuals of all ages and backgrounds. 

Unlock exclusive content

Cool QR codes have this charm about them, like hidden messages waiting to be deciphered. 

Through a simple act of scanning a QR code, individuals can instantly delve into a world of exclusive content, such as sneak peeks of their favorite band’s album or a QR code discount for merch. 

With the use of a QR code generator with a logo, your QR codes can basically lead people to anything: deleted scenes from a movie, interactive games, secret recipes, or even a portal to a hidden world of exciting content. 

QR codes in marketing indeed add a whole dimension to experiences!

Encourage a sense of discovery

In today’s setting, people are glued to their phones wherever they are. Why not turn QR codes into interactive adventures, urging them to scan and see what lies behind them?

Fuel the thrill of exploration and extend the delight of surprise with QR codes. Now, exploring a city becomes an electrifying escapade with these tools guiding the way.

By plastering on historical landmarks or tucked away in bustling neighborhoods, scanners are led to stories of the past, insider tips from locals, or interactive maps that show them the way to hidden marvels beyond the typical trails.

Whether adorning public art installations, architectural marvels, or going window shopping, QR codes inject an element of mystery, encouraging people to uncover concealed tales by scanning. 

Extend incentives

Customers love freebies, discounts, and exclusive offers like they love a good meme. 

Take loyalty programs as an example. Instead of handing out a bag of cards or membership barcodes, QR codes streamline this process. With just a scan from patrons, their points are automatically added to their accounts.

A coupon QR code on marketing collaterals leading straight to a juicy deal is also an excellent way to boost conversion rates

But wait–this is not just about earning rewards. These advanced tools can also deliver previews of new products or an entry to a contest and giveaways. This makes it effortless for businesses to connect with customers and foster brand loyalty.

How do you attract people to scan QR codes?

QR code strategy

To reel folks in and get them to scan QR codes, you should make it lively and appealing. It all starts with the look of your QR codes. Is it eye-catching? Is it placed in a convenient spot? Is it readily available?

Bright colors, captivating patterns, or a catchy phrase can do the trick. Also, make sure your QR code is accessible and appropriately sized. Don’t hide it in some obscure corner; put it where people can easily spot it without breaking a sweat. 

Next, give them a reason to scan it. Bribe them nicely and offer a sweet deal, like a discount or special offer exclusive to the QR code scanner.

People love the feeling of getting something extra, so offer enticing rewards and incentives to capture their interest. 

And don’t forget to keep it simple. A hassle-free process is key. Ensure the process is quick with clear instructions on what they will get when they scan. 

The last QR code strategy is to spread the word! Tell people about your QR code through word of mouth, social media platforms, or good old-fashioned advertising. Create a little hype–the more people know about it, the more they will give it a scan. 

Delve deeper to know more about how to level up your QR codes.

How to create a persuasive campaign that works

So, you want people to stop, notice, and scan your QR codes? That’s where a persuasive marketing initiative comes in.  

Ready your pens as we take a closer look at creating a QR code marketing strategy that hits the mark:

Play with color scheme

Color psychology in marketing

QR codes don’t have to be dull. Transform your codes into an eye-catching campaign and maximize the power of colors!

Integrate the study of color psychology in marketing and watch your promotions shine. Choose colors that complement your brand or campaign theme. Think bright, bold, and beautiful. 

Want to boost recognition? Integrate your brand’s signature colors into the QR code. It’s an inventive method to keep your brand in the spotlight.

Not only does this add a layer of fun, but it also elevates the entire scanning experience.

Integrate your logo

Here’s the secret sauce to creating a more compelling QR code campaign: incorporating your brand logo into your QR code. 

To make this happen, you should first brainstorm how you want your brand logo to feature in the QR code. You want it to be recognizable but not overpowering. Then, consider where it could fit within the QR code design without compromising its function. 

Next, choose a reliable QR code generator with a logo that enables customization. Look for options with built-in logo insertion while ensuring it remains scannable, like the QR TIGER QR Code Generator. 

This QR code software guarantees users can seamlessly design personalized QR codes enough to grab the audience’s attention and make promotions pop.  

Use the right size

One of the most underrated QR code best practices is being mindful with the QR code size.

Generating a successful and persuasive QR code campaign requires getting the QR code size just right. It must strike the balance of being easily scannable without being excessively large. 

Aim for that sweet spot–a size that’s noticeable. You don’t want a massive QR code taking up half your banners.  

Remember, the goal is to make it as easy for people to scan your code and immerse themselves into whatever awesome content you have waiting for them. Keep it visible, and watch your campaign work its magic!

Bonus tip: Test your QR code before unleashing it to the world. Print a sample at your desired size and see if your phone can scan it smoothly. If not, adjust accordingly. 

