Instagram QR Code Generator vs QR TIGER QR Code Generator

Update:  July 31, 2023
Instagram QR Code Generator vs QR TIGER QR Code Generator

Instagram QR code generator vs QR TIGER QR code generator: which of these two should you use for creating high-quality, functional QR codes?

Instagram’s in-app QR code feature lets you generate a QR code that can direct your scanners to any Instagram profile, post, or reel.

With the instant access provided, people can quickly like your content or follow your profile or page. But that’s it—nothing more, nothing less. 

On the other hand, QR TIGER’s QR code generator lets you create Instagram QR codes with more functions and features, such as editing and tracking.

Continue reading for a detailed comparison guide to help you make an informed decision.

How to create a QR code on Instagram

Create instagram QR code

Instagram initially launched QR codes for profiles and pages only, but in a recent update, it has also included the feature for posts, reels, tags, and locations.

Meta, who owns the social platform, said that this feature aims “to make it simpler for consumers and companies to share specialized content.”

And based on how many people see Instagram ads around the world, there will be at least 1.44 billion Instagram users in 2022.

The following five steps will help you use Instagram’s QR code feature:

  1. Launch your Instagram app
  2. Tap the three-dot icon on the profile, post, reel, tag, or location you want to share
  3. Select the QR code option
  4. Choose a color you want for the QR code
  5. Tap Save QR code

Instagram QR code generator vs QR TIGER QR code generator: Which is better?

Instagram vs QR TIGER

Instagram’s in-app QR code is handy but lacks the features necessary for running campaigns and marketing strategies.

For that reason, the QR TIGER QR code generator is the better choice. Here are five reasons to explain why:

Customizable QR codes

Customize instagram QR code

Instagram’s in-app QR codes come in five colors, but this is only the customization it offers. 

With QR TIGER, you can design the appearance of your QR code.

The generator offers various pattern choices and eye shapes. It also comes with a color picker tool.

You can also add logos, images, and icons to your QR code.

Add a call to action

Instagram QR code cta

Increase the visibility of your Instagram QR codes by including a call-to-action (CTA) to encourage visitors to scan the QR code.

Using the QR TIGER lets you change the short commands that come with the QR codes, making it possible.

CTAs help you get people to follow you because they use a commanding tone that gets people excited.

Guaranteed QR code image quality

It’s essential to keep your QR code high-quality, especially when you print them onto flyers and posters.

Creating low-resolution Instagram QR codes can affect your campaigns, as users may have difficulty scanning them.

With QR TIGER, you can download and print your Instagram QR code in SVG format for ensured quality resolution for printing and web content. 


QR TIGER’s  Canva integration helps you effortlessly add an Instagram QR code to your Canva projects.

You only need to connect your QR TIGER account on Canva using your API key. Here’s how to get it: 

Go to the QR TIGER homepage>Click on My Account >Select Settings>Copy API key

After connecting, set up the QR TIGER QR code generator on your Canva interface.

  1. Choose Create a design
  2. Select Design templates 
  3. Click More to add QR TIGER 
  4. Select the QR TIGER icon 
  5. Enter your API key

Generate a dynamic Instagram QR code

Instagram’s in-app QR codes are automatically static, which means they lack advanced features.

But with QR TIGER, you can create a dynamic Instagram QR code.

Dynamic QR codes are better than static ones because they have advanced features that can help you with your marketing campaigns or promotional strategies.

Advanced features of a dynamic Instagram QR code

What’s so special about dynamic QR codes? Here are two main reasons they’re better:

Editable URL

You can change the link within your dynamic Instagram QR code even if you have already printed or deployed it.

This feature lets you use the same QR code for other Instagram content.

You won’t have to make and print a new one.

Track your Instagram marketing

Dynamic QR codes allow you to track QR codes in real-time. This means you can see the following data of your dynamic Instagram QR code:

  • Total scans, including unique scans
  • The time of each scan
  • The scanner’s location
  • The operating system of the scanner’s device

That is the final step in optimizing your Instagram QR code strategy and determining the return on investment (ROI) of your print and digital marketing.

If it lacks engagement, you can modify your campaign to make it more exciting and click-worthy.

