15 Ways You Can Increase Your Sales on Etsy

Update:  December 12, 2023
15 Ways You Can Increase Your Sales on Etsy

How to increase sales on Etsy? Or how to promote your Etsy shop? These are questions that most Etsy sellers are looking for better and smarter answers to.

Etsy sellers like you always find ways to boost sales in their shops. And you’ve come to the right place. 

We’ve listed various tips and tricks to increase sales on Etsy and increase the visibility of your products and store.

However, if you’re a new seller or business owner planning to open a shop on Etsy, let’s find out first what Etsy is and how it works.

Etsy is an online marketplace where artists, crafters of handmade items, and collectors of vintage items can create a shop.

It is an online shopping platform that follows a customer-to-customer (C2C) online business model.

Most items in this marketplace are art pieces, clothing, jewelry, and crafts supplies.

Etsy Marketing Tips: 15 ways how to increase sales on the Etsy store and boost traffic sales

1. Create your store profiles on social media

How to get more sales in Etsy? Social media is the key. It's a vital part of today’s marketing strategies. Being active in various social networking sites where most of your target customers are active increases your visibility. 

Create your business profiles for your store on at least Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.

You can completely market to them your products, sales, and discounts on your Etsy shop and redirect them to your online store for easy shopping. 

You can also use these platforms to educate your customers by sharing your blogs and engaging with them in the comments or tweets.

2. Increase Etsy sales by using a social Etsy QR code to connect to more customers

Etsy QR code

Many online sellers use QR codes to boost their sales and increase customers.

This tool has many solutions that allow you to boost your marketing efforts and, at the same time, offer a better customer experience to your customers.

One prominent QR code solution is the social media QR code. You can use this solution to link and house all your social media pages and even your online shop on Etsy.

When your customers or potential customers scan the social Etsy QR code using a mobile device, it will redirect them to your online store on Etsy or your social media business pages. 

You can print your social Etsy QR code in your product packaging, print collaterals, or even share the code in your online marketing channels. 

This allows you to increase your followers, subscribers, or audience on your social media pages while boosting traffic to your Etsy shop. Make your social Etsy QR code here

3. Offer coupons and discounts

71% of Etsy buyers look for the best deal on products they’re shopping for. Thus, it makes sense to give special offers to them, such as sales, coupons, and discounts.

It can also help you create loyal customers while encouraging repeat purchases. 

Furthermore, you can attract new customers to your Etsy store as people always look for promotional offers online. 

4. Retarget customers with abandoned shopping carts

You probably know that some customers have second thoughts about buying your products on the Etsy store.

You can retarget those customers with abandoned shopping carts by using the feature on Etsy that allows you to send out a coupon code for a person who is about to leave the shopping cart before finalizing the sale.

With QR TIGER’s retargeting tool feature, you can integrate it into your QR code campaign.

This strategy works, though not all the time. However, a discounted sale is better than a no sale at all.

5. Optimize the headlines or Etsy tags of your items

Increase the chances of being found on Etsy by optimizing your item title and tags.

For instance, if holiday seasons like Easter or Christmas Day are approaching, add that to the keywords or item titles.

Ensure that the keywords will fit in with the item or products you sell, and use it only if it is accurate.

6. Increase sales on Etsy through blogging

Content marketing can be one of Etsy’s most effective techniques for growing your business. 

It can help you bring more customers as consumers love content that resonates with them.

By using your craftiness and expertise, you can create helpful how-to content and share tips on how to use your products.

QR code for etsy

For example, you can make instructional content on how your customers can do their craft projects. 

Another content is to explain the production process behind your product but doesn’t share your prized trade secrets.

7. Master the art of Email marketing

Email marketing may be a traditional approach to boosting your sales, but it is effective and still used by many online sellers.

You can send personalized emails to inform your customers about your new products, interesting blog content, or promotional offers. 

It helps your business stay fresh in the minds of your customers by updating them about the events or craft fairs you’re attending or anything that relates to your business. 

You can also use email marketing to maintain brand awareness and shopper and seller relationships.

8. Excellent service to your customers

Your customers will return to your shop when they receive excellent service.

Promptly to their concerns and feedback and respond to them if any problems arise. 

