Linktree QR code: How to make a customized QR code for Linktree

Last updated:  July 28, 2021

If you use Linktree to store all your social media links and, then you must have heard about Linktree QR codes, Linktree’s new link embedding feature.

If there is one platform that keeps people using the internet for more than three days, that would be the use of social media.

With over 3.78 billion users in social media, the number of emerging social media platforms over time rises.

Ranging from the conventional connect and talk means down to photo and video-sharing, these platforms keep their uniqueness appealing.

Because of that, the OG social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram are upping their game with perks.

But as the number of social media platforms increases, influencers and businesses are having a hard time sharing their social media links to their fans.

As placing two or more links in one post is a no-go for social media users, the use of a social media reference landing page rises.

One landing page that gain fame is Linktree, an Australia-based startup that eases the lives of millions of influencers and businesses across the world.

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Linktree and the 2D barcode

In today’s current technological utilization, Linktree has also provided a QR code that can handle the people’s need to easily access the influencers’ and businesses’ social media links.

But as the code Linktree provides is only the ones with the black and white color and a box and square design, having a unique design is an issue for users.

linktree qr code

To solve this issue, you can integrate the use of a QR code generator with logo to create a personalized design for their Linktree QR codes.

In doing one, all you need is your URL and a custom design QR code generator with logo.

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What is a Linktree QR code?

As a landing page for all social media links, the Linktree QR code is a type of QR code that serves as a portal for all social media links on one landing page.

It is the code counterpart of your Linktree URL where people will only have to scan the code to access all your embedded social media handles.

In Linktree’s current 2D barcode integration, only the black and white design options are offered and used by most Linktree users today.

How to create a customized Linktree QR code?

There are 7 simple ways in creating your customized Linktree QR code:

1. Copy the URL of the Linktree you created.


Before creating your customized code, you must first take hold of your Linktree URL. There are two ways on how to get them. By typing and by clicking the share icon and choosing the get link section.

2. Go to


Once you have secured a copy of your Linktree URL, you can proceed in opening a custom design QR code generator with logo like QRTiger.

3. Choose the URL category and paste your Linktree link


4. Generate as a dynamic QR code

To track how many people have scanned your QR code, it is recommended to generate your QR code as a dynamic one.


Aside from tracking your QR code data, you can also edit its content and save money from creating and printing new ones.

5. Customize your Linktree QR code

In customizing your code, you can either select some of the suggested QR code design templates or create a new one from scratch.


In customizing your code design from scratch, you can select the set of patterns, eye shapes, and colors. But in the set color category, you can choose from customizing one set of color, color gradient, and eye color.

You can also add your logo and select a frame that fits your promotion template.

6. Test if it works

undefinedOnce the customization process is done, proceed in doing a series of scan tests by using different types of scanning devices to scan the code.

Through this, you can ensure that your QR code scans at a faster rate and displays the right information.

7. Download and deploy

After the scan test, you can continue downloading your QR code and place it in your print and digital promotional materials.


If you are planning to place your QR code in the print paper, download your file in SVG format. In this way, you can keep the code’s quality after resizing and placing them in your print paper.

For digital ones such as social media posts, download your QR code in PNG format.

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Use cases of a custom Linktree QR code

Business cards

Traditionally, business cards are meant to hold a businessman’s contact information such as its numbers, emails, and address. But as things are getting modernized, people can transact their business deals on social media.


Because of that, the traditional definition of business cards is changed into social media reach outs. Thus, making social media business cards a possible one to create.

Businesses that rely on social media to get more customers can make their social media business cards by embedding their custom Linktree QR code in their physical business cards.

Print Media Promotions

As nothing beats a good old print media promotion, some of the famous and successful enterprises and influencers still use print media to promote their newest product or service for potential customers in the offline market.


By making print media promotions as one of the customer/fan growth strategies they employ, the use of custom LinkTree QR codes becomes their ticket in engaging with potential fans/customers.

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Social Media

You can place your Linktree QR code in your social media by simply uploading an image into your social media pages and pin them.


In this way, your newfound followers will easily know how to follow you on your other social media handles by just scanning the code.


To further promote your brand with style, you can place your QR code in your wearable. You can do this by placing the code in your t-shirts, wristbands, or any clothing that can attract people’s attention.

In this way, people will curiously scan the code and find themselves immersed in the things you do on social media.

Product packaging


As a way to adapt to the new norms in connecting with the customers, many businesses are making room for their social media promotions in their product packaging.

But as they are placing two or more social media directories into their packaging, people tend to only type one social media handle.

Because of that, many businesses are having imbalanced social media followings.

Benefits of using a custom Linktree QR code

One of the main goals Linktree envisions for their customers is to provide one link for all social media and business links.

With QR codes as part of their one link for all revolution, here are five benefits that every Linktree user can get for using them.



Of all wireless technological tools that you can use today, QR codes are deemed as one of the cheapest tools that you can use out there. As it only requires you a QR code generator and your Linktree URL, you will spend less in running a social media following growth campaign.

Because of that, you can save more money using QR codes than any other wireless technology.

Can be placed anywhere

Whether on print or digital platforms, you can easily place the QR codes in any location. As they are customizable, the problem in matching them with your promotional materials eradicates.

Thus, making QR codes a must-have tool in any themed campaigns for businesses and influencers.

Easy to access

As scanning QR codes are as easy as pointing to your smartphone’s dedicated camera on the code, people can easily open your Linktree links without the need of typing the main link in their browsers.



One function Linktree QR code lacks from the custom Linktree QR code is its ability to provide scan results for the user.

Because of that, businesses and influencers are missing huge opportunities for their campaigns.

To resolve this issue, the use of a custom Linktree QR code allows you to track pertinent scan results and let you know how many new social media followers come from scanning your QR code.

With the use of a custom Linktree QR code, you can track the number of devices that scan the code, its scan location, timeline of the scans made, and device operating system.

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Social Media QR code: The best alternative to Linktree QR code 


Like Linktree that links all of your social media platforms, creating a social media QR code is a powerful QR solution that connects and displays all of your social media apps and e-commerce apps in one scan!

This allows you to maximize your social media followers and subscribers by making it easy for them to follow you in all of those platforms!

Furthermore, you can also track the data of your social media QR code scans! 

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Custom QR code – Create your customized QR code with QRTiger!

Linktree has come to provide a solution for businesses and social media influencers with their issues in linking and promoting their other social media platforms. 

However, to get the best possible experience, the social media QR code is one of the best alternative that can provide you a more powerful way of connecting all of your social media apps in one QR!

With one scan of social media QR code, this will display all of your apps in your user's smartphone device! 


I can’t access Linktree’s website, Are there any Linktree alternatives that you can recommend me to use?

If you are having an issue opening Linktree’s site, there is a QR code solution that you can always run into. It has almost the same concept as Linktree’s but the modification process makes it more easy and comprehensive.

And that solution is called Social Media QR code and you can make one through QRTiger’s social media QR code generator.

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