How to create a QR code for Instagram using QR TIGER

Making a dynamic Instagram QR code simply takes a few minutes using QR TIGER. Simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to the QR TIGER homepage 
  2. Select the Instagram icon
  3. Copy and paste your Instagram profile link 
  4. Click Generate dynamic QR code
  5. Customize QR code
  6. Do a test scan 
  7. Download and display the QR code

Remember: you’ll need an active subscription to create dynamic QR codes. You can sign up for a free trial if you haven’t purchased yet.

Social Media QR code for Instagram: A more functional alternative

Instagram social media QR code

A QR code for social media is another QR TIGER dynamic QR code that can store multiple social media links.

You can use it to promote your Instagram and your other social pages.

It can also host links to your messaging apps, blogs, online shop platforms, and music streaming sites.

You can also add your website URL, email address, and phone number.

When scanned, users will see a landing page showing all your socials, each having a button that will take them to your account on the corresponding social site.

How to create a social media QR code for Instagram

  1. Go to the QR TIGER homepage and select Social media
  2. Paste your Instagram profile link and drag the Instagram block to the top so it will appear first on the landing page
  3. Add your other social media sites 
  4. Click Generate dynamic QR code
  5. Customize your QR code
  6. Do a test scan 
  7. Download and display the QR code

Social media button click tracker

With this feature, you can track the number of clicks of each button on your social media QR code’s landing page.

You can see which of your social pages has the most interactions from users who scanned your social media QR code.

This can help you find the social media platform where most of your audiences are coming from, so you can then focus your promotions there.

Industries where Instagram QR codes are suitable


Instagram QR code uses

The fashion industry greatly benefited from the rapid growth of Instagram.

Designers and retailers now use the app to market and sell their garments.

They can add QR codes on product packaging to lead people instantly to their page.

They can also hold a QR code lottery or giveaway to attract more buyers.


Restuarant instagram QR code

Most people would take photos of their food before eating them and then upload them on Instagram.

Usually, they would tag the food establishment on their uploaded content.

This habit can provide free advertising to restaurants and cafes.

People who see those posts may grow curious and try out the food themselves.

About 80% of people who use Instagram follow at least one business.

These follows can lead to engagement quickly.

Create a QR code for your restaurant’s Instagram page and place them on easily-noticeable spots.

Diners can then follow your official page so they can tag you on their posts and stories.


People travel to get some sun, try new things, and see beautiful places, and they’re likely to share vacation snaps on Instagram.

Travel agencies offering tour packages to top destinations and landmarks can create a QR code for their Instagram business page so people can quickly find them.

They can then encourage their clients to tag them in their IG posts and stories and recommend their services to their followers.

Musicians and artists

The music industry is well aware of Instagram’s power because it allows bands and artists to communicate directly with fans and keep them up to speed on new albums or tours. 

Artists can use a QR code on event tickets or promotional posters that lead to their Instagram page so that fans can follow their verified account.

Videographers and photographers

Creatives in the videography and photography in Instagram can use their feed as a portfolio.

They can curate their commissioned projects to showcase their talent and skill.

With the right strategy and enough engagement, their work may end up on the Discover page and reach thousands of users—millions, even.

They can create an Instagram QR code and add it to their resumes or business cards so potential clients can instantly see their best works.

QR code tips and tricks

Choose the right size for the QR code

A QR code’s size matters. If it’s too tiny, smartphones may not detect it.

It might take up too much space on your print materials if it’s too big.

The recommended QR code size is at least 2 cm x 2 cm but take note; the size should depend on where you’ll place it.

Billboards and huge posters will need huge QR codes.

Align with your brand design

Match your QR code to your brand’s style to raise brand awareness. You can add your brand’s logo to the QR code and use your color scheme.

Add a frame with a call to action

Add a call to action to your QR code to let people know what they will find when they scan it. This short tag will also help people notice your profile.

Display QR codes on prominent surfaces

People should be able to see and scan your QR code quickly.

If you put your QR code between the pages of a magazine or on an uneven surface, it could get messed up and stop working.

Place it on a flat surface for better scanning

You should place QR code posters where many people will see them, such as terminals, street signs, and building walls.

Create a QR code with QR TIGER’s Instagram QR code generator

Many digital tools now exist, and you can use them to develop and level up your marketing game.

But it’s essential to go for one that can provide you with what you need—and more.

QR TIGER has proven to be a one-stop QR code shop, ending the Instagram QR code generator vs QR TIGER debate.

It offers more features and functions to help businesses with their social media marketing strategy, especially on Instagram.

Create a QR code using QR TIGER’s Instagram QR code generator today!

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