How to use QR codes for company cars and trucks

Last updated:   April 15, 2022

QR codes for company cars and trucks is a marketing opportunity you should start TODAY! Did you know that you can definitely turn your vehicle as a marketing opportunity?

Yes, somehow, you can “redeem back” the money you use for the vehicle gas from day to day transportation by using a QR Code! 

But how to do this?

Well, we all know that businesses (especially the traditional ones) like manufacturing, distributing, retail and franchise companies, operates daily by relying on the use of automobiles, as a mode of everyday transportation and transaction. 

Like delivering a dozen and boxes of eggs, distributing a truckload full of thousand cases of beverages, and selling out seafood products and organic vegetable boxes directly to supermarkets, and just about anything you can think of!

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undefinedWhy is it beneficial to use QR codes on trucks and company cars

Having a QR Code on trucks, cars, automobile, trucks, vans, or whatever type of vehicle you use for marketing and transportation, you might as well already be doing, and advertisement for your company with an attached QR Code to it without having to make much of an effort.

Provide a piece of extra information about the goods or services you offered and link up with potential customers who can be anywhere along the road by attaching a QR code on a truck. 

A lot of business establishments are doing it already, from multinationals to tiny local businesses.

Using QR codes on trucks and company vehicles, you can make the most out of your vehicle as a marketing tactic. If not,  you're already missing out on an important method that can expand your business!

Using a QR Code can make a real difference in attracting attention and serving customers.

By using a QR code generator online to generate or create a QR Code for your company trucks, you could employ a Video QR Code to link to an introductory video describing who you are, and why customers should choose the services you offer. 

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How to use QR Codes for company cars and trucks to expand your business

1. Boost your delivery order

What type of business doesn't want to maximize their order requests a hundredfold?

You're doing business, and you wish to step that up! Efficiency and productivity is essential!

Having a Dynamic QR Code on your vehicle can make a huge turn around for the passers-by to scan your QR Code using their smartphones and place their order in a matter of seconds by linking them whatever type of services or goods you offer.

Show them what your business has got to offer!

Make sure to create your landing page an interactive one, and enhance their market experience, attract new potential customers possible, and don't forget to put a call for action like Scan Me! Or Scan Now!

It will guarantee 80% more scans!

2. Link your QR Codes in company cars to food menu

People love food, and people love to eat, and that is why food trucks are scattered everywhere. It is probably one of the most easy-go-to food that we almost see anywhere we go.

It is everybody's favorite!

It's not only affordable but also quick to prepare. Having a QR Code on your food truck will be very convenient for you and your customers. 

You can link your QR Code to your food menu that will have your customers' orders straight away. They can quickly scan the code and see for themselves what order they want to take directly to their phone.

No need to ask them one by one and no need to repeat yourself over and over again!

It's a win-win situation!

3. Lead your customers to your social media sites

Aside from giving your customers a digital market experience, using a Social Media QR Code on your delivery truck or van can lead your buyers to all of your social media channels that will help promote your business! Let them follow you to your social media platforms that advertise your business.

Furthermore, they can even share it with their family and friends if they had an enjoyable experience with your service! Customize your QR Code Generator now.

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4. Provide customers with information relevant to your business

QR codes on trucks and marketing vehicles can extend your customer service beyond giving them a quick and convenient way to access information about the product that you offer, the history or background behind it, and why they should choose your service, products, or goods.

Moreover, you can also give them discounts by scanning your QR Code by putting a call-to-action like "Scan to get a discount!" Lure people to discounts!

If there's clickbait, there's also what we call a "scan bait."

5. Introduce your new product or service

Advertise your newly flavored pizza or any added food products, services, or goods that you offer ten times faster by the use of dynamic QR Codes! Transportation plus advertising roll into one!

6. Optimize the attendance of your event

If you're a food catering service, a wedding organizer, or whatever types of events you host, attaching a QR to your company cars might be the gateway to get new clients and even more clients in the future!

Link your QR Code to a landing page that will show your work experience and work portfolios, including your customers' feedback!

7. Ask for feedback

Give your customers a chance to voice out their feedback and measure your customers' satisfaction with a survey by scanning the QR Code placed on your vehicles.

Using a QR Code for a survey can direct a customer to a link that contains 5 or 10 questions that they have to answer.

In this way, you will be able to know the overall rating of your customers' satisfaction results and what improvement you should do to make it ten times better next time.

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Use QR codes for company cars with QRTIGER QR code generator

Now that consumers and all people from all age group are increasingly using mobile gadgets is one of the main reasons why smartphone scannable QR Codes are definitely worth considering.

Not only has it added a significant effect on your vehicle. It is quickly available to scan when people walk past and is a versatile marketing tool! 

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