How to create a Visual QR Code in 6 steps!

Last updated:   October 14, 2021

Visual QR codes are now serving as a marketing tool to attract potential clients and customers all around the the world. 

In contrast to the usual QR codes, which are black and white, visual QR codes use the concept of imagination and creativity so that customers will be attracted to them. 

How to create a visual QR code

  • Go to
  • Click the type of QR code solution you need
  • Click static or dynamic
  • Click the generate QR code button 
  • Customize your QR code and generate your visual QR codes
  • Download and Print your QR code 

Design and codes

create a visual qr code

Over the years, QR codes have been proven to be an effective digital marketing tool. These black and white pixels bridge the gap between the offline and online worlds.

But despite the technological advancement the QR codes can offer, they don't really do what they are intended to do - to attract the attention of the scanners and be scanned.

Why? Because QR codes by nature are boring black and white squares and honestly customers and potential targets fail to be caught by these QR codes.

Some designers and artists even consider QR codes as something that limits their design and overall creativity.

To these artists, they see QR codes as invaders in their overall layout. Because of this problem of being basic and simple, QR codes limit the imaginative possibility of attracting users let alone scan the QR codes and take time to make use of it.

Visual QR codes are the new solution to the creativity block of some artists and designers. These QR codes are incorporated with a unique design to become eye-catchers and will grab attention.

QR codes are combined with logos, color schemes, pictures, or anything that people have knowledge of. With this type of strategy, it helps with people's familiarity with brands and names and in a way can be recognized easily.

QR codes are now easy to customize in line with the company's design and product requirements.

Big and small businesses and companies have made their QR codes relatively appealing to everyone's eyes without compromising its purpose - to redirect people from offline to online content or platform.

Where to customize your QR codes?

qr code generator

QRTiger offers customized QR code or visual codes. The customization of these QR codes is up to you and to the needs and demands of your campaign. 

To make a visual QR code on QRTiger is very easy and quick to set-up with our free customized QR code generator. 

Upload your URL or Data, select what type of  QR code solution you want to generate, customize all parameters of your QR code design and it’s ready to download and use it!

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How to create a visual QR code in QRTiger? A step-by-step guide! 

Step 1 Select the type of QR code you need.

Do you want to make a free logo QR code or do you want to make a free visual QR code for your brand? Decide and select the type of QR code that fits well with your brand identity and product requirements and needs.

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Step 2 Add the data for the type of QR code that you selected.

Depending on the type of QR code data you've chosen; enter the content for the visual QR code such as your business's website, your brand's social media platform, product promos, customer reviews, and feedback, etc.

Step 3 Design your visual QR code.

Change shape, eyes, and the color of your visual QR code using our handy color picker. You can add your logo or any other image you want on your QR page.

Step 4 Download your visual QR code.

Download your completed free visual QR code image. A range of different formats is available for your free QR code.

Step 5 Track your QR code data

You can easily track your visual QR codes and see how many people, scanned, where did they scan, and from what device did they scan.

These kinds of demographics will help you improve and maybe target and realign your marketing strategies and customer targets. This will be a recipe for a successful marketing campaign.

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Create a visually appealing QR code

Here are tips on how to create the most visually appealing QR code you can without compromising the purpose and quality.

Add Rich Colors

Colors affect how we perceive things. There is color psychology in every color scheme that you incorporate into your design.

Adding rich colors will help your QR become eye-catchers. It will lift your marketing tactic to a whole new level if you choose a rich color to incorporate into your QR code. 

Darker colors are not recommended as this can become a problem and a hindrance to scanning your code. You don't want any annoyed customers right? 

Personalize and make a branded QR code

Adding your brand logo or any familiar brand image is also a good way to integrate it into your QR code. This way, people will recognize the QR code even from afar.

Add background

Add background to your QR codes to increase the ease to scan. Adding background that will be in contrast with the overall QR code can help attract attention as well.

Add text

Within your background or frames, you can add text to increase the possibility of attracting customers. Call-to-action texts are very common to add in frames to make it more interesting. Certain call-to-action texts are "Scan me" or "Scan to reveal."

Ensure the scan-ability

Making it visually appealing can really help to attract customers but what is aesthetics when your QR code is unscan-able in certain light settings or distance.

To ensure this, test your QR code every time you finish customizing. 

Visual QR code is the way to go today!

Adding a design to a boring and basic side of technology will bring you to higher grounds.

In this situation, marketing your product or brand will be much more effective and efficient with adding an aesthetic touch. Colors, design, and familiarity are ways to leave a mark on every person or customer.

Whether a person is stuck in traffic, on a bench, sitting in a coffee shop, or strolling around the mall, visual QR codes will help you catch their fleeting attention.

In marketing and advertising, becoming visually pleasing is one big factor in your brand campaign.

Many established brands are using QRTiger’s customized QR software for their marketing campaigns. With a customized QR code, you can get up to 30% more scans as people are attracted by an appealing QR design.

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