QR code uses for HubSpot: HubSpot QR code

Last updated:   October 26, 2022

HubSpot is one of the most used marketing software today. And like other modern marketing software, they campaign the use of QR codes in their system.

With HubSpot’s recommendation to use QR codes for customers, what are some QR code uses their users can integrate?

It’s no secret that digital marketing is helping companies and businesses to grow their sales and popularity today.

Since HubSpot is one of the marketing software marketers integrate today, seamlessly tracking their sales and more in one platform becomes easy.

And with the pandemic currently affecting some businesses’ operations, QR codes are one of the marketing tools marketers use today.

With 31.98% of U.S. and U.K. consumers scanned QR codes in 2020, there’s no denying that QR codes are great for modern business operations.

If you use HubSpot for your digital business engagements and want to use QR codes for it, here are some concepts that you can follow.

What is HubSpot?HubSpot

HubSpot is a marketer of software products for inbound marketing, sales, and customer services.

The company was developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2006.

HubSpot aims to help companies grow and track their sales using its tools and services.

The products and tools HubSpot provides are most used in customer relationship management, social media marketing, content management, and more.

Moreover, they also integrate web analytics, search engine optimization, live chat, and customer support.

What is a QR code?HubSpot QR code

Quick Response (QR) code is a two-dimensional type of barcode that integrates the use of 2D orientation for faster scanning. Its physical design is inspired by a popular board game, Go.

QR codes are developed by Denso Wave in 1994.

Before, QR codes are used to store automotive parts’ serial numbers for the faster automotive assembly process.

The use of QR codes in automotive parts also allows car owners and car maintenance repair personnel to identify which part needs replacement.

Now the technology improves and holds more significant data such as files, videos, and vCards that cater to people’s modernization needs.

You can see these codes in electronic devices, newspapers, magazines, product packaging, TV advertisements, and more.

How to create a QR code and integrate it into HubSpot

  1. Go to QRTIGER, the most advanced and best QR code generator.
  2. Select the QR code category of your content and fill the required fields
  3. Generate your QR code as a dynamic QR code
  4. Personalize your QR code
  5. Test your QR code
  6. Download and deploy
  7. Track your QR codes performance

What are some QR code uses for HubSpot?

As HubSpot provides better marketing tools for companies, the use of QR codes for HubSpot can help them upgrade their marketing techniques. 

Create and send QR codes directly from HubSpot CRM with QRTIGER Hubspot integration now! 

Here are 7 QR code uses for HubSpot that you can employ in your HubSpot marketing.

1. Email marketingEmail QR code

The use of a HubSpot QR code can allow HubSpot users to increase their lead generation.

By simply letting people open up a hubspot QR code scanner to scan the product’s QR code, they can get more information about the product.

At the same time, you can get its email information and send offers related to the product by letting them fill in their email for more product usage tips.

In this way, you can email them with your latest product launch and give them some tips on how to make the most out of the product your customer purchased.

2. Host an interactive landing page for your marketing campaignH5 QR code

Another QR code uses for HubSpot that marketers can integrate is by hosting an interactive marketing landing page for your campaign.

HubSpot has one feature that helps marketers upscale their business growth. And that feature helps them easily update their website’s features.

But as making an interactive landing page using HubSpot is can be a challenge for tech-savvy developers, the use of QR codes in creating interactive pages is introduced.

To make one, you can use QRTIGER’s H5 editor QR code solution and embed a mini-program to your landing page where your leads can interact with it. 

3. Connect with your social media handlesSocial media QR code

One way to use QR codes for HubSpot is by connecting your social media handles into one QR code.

With the use of a social media QR code, you can let your customers connect to your social media handles without hassling your customers to individually type your social media usernames in various social media platforms.

Or you can also opt for individual QR code solutions for each of your social media accounts.

At QRTIGER, you are in the trend for QR code campaigns. You can generate a Facebook Page QR code for 2022 marketing campaign trends and do the same for Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

You can use QR codes for HubSpot by linking your customers from offline to online marketing platforms by placing a QR code into one of your print media materials.

By placing one, you can directly give more information about your marketing campaign to your target customers and increase your sales leads from print and online marketing channels.

