6 Ways to Have an Interactive Wall With QR Codes

Update:  July 27, 2023
6 Ways to Have an Interactive Wall With QR Codes

A blank wall, display signs, a plain-looking poster, billboard, or mural will be more immersive and enhance your customer experience using an interactive wall with QR codes.

Does your billboard ad or poster not getting enough attention? QR code is the answer.

Its scan and view prompt will catch your audience’s attention and allow them to uncover valuable content.

You can use an interactive wall with QR codes for different purposes.

It can convey a message through your art pieces, engage your students in the classroom, or promote your products and services to a tech-savvy audience.

What is an interactive wall?

An interactive wall makes your ordinary display wall, mural, billboard, or poster more engaging and immersive.

Coupon QR code

Wall displays usually have plain-looking text and images.

However, an interactive wall adds sensory information such as sounds, videos, games, and more interactive content.

Interactive walls are becoming popular with artists, museums, events, and even display signs in stores and establishments.

QR code on a wall: Why do you need to have an interactive wall with QR codes?

QR code technology has smart solutions to make an interactive wall engaging and make any information come to life using videos, sounds, images, and more embedded in the code.

This two-dimensional barcode can store large information such as a video file, audio, image, PDF document, or a URL/website link.

By pointing a smartphone camera or a third-party app at the QR code, users can unlock new messages and expose new content that can be updated at any time using a dynamic QR code.

Marketers are using QR codes in a dynamic form so they can also track the number of scans in the QR codes of interactive walls.

It serves as their basis if their QR code campaigns get enough attention from their audience.

QR code on a wall: 6 ways to make an interactive wall with QR codes

1. Make an interactive wall art using a video QR code

Video content is more engaging and memorable and drives more traffic.

Its growing popularity makes it fitting to use a video QR code solution to make it easy for scanners to see and view the video about the message of your wall art.

To convert your convert into a video QR code, use the file QR code solution and click the file tab. Then, upload your video to generate your QR code.

Once the QR code is scanned, the video will display on the scanner’s smartphone screen.

Museum QR code

This file QR code service allows you to upload and generate your video QR code, but you can also upload other files like MP3, Jpeg, PDF, word, excel files, and more!

So, for example, if you want to replace your video QR code with another video content or files like a PDF, MP3, or image, you don’t have to recreate another QR code, as it is a dynamic form.

It makes your QR code campaign in your interactive wall immersive.

2. Create an interactive mural with the H5 editor

Are you looking for ways how to have free domain hosting without the need for programming skills?

H5 Editor or H5 webpage allows you to create a mobile-optimized landing page that will make your mural or any type of interactive content engaging.

You can customize your webpage to align with your branding or campaign theme. You can even add valuable content like videos and images.

If you want to add coded content, just switch to code view.

3. MP3 QR code

Do you want to share an audio file (maybe music, podcast, or audiobook) with your audience?

The MP3 QR code is the right solution for a more immersive experience when people scan your interactive wall.

Scanners can directly access and listen to the audio file through its scan and view feature.

They don’t have to download the audio’s corresponding streaming app to listen.

To embed audio into a QR code, you can either upload the file or embed the audio’s link from your preferred music streaming platform.

Mp3 QR code

4. Engage the audience with a multi-URL QR code

Contests and giveaways catch the attention of any person. Who doesn’t love to get free items by scanning a code?

Using a scan-based multi-URL QR code, you can make a successful QR code campaign that rewards a specific number of scanners.

For example, you can lead the first 15 scanners to a webpage where they can fill up their contact information and get a verification of the prizes they’ll receive.

But make sure that you input a start URL (which can be your company’s webpage of items on sale) to which the other participants who are beyond the 15 scanners will be redirected.

5. Dynamic URL QR code

If you want to boost traffic to your website and promote the information found on your website, you can use a dynamic URL QR code for this.

For example, launching a new product collection on your e-commerce site can simply print the URL QR code along with your posters or billboards.

Take, for example, how Victoria’s Secret entices people to scan the QR code on its billboard that showcases the brand’s latest lingerie collection!

A dynamic URL QR code will redirect your scanners to your website without the hassle of typing the URL address.

It is recommended to use a dynamic URL QR code so you can redirect the existing URL to another URL. You can also track the QR code scans, which is ideal for your campaign.

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6. Educational content of historic sites

Tourists like to know more about the place they’re visiting. QR codes can be used to make tourist spots informative and engaging.

With this technology, you don’t have to deploy many tour guides to each scenic spot in the city.

