How to Scan QR Codes on Samsung Devices

Update:  April 29, 2024
How to Scan QR Codes on Samsung Devices

If people only adopted QR codes inside companies and other offices, people would never care to learn about them and their functionality.

However, QR codes are increasingly used for several tasks like storing and sharing information, giving discount vouchers, sharing files, or even a link to download an application or advertise a product or service automatically.

People often use QR codes to access a website to learn more about something.

All they have to do is scan the code with a QR code reader, which will automatically lead them to a landing page that displays the information the user embeds.

Nevertheless, the real question is how people can scan QR codes on their smartphone devices.

How can they scan a Samsung QR code on their phones?

The great news is that there are a few simple ways to do it.

This blog will discuss how you can decode Samsung codes without installing extra software.

What are QR codes, and why is it necessary to scan them

A Quick Response code, mainly known as a QR code, is a two-dimensional and more up-to-date type of barcode that can carry any necessary data, information, or files.

More specifically, a QR code can be a filing cabinet for files like a document from your computer, images, videos, and many more!

Scan QR code

QR codes can even embed links to an online shop or a link to download an application from Google Play Store automatically, and to unravel these, you need to scan them using a QR code scanner.

With the word “quick” on its name, people can access the data that the user stores on it quickly and easily with just a single scan using their smartphone devices.

Usually, QR codes are also used to track product information in a supply chain, as people have smartphone devices with built-in QR code scanners.

Most times, QR codes are also utilized in marketing and advertising campaigns.

QR codes can immediately redirect scanners to a landing page that displays the data or information that the QR code user embeds on it.

Check if your Samsung mobile device can automatically scan a QR code

The latest Samsung models can scan codes without installing any additional software.

And there are a few simple and easy ways to decode a Samsung QR code setup.

It can either be with Bixby Vision, Samsung Internet, or its Camera application.

You must aim your camera at the code and immediately be redirected to URL links, files, links to download an application automatically, or anything the user embeds into the QR code.

However, a built-in QR code scanner varies depending on your model and Android version. (Android 7 to 11).

Now, the question is: how do I scan a QR code?

How to scan a QR code on Samsung: Easy ways how to enable and use the QR code scanner on your Samsung device

Bixby Vision

Bixby Vision is a Samsung feature that lets users get information regarding the world surrounding them by just opening the camera on their Samsung phones.

Bixby scanner

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Samsung models such as Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 have a built-in Bixby Vision on them, and here are some easy steps to enable its QR code scanner.

  • First, launch your Camera application, then tap Bixby Vision.
  • You need to give the app permission if it’s your first time launching Bixby Vision. Then tap "Allow" on all permission request that appears.
  • Also, tap “allow” on Bixby Vision pop-up permissions.
  • After allowing all the permissions, your Samsung device can now scan a QR code.
  • Then tap “Go” to launch the website.

Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung Internet Browser is a mobile browser for smartphone devices and tablets that Samsung Electronics developed.

The browser’s features include content blocking extensions, gear VR and DeX integration, KNOX support, tabbed browsing with up to 99 tabs, bookmark synchronization, Ad blocking, reading mode, saved pages, secret mode, SPen features, dark mode, customized menu, video assistant, QR code scanner, smart anti-tracking.

Samsung browser

So as mentioned above, Samsung Internet Browser has a QR code scanner on it, and here are some simple steps on how to enable it:

  • Open the Samsung Internet application.
  • Tap on the three vertical lines on the screen’s bottom right.
  • Click Settings and tap Useful Features.
  • You can turn on the QR code scanner by sliding the button.
  • Back to the homepage and tap the URL link
  • Click on the QR code icon
  • Then tap “allow” on the request permissions that pop up.

After this, when you position your smartphone device over the QR code, your device will recognize it automatically.

Camera App

Samsung Camera is a pre-installed camera that all Samsung smartphones use to capture images.

Open the camera app and take pictures in a matter of seconds to keep any moment of your life with a single snap of a button.

However, this setting is only available on Samsung Galaxy devices that operate on OS Version 9.0.