5. Obtain and redeem discounts and giveaways.Discount QR code

Another use of a HubSpot QR code that you can integrate into your HubSpot-powered landing page is by giving out QR code discounts give away vouchers to customers.

As people love to avail of any discount or giveaway being offered by a company, adopting a futuristic way to let them redeem it can help boost your click-through rates.

To run one, you can attach your discount QR code to your product catalogs, magazine space, newspapers, flyers, and brochures.

And in making your discount QR code operational, you can opt to use a 24-hour URL effectivity loop or an untimed discount QR code and let HubSpot’s period-limited discount duration do the trick for you.

That's just how functional a HubSpot QR code integration is.

6. Direct app downloads.

If your business has a mobile app where most of your customers go through to see your products or services, then the use of QR codes is to direct app downloads is a must.

By integrating the use of app store QR codes, your customers can directly download the app by scanning the code.

In this way, the steps you require your customers to download the app shortens.

The App Store QR code supports phone compatibility information display.

If your phone runs on IOS or Android system, the app directly flashes through the phone’s default app store app.

7. Store and share marketing materialsFile QR code

Traditional marketing can cost companies more in printing and disseminating additional marketing materials to the target customers.

Because of the additional expenses traditional marketing can incur to companies, the use of digital marketing is employed.

But the problem in storing and letting the target customer access the file easily is needed to be resolved.

Because of that, another alternative is introduced for storing and sharing marketing materials with easy access. And the alternative that is being introduced is File QR codes.

File QR code is a QR code category that houses files with different formats such as images, PDF, video, and more

In QRTIGER’s File QR code category, embedding files depends on a user’s plan subscription file upload capacity.

You can refer to their subscription plan bundles by visiting QRTIGER’s payment section on the QR code generator site.

How to create a QR code for HubSpot?

To integrate the use of a HubSpot QR code, here are 7 easy steps that you can follow.

1. Go to QRTIGERQR code generator

QRTIGER is a QR code generator that offers a simple, easy-to-navigate QR code generation interface for users of all ages.

Aside from its simple yet easy-to-navigate generation interface, this QR code maker provides professional QR code generation that helps businesses to automate their QR code usage with it.

2. Select the QR code category of your HubSpot-powered content and fill the required fieldsQR code solutions

After opening the QR code generator, select the QR code category of your HubSpot-powered content, and fill in the required fields.

Since there are different QR code solutions that you can use in your HubSpot-powered marketing campaign, carefully select the content’s equivalent QR code solution to avoid any scanning mistakes.

If you use HubSpot in tracking your customers’ social media engagement with you, then you can maximize your engagement with them with the use of a Social media QR code.

3. Generate your QR code as a dynamic QR codeDynamic QR code

Once you have selected your content’s QR code category and filled in the required fields, proceed in generating your QR code.

For a more competitive QR code advantage, generating a dynamic QR code is recommended.

Through this, you can have full control of your QR code usage and unlock more features such as tracking and data editing.

All of which are crucial for digitalized businesses.

4. Customize your QR codeCustomize QR code

Customize your QR code by selecting the set of patterns, eye shapes, and colors that match your marketing campaign theme.

You can also add your logo by uploading your logo image. And also add a frame with your call to action for a more professional-looking QR code.

5. Test your QR code

To ensure a faster and correct scanning result, users are recommended to run a scan test of the QR code before deploying them.

When testing your HubSpot QR code, you can use devices that run different Operating systems to keep up with your customers’ smartphone uses.

If your QR code doesn’t display the right information and you are having trouble scanning it faster, then there are some factors that you need to consider revisiting.

6. Download and deploy your QR

Once your HubSpot QR code presents no scanning error, proceed in downloading your QR code and place them into your print material or online.

To print high-quality QR codes, downloading your QR code in SVG format is highly recommended.

7. Track your QR code performanceTrackable QR code

After you have deployed your QR code, you can occasionally track your QR code performance by clicking the QR code generator’s Track data tab and viewing your QR code’s performance.

By tracking your QR code, you can know whether your QR code campaign is well-recognized by the public and increase the customers’ engagement experiences.