You can share valuable information such as the place’s etymology, history, and other interesting facts through the file QR code solution.

If you also want to guide your tourists, you can share a map using a JPEG QR code or a Google Map QR code.

Moreover, to further engage them, you can share information using videos.

You can either share the video you uploaded on YouTube by converting the URL into a YouTube QR code or use the video QR code solution under file QR code to convert a video file into a QR code directly.

Tourists will immediately scan the code to access the video using a smartphone device.

How to make an interactive wall with QR codes

  • Go to QR TIGER online
  • Select the type of QR code you need for your interactive wall
  • Enter the corresponding details
  • Switch from static to dynamic QR code to edit and track your QR code
  • Personalize your QR code
  • Scan test and check for errors
  • Download the QR code and distribute it to store managers

Why should you use dynamic QR codes for your interactive wall?

We keep mentioning dynamic QR codes above, so let’s have a short overview first of this QR code type.

A dynamic QR code is another type of QR code aside from a static QR.

Dynamic QR codes allow you to edit your QR code content even after printing or deploying the original QR code.

Aside from being an editable QR code, you can gauge and measure the success of your QR code campaign since dynamic QR codes track the number of scans, the location of scanners, and the device used.

Dynamic QR code is economical to use, and you can save a lot of resources (especially time) since you will no longer have to reprint or redistribute your QR code when you edit the content.

Editing your QR codes

To edit your QR code, click on the QR code tracking data. Then go to your campaign, and click on the ‘edit data’ button for you to add another URL or file.

Tracking your QR codes

As mentioned, dynamic QR code tracks the QR code scans. You can see a detailed report of your QR code campaign via the downloadable CSV file.

Plus, you can integrate Google Analytics for robust data of your QR code campaign.

Real-life examples of interactive walls with QR codes

1. QR code in the mural to convey a powerful message

A 42-foot high installation or mural called “The Wall for Women,” made by mural artist Ola Volo attracts passers-by in Vancouver.

Hidden QR code

As they take a mural picture, it reveals a series of hidden QR codes that reveal statistics about the prevalence of domestic violence.

URL QR code

The QR codes direct scanners to a dedicated landing page with information and resources and ask for donations to support women experiencing violence.

2. QR code to reveal an image of a woman in a glass art

TERRE DES FEMMES and a glass artist Simon Berger made glass art in a shop window of a Munich restaurant.

Glass art

The figure is a face of a woman-– the activist Romy Stangl, who was affected by domestic violence. In the glass art, a QR code is placed; when scanned, the artwork comes to life virtually.

Interactive QR code

3. Yeezy Gap Round Jacket launching with a QR code

Gap and Yeezy collaboration launched their new round jacket item and featured a QR code in their advertisement.

It went live using projections of the Yeezy Gap Round Jacket with a QR code in different cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

4. TikTok OOH advertising with QR codes

TikTok rolled out its first-ever outdoor advertising campaign to give more unsigned artists a voice and audience.

QR code advertisment

Billboard and fly posters are placed near iconic music venues in various areas such as London, Liverpool, and Manchester.

It featured QR codes, which, when scanned, scanners will be redirected to a dedicated showcase of talented unsigned artists on TikTok.

Interactive wall QR codes: The digital way to enhance engagement

As the mobile-centered society grows, QR codes change how brands, artists, and marketers catch their audience’s attention.

The QR code on the wall is a promising tool that transforms a simple wall or mural into a more immersive display. It connects your audience to valuable content they can access by scanning the QR code.

For only a matter of seconds, you can bring your audience to engaging videos, pictures, audio, or information.

Related terms

Interactive QR code

QR codes can make any marketing materials interactive by providing value-added digital content for your target audience by connecting offline users to the online dimension.

Hidden QR codes in art

QR codes can also be mixed in the artwork. These codes can be embedded in paintings to make interactive art.

Tony Taj, an artist, and designer from Seattle, uses QR codes on his artworks to make a creative and engaging way to make the combination of digital and traditional art.


How to create an interactive wall mural?

You need to have the most advanced QR code generator to create an interactive wall mural using QR codes.

You can use the solutions such as video QR codes, MP3 QR codes, YouTube QR codes, Jpeg QR codes, and many more.

These solutions will help you add more engaging content such as videos, audio, PDF document, an image, or your company URL with resources to your wall mural.

QR code mural

A QR code mural is an interactive type of mural display that uses QR code technology to redirect scanners to pieces of valuable content such as videos, images, audio files, and documents.

Artists are using QR codes in their murals and art displays to attract more attention and get more engagement from the audience.

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