How to use QR codes for your online class

Last updated:   November 23, 2022

Using QR codes for your online class is a new tech and fast forward innovation you should learn starting today.

The advancement in communication and technology has reached its highest peak. 

Every day, new tech-related discoveries are being made, that has resulted in a massive transformation in every aspect of our life, including the educational sector. 

The higher learning education system has started to be defined by these surfacing tech-advances and has cultivated an era of technoculture, by creating a new technology-based learning paradigm in the form of online education. 

But what to do with the remaining parts of your courses or classes in cases of event interruption like illness, bad weather, unplanned event, or even a global health crisis that will disallow you and your students from your regular scheduled class time?

This could lead to some serious implications when it comes to reaching your particular learning objective for that semester. 

In this article, we’re going to tackle how you can switch from your regular class to online classes and put the remaining parts of your education online. 

Moreover, we’ll give you an idea of how you can use QR codes to make everything simpler and easier for you and your students with easier access to your educational materials online. 

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What are the two types of online classes?

There are two types of online classes:

Asynchronous Online Class

woman studying asynchronous online class

This type of online learning is not happening in real-time. Students are only provided with tasks, projects, assignments, or content (syllabus, media, document) and are given a specific time-frame to complete the course work.

The interaction in this kind of set-up is taking place through discussion boards, wikis, podcasting, discussion guidelines, emails, and e-portfolios.

Asynchronous online learning is suitable and preferable for students who have time constraints or busy schedules. 

Synchronous Online Class

guy studying synchronous online class

Learners and students in this type, of course, are interacting online simultaneously from a distance and is taking place in real-time.

Participants communicate directly through videos, audio chats, and SMS. 

How can you use QR Codes in your online teaching?

1. Let your students be more prepared

For example, you can send a PDF QR Code and distribute it to your online class. You can instruct your students to study it for the next discussion.

This will help your students to be more equipped and prepared for the next lesson.

Moreover, you can update your PDF QR code in case there are some changes about the topic, or you want to add some more of it without creating a different QR code. 

online class with pdf qr code

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Using a dynamic QR code for your PDF will enable you these changes.

You don’t need to consume paper materials anymore as a QR code  is conveniently accessible to smartphone devices. 

Your learners can quickly scan a single QR code course, and the syllabus encrypted on it will automatically be laid out on the smartphone screens that they need to study. 

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2. QR codes to simplify reports

scan qr code link to website

If you have found an important learning material online and you think is important for your class, you can generate a URL QR code that will redirect your learners to that particular online content if it’s a video, an article, or a website. 

It promotes faster learning, and your students can understand the topic even better.

Furthermore, this is a much easier process instead of copying long URLs.

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3. QR codes as a learning aid for your students

Even if you do not see your students physically, you can still reach out and help them in case they’re having trouble in a particular subject area. 

scanning video qr code online class

QR codes can be of assistance that will help and guide your students, for example, if they’re having a difficult time in math or research, you can create a QR code training that will lead them to different types of sources for them to study.

This will serve as a learning aid for your struggling learners. 

4. Simplify projects

scanning file qr code on email

Receiving a pile of documents from your students can be a lot of conveniences, and worse, you will tend to get lost with the important papers, reports, or projects that they have passed.

To avoid confusion and disorganization, let your learners have their assigned work generated through a QR code and send it to you online.

This enables a much smoother transaction than ever. 

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5. Go Eco-friendly

QR codes eliminate the need for paper usage, thus allowing you to be more environmentally-friendly!

6. Convert printed words into audio file

Not all people have the same learning styles. Some may learn best when they involved themselves in physical activities, others through watching videos, reading, or listening.

Would it be best to provide your students with the choice in what way they learn best? QR codes do not only allow you to generate a video QR code, a URL for online content, or a PDF QR code.

Furthermore, it can even generate an MP3 QR code, which will convert printed words into an audio file.

In addition, you can also do a podcast about a subject, create an MP3 QR code out of it, and distribute it to your students online, where they can listen to it. 

scanning mp3 qr code in books

Integrating different types of QR code features as one of your learning tactics will make the online learning environment even better even if you and your students don’t get to be together physically.

Moreover, adopting different teaching methods is important, especially in an online learning set-up, as it will make your students catch up even better.  

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7. QR codes allow more organization of your learning materials or modules

Imagine just generating all of your documents through a QR code? Then you do not need to keep piles on them, whether printed or online.

This prevents you from unnecessary document clutter, thus allowing you to organize more of your materials smoothly. A single QR code can facilitate it all for you.  

8. Improve your way of teaching or the teaching environment

Involving your students on what they have to say, is one way to connect with them even if you're separated miles away.

It improves your interpersonal relationship with one another by evaluating the present condition of the online teaching set-up.

scanning feedback qr code online class

For example, you can link a QR code to a survey form that your students have to fill up.

You can then collect their opinion or feedback on what can be done more or if the set-up needs some improvement.

You can do this even if the learning is taking place in the online world. 

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9. Check Students Work

Instead of having to check all of their activity for yourself, you can generate a QR code with an answer key and let your students check it for themselves after an activity.

This will make it easier for you and for them.

scanning qr code online class

Furthermore, this makes room for less error as you will have an added time to think and double-check on the answer key before distributing it to your students online. 

10. Make important announcements through a Video QR code

if you have an important announcement for your online learners, you can make a video QR code on it. You can edit and update the video behind your QR code using Dynamic ones.

Moreover, a video QR code will make your announcement more legitimate than just circulating a message online. 

scanning video qr code online class

Use QR codes for your online class today

Creating content and spaces online for your students to interact and making it even easier and simplified using QR codes will make your life and your learner's life more manageable, improved, and more accessible than before.

Making your online resources quickly available through QR Codes is a lot more efficient and effective than having to copy-paste and sharing of long URLs.

Moreover, the best thing about QR codes is that- it offers multi-channel communication! It connects fast and accurately despite being separated from a distance. 

QR codes are not only useful in education, be it online or in a traditional classroom set-up.

You can use them as a part of a larger process such as marketing, business, and advertising; you name it. Its use-cases come in unlimited edition in all types of industries!

There are many QR Code generators online where you can make your QR code, but the best QR Code generator like QRTIGER that offers you various kinds of QR code features is the best one to use. 

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