5 Ways to Use QR Codes on the Window of Your Store

Last updated:   February 28, 2023

For people, eyes are the windows to one's soul. But did you know that for many of the businesses, store windows serve as a portal for effective selling. 

These days store windows have been matched with QR code generator to have effective marketing tactic. 

QR codes on the window store

With the birth of modernization and industrialization, shopping was a concept that was also born.

Marketing strategies have been placed to attract consumers and customers. 

One of them is to make use of a window QR code on your store.

Painting, posters, glass art, etc. have been introduced to store windows to attract potential customers while strolling the street and make them try out the store or entering the business.

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Recently QR codes have grasped the spot in the marketing arena of the world.

People are realizing the flexibility of these codes and slowly adapting and embracing them too.

These complex codes are now dominating every store window to increase engagement and attract customers and bring them to an online platform or content.

We are getting to see major market giants such a Coca-Cola and Nestle placing dynamic QR code display on their product packaging. 

Therefore, it is clearly an understood fact that these codes are not only ensuring and promoting an interactive relationship and dealing with the consumer but as a matter of fact offer a wide range of benefits.

The marketers are extensively making use of these QR codes even on window stores for capturing a wider market. One of the unique placement of QR codes is on store windows.

How to use and generate QR codes on the window of your store?

Transformation of the window shopping experience

Several people totally love the idea of window shopping. Strolling around in the malls or market people tend to explore more and more shopping options.

This custom of the shoppers can be transformed for the utmost benefit of the company.

There are many prominent, heavy names such as Kate Spade and Ted baker using QR codes in the window display.

Through these QR codes, customers on the street-facing a certain store window will have access to online content.

By using these codes in the windows, the company or brand actually give their valuable customers instant access to a good amount of information about their products and offerings, which can range from reviews, feedback, and styling advice.

By a simple scan, the customers can buy on the off days too. This trend is very quickly enticing conventional retailers and brands as well.

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Exhibiting the special offersQR code on poster

QR codes turn out to be unique as well as an interactive tool on window stores.

They help you promote all the special offers and discounts your brand is having or may be coming up with.

Furthermore, it is possible for you to crack the surprise of your upcoming products.

In short, these QR codes can serve as a clear call to action.

This can be done through the displayed frames.

These codes ultimately lead your buyers to detailed product information, free samples, special offer, discounts as well as a competition ahead.

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Advice and guide your customersQR code display

To give your customers advice on how to dress up and style, how to use your product more efficiently, what are your best products and instant fashion hack, you can place a simple QR code display on your window stores.

By using a QR code generator and placing a QR code on shop windows will bring your customers to a very accessible way to the online content of your business.

Redirecting to your social mediaSocial media QR code display

Because of the heavy use of social media even on the street, we cannot deny the fact that some potential customers might fail to take a glance at store windows and peek inside.

Social media personalities even incorporate QR codes and use code generators to close the gap of the offline and online world and increase online presence.

So why not use it in your business too?

A QR code on the display will automatically redirect your customers to your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. where they can have a detailed look at the reviews given by others.

By a simple scan, the customers will be able to access these social media platforms and maximize your online presence and engagement as well. 

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A thorough experience for the potential buyersQR code furniture

When your potential and prospective buyers want to see the details of the products before buying it, it would be ideal for you to give them a chance to thoroughly experience the product before they make a final decision.

Be it clothing, kitchenware, or food products QR codes are a wise use to fetch the customer’s attention.

This a subtle way of advertising and marketing the product.

By scanning the QR code on the window store, customers can see videos, details, and info about the products or items.

A little demographics can help you improve

Social media platforms are almost literally the air that everyone breathes.

From your store windows to your social media platforms a potential customer can almost seem to be treading around a walk-in closet.

Unfortunately, with algorithms constantly changing and Instagram testing to remove 'likes' on its users around the globe, you almost can't trace your online presence and the efficiency of it.

By reaching the powers of QR code generator, using dynamic QR codes placing them in your store windows, you can access how many people are scanning QR codes using their smartphone devices, how many have been redirected to your social media platforms.

In general, QR code generator will help you measure your marketing efficiency and effectiveness.

QR codes on window stores: Is it worth it?

Window store QR code

Without a doubt, it is definitely worth it. QR Code Generators working on your store windows from the outside and collecting the number of scans for you to access and brainstorm for improvement, what more could you ask for?

It's very essential to add a 'call for action' for people to scan! It will straight improve your scanning rates!

You need to make sure that on the displays, QR codes are clearly visible from a distance to guarantee that the QR codes will accomplish their actual purpose.

They shall be featuring bold and readable fonts.

It would be ideal if this font stands out from their surroundings.

QR codes have been benefiting many businesses and brands by an increased sale and better customer engagement.

It's important to make use of dynamic QR code as they can help you in updating all your information behind your QR code like URL instantly and Dynamic QR codes allows you to track valuable consumer data!

Use QR TIGER to make your QR codes today.

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