QR Codes for Tickets: Your Ultimate Guide for 2024

Update:  May 22, 2024
QR Codes for Tickets: Your Ultimate Guide for 2024

QR code tickets are essentially tickets containing a QR code that embeds information in the code, like information about the attendee, details about the event, designated seating, ticket verification, and other data.

This information is accessed by scanning the QR code using a smartphone. 

Wondering how to incorporate QR codes for your next event’s tickets?

Read the article below to learn how to use ticket QR codes for your events.

Table of Contents

  1. How to use QR codes on tickets to verify event attendees 
  2. QR codes on tickets for Marketing
  3. Benefits of using QR codes for tickets
  4. Best practices for QR codes on tickets
  5. Create QR codes for tickets using QR TIGER QR code generator
  6. Related terms

How to use QR codes on tickets to verify event attendees 

One of the primary purposes of QR codes on tickets is to verify that the ticket is valid.

It helps prevent ticket fraud and ensures that event organizers only accept valid tickets to an event.

You can create thousands of unique QR codes for ticket events using a bulk URL QR code with an authentication log-in and token (the token is the unique number per QR code generated).

When the unique QR code is scanned, this directs to the website URL of the management with an authentication log-in and token seen on the URL of the website.

These codes are entered into the electronic database or an in-house system before distribution.

Thus, the event management needs to have a website where the databases of tickets are found.

This is how it looks like https://yourdomain.com/login/authenticate=serial/9861.

The database system does not allow two identical serial numbers, so the ticket cannot have a duplicate.

The staff can then verify the event ticket details in the system and compare if it matches the printed ticket by scanning the QR code.

QR codes on tickets for Marketing

Events ticket QR code

Brands can use QR codes on tickets for marketing purposes.

For example, event organizers may include a QR code on a ticket that links to a survey or other promotional material.

It helps gather feedback about the event and promote future events.

There are different QR code types that you can use for your ticket, and each QR code has its specific function.

Benefits of using QR codes for tickets

Seamless check-in

Check-in apps are better than spreadsheets and individual screening, but QR codes on tickets are one of the best ways to speed up check-ins.

Attendees are checked-in with just a quick scan of the QR code using their device.

QR codes on tickets can also easily verify and let VIPs securely into their designated areas.

This is also beneficial for transport systems for hassle-free travel.

Eurail, for example, uses a QR code ticket that allows the ticket inspector to check the passenger in seamlessly.

Seamless check-ins can be very helpful in big events, such as live sports events. Event organizers can benefit a lot from a stadium QR code to help them organize smart sports events and streamline processes.

Track audience attendance in real-time

A dynamic QR code on a ticket allows event organizers to see where people are in real-time on their websites.

Event organizers can easily see information about attendees and registrations, such as the list of people who bought tickets by date and time, payment status, check-in status, and inquiries.

Optimize your marketing

QR codes can store information about the ticket holder, such as their name, email address, and any loyalty points they have accumulated.

This strategy lets you personalize your marketing efforts and effectively target your audience.

Collect feedback

Ticket QR code

Collect feedback using QR codes to get real-time insights into the event experience and identify areas for improvement.

It can help you improve the overall quality of your events and increase customer satisfaction.

One way to do this is to use the Google Form QR code to direct attendees to a survey or feedback form.

You can either include a link to the survey in the QR code itself or use the QR code to access the survey on a mobile website or app.

Another option is to use the QR code to access a feedback form embedded in the ticket.

It could be a simple form that attendees can fill out and submit directly from their smartphone or tablet.

Offer discounts and promos

Event organizers can use URL QR codes for tickets to offer special discounts or promotions to ticket holders.

For example, you could offer a discount on merchandise or a free drink to anyone who scans their ticket at the event.

This approach can help you offer great deals to your loyal customers and people you want to attract.

Best practices for QR codes on tickets

Make sure the QR code is easy to scan

The QR code should be large enough and have enough contrast with the surrounding design to make it easy to scan.

You should also test the QR code to ensure that various devices can quickly scan it.

Include a call to action

Use the QR code to encourage attendees to take a specific action, such as filling out a survey or checking in to the event.

Provide clear instructions

Make sure to include clear instructions on how to scan the QR code and what attendees can expect when they do so.

Use QR codes to enhance the event experience

Use the QR code to provide attendees with additional information about the event, such as the schedule, map, or list of speakers.

Consider the security implications

If you are using QR codes to store personal data or ticket purchase details, consider the security implications and take steps to protect that sensitive information.

It might include using encrypted QR codes or requiring a password to access certain information.

Create QR codes for tickets using QR TIGER QR Code Generator

Adding QR Codes to tickets is the best way to organize and run an event without problems, whether it’s a gala or a get-together.

Most people have smartphones, so scanning a QR code to get into an event is easy and takes only seconds.

When buying tickets for an event, QR codes are easy to use, efficient in reducing traffic, and offer a more streamlined way to purchase tickets, which makes the process easy.

From contactless transactions to ticket verification, the versatility of QR codes has proven to be an excellent tool for next-level marketing.

For a seamless ticketing experience, use QR TIGER, the most advanced QR code generator online.

It has data tracking features and creates professional, customized, high-quality QR codes.

QR TIGER is also ISO 27001 certified, which guarantees the safety of your data.

Visit QR TIGER and create your custom ticket QR code today!

Related terms

Free QR code ticket generator

You can use QR TIGER’s free dynamic trial version to create QR codes for your tickets for free.

Although you can use static QR codes for free, they are only limited to URLs, Wi-Fi, individual social media sites, and email. In addition to that, you cannot also track your QR code scans.

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