Thank them when they purchase your items, or you can give them a handwritten note for a more personalized touch.

Your best marketing will come from your happy and satisfied customers. 

Word of mouth is still effective, so ensure you bring the best experience to your customers. 

In return, they will recommend your products to their friends and family or even leave positive feedback on your online review page.

9. Offer free shipping

A consumer report found that online shoppers want free shipping above everything else in the e-commerce world.

Consider offering free shipping to your customers to double your sales on Etsy and make your listings appear higher in search results.

To maximize profits, you can offer free shipping inclusion to products that need to be purchased at a minimum price you set.

10. Product photography

Quality and professional-looking product photos catch the eye of people searching on Etsy. 

Take time to review your product photos before posting them on Etsy.

Does it have good lighting? Does your item the center of the photo? Does it look good, and did you show it how it is worn?

11. Craft compelling product descriptions

Words are powerful and can turn a lead into a buying customer. Convince your potential customers that your product is the perfect one for their needs.

Make sure you answer all possible questions your customers might have about your product.

Highlight the benefits and then the features of your products.

Also, be sure not to ignore the importance of keywords in the description. 

Incorporate the results of your keyword research into your product names and descriptions so your crafts and goods are easier for people to find. 

12. Become a part of the Etsy community

Joining a seller group or Etsy community is an excellent way to promote your Etsy shop, learn more about Etsy, share your knowledge, and meet more online sellers like you.

Being part of an Etsy community brings together people like you who share an interest in making handmade goods and managing small businesses. 

This allows you to learn from successful small businesses on Etsy and connect to people.

13. How to promote your Etsy shop by digitizing your packaging using QR codes

Packaging is important in any business, especially for online sellers on Etsy. It protects your products and enhances usability.

You can add a digital element to your packaging by incorporating QR codes. You can add a video QR code so customers can see how the item they ordered was made.

For some brands, they added a QR codes on product packaging to tell a story about their sustainability efforts and how each material is sourced.

14. Reviews boost brand recognition and credibility

Encourage your customers to leave a review on your online shop on Etsy.

To gain more positive reviews, give them a better customer experience, and sell quality products.

Positive reviews confirm that buyers trust your shop and that your products are at par.

You can increase gaining reviews by using a URL QR code, a QR code solution that redirects your customers to the online review page of your Etsy shop.

Simply copy and paste the online review page of your Etsy shop and convert it into a dynamic URL QR code to edit and track your QR code scans.

Then print it along with your packaging or handwritten notes to your customers when they order a product from you.

Your customers will scan the code using smartphones directly to your shop’s review page.

It is no more manual typing and adds a digital element to your print collaterals.

15. How to increase Etsy sales via contests and giveaways

Who doesn’t love getting stuff for free?

Well, take advantage of this fact about human nature to create buzz about your online store on Etsy and attract new potential customers by running contests and giveaways.

You can give a special gift of some of your handmade goods to anyone who comments on your blog post and shares it on social media.

This way, it increases your site’s reach and raises awareness of your crafts.

Another way is to do a contest using an amount-based multi-URL QR code.

Using the best QR code generator, you can run a contest using a QR code in which the first 15 scanners can win some samples of the new crafts you’re launching on Etsy.

Generate an amount of scan-based multi-URL QR code in which you can lead the first 15 scanners to a webpage (or Google Form ) where they can fill up their basic information, and then you can send a verification email to them on how they can get the prizes. 

After a certain number of scans based on your setup, it will go back to your Etsy shop page (start URL) with other things from your Etsy shop for sale.

Get more ideas for running successful contest QR code activities.


Are these tips known to you already? Or are you gonna employ these in your online business?

Feel free to connect with us if you want to use a social Etsy QR code or other QR code solutions for your Etsy shop marketing strategies.

You can message us here, and we’ll be happy to assist you. 

Frequently asked questions

How to increase my sales on Etsy?

There are various strategies you can use to increase your sales on Etsy.

It includes but is not limited to using social media QR codes from the best QR code generator to connect to more customers, optimizing your product descriptions, running contests and giveaways, and giving a better customer experience.

You must continue to learn new ways to improve your marketing strategies, as the e-commerce industry is always changing.

Study your competition and customer behavior, as these are essential to optimize your strategies.

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