Samsung camera app

Stated below are some easy steps on how to activate your QR code scanner on the camera app:

  • Swipe your screen to access your Quick Settings and click on the QR scanner.
  • Tap OK to go on to the next step.
  • Then you can launch the Camera app, where you can scan the QR code.
  • Once you scan the QR Code, you should launch the webpage below.
  • You may need to enable this setting if you cannot scan the QR Code. Tap on the Camera Settings icon button.
  • Toggle on Scan QR codes.

How to scan a QR code on Samsung using third-party QR code scanners

QR TIGER QR Code Generator

QR TIGER QR Code Generator with a logo online is a feasible QR code generator with an ad-free user interface that allows users to create their QR codes without interference.

This QR code generator has essential parts that a user must look at when partnering with; it can generate legitimate QR codes and numerous options for use.

QR code scanner

To scan the QR code using the QR TIGER application, here are some easy steps:

  • Launch the QR TIGER application.
  • Click the option “Scan”
  • Point the camera to the QR code.
  • Then it will redirect you automatically to a landing page that displays the information the user embeds on the QR code.

Kaspersky QR Scanner

Kaspersky QR Scanner is a tool that allows users to scan a QR code and, simultaneously, guarantee that the link they are about to access will not damage their smartphone device.

To use it, they have to launch the application and point its camera at the QR code they want to scan.

QR and Barcode Scanner

QR and Barcode Scanner is a free and indispensable QR code reader that people can use for different Android devices.

Social media applications that can scan a QR code

Apart from the three suggested QR code scanners, there are other options that users can choose when scanning a Samsung QR code.


LinkedIn is an American online platform founded in 2002 that works thru websites and mobile applications.

Linkedin QR code

Its mission is to link the world’s professionals to make them more constructive and prosperous.

To scan a QR code using the LinkedIn application on a smartphone device, stated below are some easy steps:

  • Launch the LinkedIn application.
  • Click on the QR code in the search bar at the top of your screen.
  • Tap the “scan” button.
  • Tap enable camera access.
  • Then point your camera straight to the QR code you want to scan.


Instagram is a social media platform that can share photos and videos online.

To scan a QR code using Instagram, all you have to do is:

  • Launch your application and tap your profile in the bottom corner of your screen.
  • Click on the three horizontal lines and then tap “QR Code.”
  • Tap on “Scan QR Code,” located at the bottom of your screen.
  • Then lastly, position your camera over the QR code.
  • Hold and press the camera screen until the QR code is captured.


Pinterest is also one of the social media platforms that can share images to allow users to save and discover information or ideas on the internet using images on a smaller scale, videos, and GIFs in the form of pinboards.

Pinterest QR code

To scan a QR code using Pinterest, you have to:

  • Launch your Pinterest application and click on the search icon.
  • Then tap on the camera icon that is located beside the search bar.
  • Your application’s camera will launch automatically.
  • Then hold it over the code that you want to scan.


Snapchat is a multimedia mobile messaging application that can also be used to share images, videos, and drawings.

You can scan a QR code using Snapchat by:

  • Opening the application on your smartphone device.
  • Hover the camera toward the QR code that you wish to scan.
  • Then tap the screen and hold your finger on the QR code for a few seconds, and the scanner will read the QR code automatically.
  • After that, you will be redirected to a window that displays the information that is on the QR code.

The popularity of QR codes in today’s society

There are numerous causes why QR Codes are recovering their popularity, but perhaps the most prominent reason is that they are contactless and user-friendly.

QR Codes are becoming more popular, with an increase of 18.8%, because QR code scanners are now built-in on smartphone devices.

Therefore, users no longer need to download a different application to read a QR code.

Nowadays, people are all about comfort and easy-flowing experiences.

However, a significant perk of a QR Code is that users can flip out their smartphone devices and flawlessly scan them.

Because of this, QR Codes have become an essential means of handling a business and marketing.

Scanning QR codes on Samsung devices is made easier with QR TIGER application

With a camera and an integrated QR code scanner, people can now make payments or access an online advertisement with minor clicks on their smartphone devices.

The QR code scanner innovation also lessens the time consumed searching for QR code readers within an application before users can scan a QR code and proceed with payments.

The QR code scanner integration is being stretched to other Samsung Galaxy devices.

However, install and use the QR TIGER application on your Samsung device.

It can make the process much easier as it is one of the best QR code scanners and a convenient QR code generator tool in the online marketplace.

To know more about QR codes and generate one, visit us at the best QR code generator online.

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