QR Codes on Vehicles for Advertisement: Here's How

Update:  July 18, 2023
QR Codes on Vehicles for Advertisement: Here's How

Most businesses have a heavy reliance on transportation and vehicles.

But little do they know that QR codes on vehicles and trucks can also be used as a marketing opportunity as well.

To move the inventory from one place to another or to get the material, fixtures, and final products, transportation means are necessary.

However, the placement of vehicle QR codes can also create and attract potential customers by providing extra information whenever it is needed.

These QR Codes can make a real difference in attracting and serving customers.

Here’s how.

How to use QR codes on vehicles for advertisement?

A brief introduction to your company

QR codes on vehicles

You can embed a video link in the QR code that will direct the scanner to a landing page that introduces your company.

This is an easy way to tell people who you are and why customers shall choose your services.

Similarly, a social media QR code, when placed on the company trucks, can lead customers to social media channels where they can instantly follow you.

Boosts the online visibility of your business

Unlike traditional methods and boring forms of advertising and marketing, using QR codes for automobile marketing has served as a versatile tool for many businesses.

You can use various types of QR codes for your marketing.

For example, you can generate a social media QR code to allow scanners to follow you on your social media platforms easily.

A social media QR code integrates all your social media channels into one landing page.

So instead of individually looking for your site, you can have it all lay for them in a scan.

QR codes have the ability to interact at a larger scale with the masses and attract them in different ways.

The attractive coupon and gift vouchers

You can generate a URL QR code for coupons and gift vouchers that people can redeem online.

Gift vouchers have always been an attractive method to attract customers.

They will be automatically giving it a try to be the winners.

Adding URL QR codes on cars and vehicles will cater to a number of bystanders and people who generally have no clue about your company and product.

Mobile advertisement

QR codes are the best way to enhance mobile advertising techniques generally used by companies.

These codes can give a digital dimension to your vehicle, making use of dynamic QR codes to make your vehicle a real driver for leads.

Direct the QR code to your menu

Mobile QR code marketing

You can easily share your menu with customers using a QR code menu for food truck businesses.

This way, you can also save money on all the printing costs.

They allow the customers to check menus on their phones and make a final decision at their will about what to order.

Moreover, if you have a new dish to offer, you can update your menu QR code without reprinting another QR code.

Ask for feedback

You can generate a Google form QR code for customer feedback.

Scanning the QR codes placed on your vehicles will give your customers a chance to voice out their feedback, whether good or bad.

Therefore you will have a chance to improve your performance, ultimately increasing the sales of the company.

Maximizing customer satisfaction

Mobile QR code marketing

QR codes are so powerful and creative that they can be used on delivery vehicles and food trucks for many reasons.

You can improve the business and maximize your delivery orders by letting the general public scan the codes available on your truck.

This will also get you in a position to get the most out of speedy deliveries of the orders, which will, in turn, get you more satisfied consumers.

Direct customers online to download your app

Interestingly the app QR codes enable people to download your app instantly.

To maximize your app downloads using QR codes on vehicles, you can generate an app QR code.

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5 Benefits of QR codes on vehicles such as cars for advertisements

Help increase sales volume

Since advertising is a difficult task to carry out, adding a QR code on cars, vans, and other vehicles can help you increase sales volume.

Using QR codes, people that may encounter your advertising vehicle will scan the QR code.

When this happens, they can access your business information through video, URL, and PDF.

It’s up to you.

By delivering informative yet entertaining content to people, your business’ sales volume increases.

Minimizes advertising expenditure

QR codes on vehicles are affordable tech tools to use, and any business owner uses this method in advertising.

In this way, you can operate your business without worrying about any funding cuts.

Using QR codes on vehicles, on-the-go businesses such as food carts and home services can continue their daily operations while promoting their brand.

Reaches long-distance advertising

Your QR code campaign will reach a variety of audiences.

If you get lucky, you can penetrate places that haven’t been infiltrated by competitors.

QR codes on vehicles can help you advertise your business from one place to another.

Draw audience attention of all ages

People that you may encounter on the road are from all age groups. Kids to adults.

Also, people from different States can witness your advertisement on wheels.

QR codes on vehicles can be your ticket to winning the attention of your target audience and gathering new potential customers or clients.

On top of that, the versatility of QR codes goes beyond marketing purposes.

For example, organizations or authorities may also implement plate number QR codes in vehicles to manage vehicles conveniently.

How to generate QR codes on stickers for your car advertisement?

1. Go to QR TIGER QR code generator online

Since QR codes are useful nowadays, people should carefully consider the kind of online QR code generator that can offer usable, safe, and secure QR codes.

QR TIGER free QR code generator online can help you unlock new means of advertising using QR codes.

