How to use QR codes on banners and advertising?

Last updated:   January 11, 2023

For a business to grow and flourish, your marketing game should be technologically-enabled! QR codes on banners and advertising is a great way to get started.  

There are various mediums you can use for your promotions.

One of the oldest and most prominent are banners.

But in these modern times, even giant banners alone are not enough. 

One must make use of digital tools to provide more information to your target market or audience. And by digital touches, means, dynamic QR codes.

So, what is a digital code, and how it can help your banner in becoming more appealing and more attractive to your audience? Read below and find out! 

How to make a banner with  a QR code 

  1. Go to the QRTIGER homepage
  2. Click the type of QR code solution you want
  3. Choose Static or Dynamic (Dynamic QR codes are better to use)
  4. Click “Generate QR code” and customize your QR
  5. Test your QR code if it scans
  6. Download and print your QR codes for banners! 

QR code advertising 

A QR code on banner, posters, magazines and other physical marketing material is a great way to make your campaign advertising material interactive for your target audience.

Instead of just giving them a plain, static texts and images, QR code can connect the physical world to the online world. 

When the QR code is scanned (using smartphone device) which is imprinted on your banners or posters, this will redirect users to an online information giving a them a valuable and additional information about the product or service that you are advertising. 

Considering that you can't have all the information in one place, QR codes are a smart tech-tool to use to provide users further information in just a scan. 

What is a QR Code?

Static vs dynamic QR codeQR code is a small square of black and white pixels that work similarly to a barcode. In other words, you scan them!

But instead of providing a numeric value of a product, your QR codes have different types that can lead to various kinds of information such as your website or URL.

Your QR code can be a website, a video, audio, or an article about your product that you want people to read. QR codes can be printed anywhere from tickets to banners.

And from being black and white codes, there is now an option to use colored QR codes. That means your QR code closely resembles your branding. When people see your QR code – they can immediately think of your brand. 

With a QR code generator, you can customize your QR codes, set colors, and add a logo. 

QR codes are practically everywhere including tickets, passes, lottery tickets, table tents, flyers, etc.

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Two types of QR codes: Static and Dynamic 

Static QR code redirects you to a permanent landing page. It is permanent and cannot be changed.

But when you generate a dynamic QR code for your posters, you can edit the data behind it and redirect it to a news one without having to print, allowing you to save bucks! 

Furthermore, dynamic QR codes allow you to track your QR code scans. Watch the video to learn more. 

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Banners with QR codes: How to use QR codes on banners and advertising? 

QR codes in print advertising and marketing is a great way to maximize the space you get from your marketing materials.

With so little time, no one really has the chance to write down crucial information such as a website or coupon code.

With QR codes, your audience can scan or take a photo and take home the information with them.

1. QR codes on Banners and Signs

QR code on bannersQR code in advertising are found in banners and signages and a lot of things. One major use can be to lead your audience to your online channels.

For example, you can generate a QR code for your website that leads your audience to your latest product line.

Or you can be as creative as you can by planning advertising stints to impress passersby.

2. On Vinyl BannersQR code on vinyl banners

Vinyl banners are a form of outdoor advertising. With the bright colors that you can put up in such material, it would be a waste if people don’t look at it nor engage with it.

After all, it only takes a few precious seconds before a person moves on. There are distractions everywhere.

Using QR code ads are great for executing promotional campaigns.

Make sure to use Dynamic QR codes so you could edit your QR code anytime even when your vinyl banner has already been printed.

3. PostersQR code on poster

If you can do QR codes advertising outdoor, then posters can be a great medium for QR codes indoor. Hang posters with a WiFi QR code or a Social Media QR code.

Key goals could be to improve customer experience or allow ways for your customers to connect more with your brand.

With a social media QR code ad directly near your tables, you can grow your social media followers fast and easy. The strategy here is to make your posters as appealing as possible.

Ask yourself, what would make humans scan this QR code on a poster?

Use good call for actions, and use a good story. Humans can relate to them universally.

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QR codes on advertising: Benefits of QR codes on banners advertising

There are various benefits of employing QR codes on your marketing banners. Some of them are listed below. 

1. Cool Graphic Designs

This is one of the very basic things that can make your banner above average. That’s right!  A unique and attractive QR code can give your banner a completely different look.

Also, you can embed your logo within the banner to make it more interesting. 

Having a QR code on the banner has another benefit as well. It can spare quite a lot of space in which you would have to give extra details, leaving more room for graphical improvising.  

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2. Promotional Tactics

A QR code on a banner is a great promotional tactic. You can even do a ‘winning coupon discount round’ for the people who scan the QR code from the banner.

It, on one hand, engages your customer and on the other is completely convenient. 

Imagine a small QR code helping you run the biggest discount campaign for your brand! And that also with a very cost-effective amount. 

3. Better Exposure

One of the greatest benefits of QR codes is the opportunity to show people something extra. This obviously promises a better exposure of your brand.

Not a bad deal, the right codes are the best opportunity to give people some unique content about your brand. 

QR codes on Banners and Advertising are the future 

QR codes are the new medium of exhilarating promotional strategies. So, if you wish to sharpen and boost your marketing games, you need to use the QR codes especially, on your banners. 

Because banners are the first thing people come across regarding your brand.

All you need is a QR code generator with a logo to design an epic banner for your product, integrated with QR.   

It’s important to make use of dynamic QR codes as they can help you in updating all your data behind your QR code like URL instantly.

Moreover, Dynamic QR codes enable you to track valuable consumer data. 

You can also generate a free dynamic QR code in QRTIGER QR code generator online by availing the trial version. 

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