Place at the right location

For QR code advertising to be effective, precision and placement are key. You want those little squares to stand out where it matters most, drawing attention and driving engagement.

Firstly, think about where your target audience frequents. Are your consumer base shoppers? Or students who love a good coffee? Wherever it is, that’s where your QR code should be. 

Position it where eyes naturally wander to increase the likelihood of it being noticed. 

And don’t forget about context. You don’t want customers scanning your code and landing on something totally unrelated. If you’re promoting a new beauty product, for instance, you don’t want to place it on the walls of a bank. 

Keep it relevant and you’ll definitely score some extra credit. 

Include a convincing CTA

Scan promo QR code

QR codes are everywhere these days, but are they actually getting scanned? A QR code with a persuasive call to action (CTA) can get your scans soaring. 

The “Scan to learn more” CTA is ancient history. Use words that pique curiosity and offer a clear benefit. Think “Unlock exclusive discounts!” or “Get the secret recipe!” leaving no room for guessing. 

The key is to entice people to whip out their smartphones and scan your QR code pronto.

Most importantly, you should match your CTA to your audience. Aiming for teenagers? Use emojis or slang. Targeting professionals? Keep it sleek and professional.

How to create a persuasive QR code marketing strategy with a QR code generator with logo

Make your QR codes more persuasive with QR TIGER, the most user-friendly and reliable QR code software that leads the market. 

Here’s how to create a QR code for your captivating marketing promotions:

  1. Go to QR TIGER and log in to your account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can use the freemium plan and enjoy three dynamic QR codes, each with a 500-scan limit. 
  2. Select a QR code solution depending on your promotional campaigns (URL, File, HTML), and enter the required information.
  3. Select between Static QR or Dynamic QR. Then click Generate QR code
  4. Customize your QR code to align perfectly with your brand. Play with colors, patterns, and eye shapes, and use a frame with a call to action. This software also has a logo option, so it’s a solid pick. 
  5. Perform a test scan to ensure your QR code works. If it does, proceed and click Download to save it. 

QR code strategies in real-life scenarios

Various well-known brands have incorporated QR codes into their marketing strategies, which has yielded promising results in enhancing customer engagement, providing additional information, and simplifying transactions. 

Here are examples of notable brands that have maximized QR codes effectively:

Burger King

Burger King has revamped its marketing game with QR codes as they have jazzed up their incentives with their “QR Whopper” giveaway, showing a scannable code floating around the TV screen. 

Upon scanning the code, viewers are brought to a web page brimming with coupons for a free Whopper with a purchase through the BK App. 

This QR-enabled marketing move by Burger King isn’t just about tempting visuals– it encompasses engaging customers in a new way. 


Nike isn’t just known for their comfy kicks and inspiring slogans. They are also tech-savvy marketers who have embraced QR codes to amp up their marketing mojo. 

With Nike’s coolest QR codes on mannequins and clothes, customers experience the ease of shopping. This leads to an augmented feature: the code shows a head-to-toe look at available product sizes and colors that every customer desires. 

They, too, have extended QR code-powered brand campaigns for their “Off-court” clothing line. With this, the company was able to boost customer engagement and promote its sportswear across platforms. 

And all it took was a simple scan. 


This UK-based retail leader has harnessed QR codes driven by a moving purpose: to make it easy for customers with long work hours to “shop on the go.”

Whether in-store or online, these codes served as a gateway that enriched consumers’ shopping journey. After this implementation, Tesco saw a massive jump in online sales, and who doesn’t love that?

Tesco proved that a little tech magic can go a long way in marketing. 

Harness QR codes in your marketing strategies and watch your sales skyrocket

So there you have it, the power of a persuasive QR code strategy in your marketing arsenal.

By harnessing the interactive nature of QR technology, businesses can inject creativity and urgency into their campaigns, driving engagement and building brand loyalty. 

They’re simple, effective, and sure to leave a lasting impression on customers. So get strategic, use a QR code generator with logo, and watch your marketing efforts soar to new heights.

Frequently asked questions

How do you use QR codes effectively?

Using QR codes effectively involves a few key strategies. This includes playing with the QR code’s color scheme, incorporating a logo, using the right size, correct positioning, and including a call to action to get the most out of it. 

What is the main advantage of a QR code?

QR codes offer a compelling advantage, and that is their ability to store a wide range of information. 

This versatility empowers users to seamlessly access any type of information through a QR code scan. 

How do QR codes help in marketing?

QR codes have transcended their initial purpose as mere information carriers. Today, they serve as strategic tools that empower marketers to enhance customer experience and propel marketing campaigns toward measurable success.

Brands using QR codes

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