Benefits of using QR codes for HubSpot

As HubSpot aims to provide better marketing solutions for companies, the use of QR codes is making a futuristic marketing strategy work.

By combining their usage for optimal marketing utilization, here are some notable benefits that you can get from using a HubSpot QR code.

Provides faster information dissemination

Since QR codes are built to provide faster information unpacking systems for people, the use of QR codes for HubSpot users brings greater advantages.

Because of their faster scanning rate, QR codes can provide faster information dissemination for their customers.

Cost-efficientQR code cost efficient

Unlike the use of traditional marketing tools, QR codes enable companies to spend less money as they house more marketing materials.

Aside from its ability to house more marketing materials, you can occasionally update its data without creating new ones.

Thus, it makes the use of QR codes a cost-efficient choice for modern companies.

Great for dual-channel marketing

With digital transformation paving a new way for companies to grow, the QR code uses for HubSpot enables them to gather more customers from both print and digital channels.

By placing a QR code in the print paper such as magazines, brochures, newspapers, and more; you can channel print media users towards your online content and convert them into paying customers.

Aside from the digital users that you have gathered, you can increase your customer numbers from the offline channel. Because of that, the use of QR codes is great for dual-channel marketing.

Easy to create and useQR code campaign

As immediate actions in marketing allow marketers to make a successful marketing campaign, tapping the use of QR codes helps them achieve their goals.

Because QR codes are easy to create and use, businesses that are starting to tap the use of digital tools can easily keep up with the new marketing trend.

How to make the most out of your QR code uses for HubSpot?

As the competition in marketing intensifies, making to most out of your QR code uses for HubSpot is important. With the use of them in your marketing and business operations, here are 5 useful tips that you can use with your QR codes.

1. Consider the best content you want to share via QR codes

To make the most out of your QR code uses for HubSpot, you should always consider the best content you want to share through QR codes.

And one way to do that is to gather usage information of your product and form content about it and relay it to the public via QR codes.

In this way, you can help those who are looking for a better product alternative and convert them into your customer.

2. Craft a visually appealing QR code design

Branded QR code

To attract more scans from people, crafting a visually appealing QR code design is important.

For you to make one, you can generally personalize some of its elements and select an eye-pleasing color contrast for it.

To create an eye-pleasing QR code color contrast, design experts set a universal color contrast rule.

The color contrast rule states that the foreground color is always should be darker than the background color. When trying to craft a visually appealing QR code design, the QR code must work and is still be scannable.

3. Add your logo and call to actionQR code call to action

Adding your logo and call to action can make the QR code look professional and trustworthy.

With their presence everywhere, adding the logo is a perfect move for you as it increases brand recognition. Also, it can distinguish itself from spam-looking QR codes.

4. Select the right QR code size and placement

Another tip that you can follow to make the most out of your QR code is to select the right QR code size and placement.

To choose the right QR code size, you must consider where you will put your QR code.

If you plan to place your QR code on paper, the minimum QR code size that you need to use is 3 cm x3 cm or 1.18 in x1.18 in.

For a longer range such as billboards, moving vehicles, and wall spaces, the right QR code sizing is based on a sizing formula.

And the sizing formula is scanning distance from the QR code to the distance of the person who will scan it divided by ten.

5. Print high-quality QR codes

If your QR code output presents a blurry image, the chances of getting your QR code scanned are lower. To remedy this problem, printing a high-quality QR code output is recommended.

For you to have one, design experts suggest downloading your QR code in a vector format such as SVG.

In this way, you can resize your QR code without compromising its quality and gain more scans.

QR codes for HubSpot – Upscale your sales with QR codes

For more than 14 years, HubSpot has provided better marketing software for companies who seek digital marketing reform.

But as they are enjoying the help HubSpot is giving them, their competitors are a step ahead of them.

As QR codes are the future of modern marketing, injecting the use of QR codes for HubSpot is recommended.

By injecting the use of them into HubSpot’s marketing tools, you can optimize your marketing prompt and increase your sales.

To add a HubSpot QR code as one of your marketing tools, you can grab the use of the best QR code generator and get the most out of it.

This way, you can make a successful QR code campaign and jumpstart a new marketing means by using the power of QR code technology today!

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