2. Choose what category you want to generate your sticker QR code with.

After you have opened the QR code generator, you may then proceed to embed your data by selecting the appropriate category for your QR code.

For advertising and marketing campaigns, categories such as URL, file, social media, and video are useful depending on what kind of data you want to encrypt.

For linkage building with your customers and business stakeholders, you can use the business card QR code, file, email, and text category in sending your company profile and contracts.

3. Select what kind of QR code you want to generate (static or dynamic).

After you have entered the information you want to generate, you can now proceed with generating your QR code by choosing what type of QR code you want to generate.

The recommended QR code in advertising is a dynamic QR code.

Since dynamic QR codes can provide additional features such as data tracking and alteration of content in the generated QR codes, marketers prefer this type of QR code.

4. Generate and customize your QR code.

Once you have decided what kind of QR code you want to generate, you can proceed with generating and customizing your car's QR code.

By customizing your QR code, you can unlock your inner creative side and add a hint of your business’ personality by choosing a set of patterns, eyes, and colors and adding your logo and call to action on your QR code on vehicles.

Bear in mind that while you are using your creativity in customizing your QR code, you must still follow the guidelines for creating a customized QR code while maintaining its scan capability.

5. Test your QR codes if it works.

After you have generated and personalized your QR code on vehicles, you must test the QR code using different kinds of scanning devices and smartphones, as it can help you determine the problems needed to be fixed.

Testing a QR code before and after you have placed it on your vehicle helps you to determine the consistency that it can bring to the person who scans it.

In other words, testing is an important step in making your QR codes work smoothly.

6. Download and place your QR code stickers on your vehicle

To ensure the quality of your QR code on vehicles, download the QR code in print quality (SVG) and place your QR code in your vehicle’s area where people can easily notice it.

5 best tips on how to get the best out of your QR codes on cars and vehicles such as cars for advertisement

1. Make visual QR codes on stickers.

Since an advertiser’s goal is to gain attention, making a visual QR code can be a great help.

By incorporating different design techniques in customizing your QR code, people will definitely make impressions about it.

As visuals are more effective than text advertising, making a visual QR code is a great help in making the best out of your QR codes on vehicles for advertisement.

Just remember the golden rule when creating your QR: the foreground color of the QR code should be darker than the background color.

2. Add a logo, image, or icon

Since logos give people a gist about what your brand is all about.

Adding your logo or icon to your QR codes can boost brand recognition from customers by 5–7 impressions.

Your QR code will look professional and can give your customers confidence in scanning your QR codes without any worries.

3. Add a frame and call to action in your QR code

CTAs are crucial in gaining more customers. In 2019, 90% percent of visitors to a blog came from reading the CTA.

By this means, adding a call to action in your QR codes can increase your number of customers.

As companies such as Coca-Cola use a call to action in their distributorship vehicles, they attract more customers while delivering their products from one point to another.

To accent your CTA in your QR codes on vehicles, adding a frame is a great move to do.

By blending your frame with the color of your foreground color, the visuals of your QR code will not be compromised.

4. Consider the right size.

Considering the right size of your QR code on vehicles is a tricky task.

Since it requires the perfect size for people at a distance to scan your QR code, a QR code sizing formula is developed.

By measuring the distance of the person who is scanning your QR code, you then divide the distance by 10 to ensure its visibility on the scanner’s device.

When using this tip, you can ensure that there are no problems that your customer will encounter when scanning.

5. Maintain a clutter-free QR code

The aesthetics of your QR code is important in drawing the audience’s attention.

When generating your QR code, you need to consider the type of QR code that supplies the vehicle’s overalls.

The QR code’s graphics depends on the amount of information you embedded in it.

But as you are embedding your advertising information, there are two types of QR codes that you can use: static and dynamic QR codes.

In generating static QR codes, the amount of information is considered.

By remembering the rule, the smaller the data, the better; you can easily infer that static QR codes store your information in their graphics.

But with dynamic QR codes, you can store information regardless of its size.

By creating a short URL to store information, the graphics of your dynamic QR code is not affected.

Thus, it creates a clutter-free look on the QR code when placed on your vehicle for advertisement.

You can also read 10 reasons why your QR code is not working for more information and guidelines.

Create QR codes for your marketing vehicles and promote your business

With QR TIGER, there are several QR code solutions you can use to market your business.

You don’t have to be a business giant to get these codes.

If you aim the promotion of your brand on social media and track your customer’s choices as well as buying patterns, there is a QR code for every such strategy.

Also, it is very important to add a ‘call for action’ in your QR for people to scan it.

It will straight improve your scanning rates.

It’s also important to make use of dynamic QR codes as they can help you in updating all the information behind your QR code, like URL, instantly, and Dynamic QR codes allow you to track valuable consumer data for customers.

Make your QR code on QR TIGER QR code generator.

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