What is the Best Free Short URL Generator Online?

Update:  May 03, 2024
What is the Best Free Short URL Generator Online?

Did you know you can use a QR code software as a short URL generator to cut your lengthy links and turn them into scannable images?

Let’s face it: Lengthy links are not only visually unappealing but are also inconvenient to use for sharing, especially when they’re in print.

Thanks to the existence of URL shortener platforms, you can now conveniently make your link shorter in seconds.

A dynamic QR code generator also works as a great alternative to these platforms, transforming long URLs into scannable, clickable QR codes that link users straight to virtually anywhere online.

More than a QR code maker, QR TIGER is in fact a versatile platform where users can shorten, organize, analyze, and create custom short links.

In this article, we’ll show you how to convert lengthy links or resources into a short one in just seconds. Continue reading to get started.

What is a short URL?

A short URL, or a short link, is a condensed version of a long, complex URL (Uniform Resource Locator). It addresses the common issues of URLs: complexity and length.

The maximum URL length is 2,048 characters. But, the ideal URL length for search engine visibility is 75 characters. Either way, long links can be extremely hard to remember.

This is why short URLs are better. They’re easy to remember and share. They save space and can even be customized with your brand name.

What is a URL shortener?

Url shortener

A URL shortener is a platform that lets users shorten URLs.

A short URL platform lets users shorten lengthy links for easier sharing. Short links aren’t just better for sharing across platforms; they’re also more visually appealing.

For example, a URL with over 118 characters can be converted into “qr1.be/ABCD” using a short link generator. This allows links to be more flexible and applicable in a number of use cases.

Can QR TIGER QR Code Generator generate short links?

Short url generator

Yes. QR TIGER can generate short links by converting any links into a scannable QR code with a short URL. It’s a two-in-one platform: a QR code maker and a short link generator.

QR TIGER is widely known as the most advanced QR code generator online. But the platform is much more versatile than you think.

QR TIGER can convert any long links to short links and smartphone-scannable codes. So, aside from generating QR codes, it also works as a short URL generator.

Here’s how it works: Once you generate a dynamic URL QR code, the system also generates a unique short link version of your QR that’s ready for sharing across platforms.

This way, you can share the QR code or the shortened link version. This lets you achieve a more tailored approach to reaching your audience.

The default short URL looks like this: qr1.be/ABCD

What’s even better is that QR TIGER users can customize short URLs for more on-point branding.

With the white label QR code feature, users can now replace the default short URL with their own custom domain.

Shorten links in seconds using QR TIGER

Learn how to create a URL QR code to generate short links in just a few seconds:

  1. Select the URL QR code solution
  2. Paste the URL on the blank field
  3. Select Dynamic QR. Then click Generate QR code.
  4. Customize your QR according to your liking.
  5. Run a quick test scan to double-check for errors. Then, download to save.
  6. Click on My Account > Dashboard to see your new QR code with the short URL.

How QR TIGER’s link management software works

QR TIGER link management software can generate QR codes and short URLs simultaneously. Note that this only works on dynamic QR codes.

Each generated dynamic QR code has a short URL. Users can either use the QR code, the short link version, or both for personal or commercial purposes.

With QR TIGER, all generated assets are stored in a centralized place. The Dashboard acts as the “hub” for all QR codes and links, which users can access anytime for easier management and control.

Here, users can organize, edit, see the statistics, and enable other advanced features.

Practical benefits of URL shortener

Link shortener

Here are the benefits of using a short URL platform to shorten links.

Easier link sharing

Sharing the specific links of content ensures users are redirected to the right web pages. However, a link with plenty of characters isn’t as appealing to share on the brand’s social media sites, emails, and newsletters.

That’s where short URLs come in. As previously mentioned, short links are more manageable and take up less space in posts.

In addition, long links are prone to error. A character in the middle of the link can be mistakenly deleted, making the link invalid.

In cases like this, users can easily trace their errors as the links are shorter. It also means they can quickly correct them when needed.

URL branding

Depending on the link shortener, brands can create customized short links or integrate their custom domains that reflect the name of their business.

It presents a golden opportunity for any business to increase its visibility in the ever-competitive online spaces.

In line with the URL branding, it instills trust within users to click on the link. As the link reflects the name of the business, users become less wary that it may lead to fraudulent web pages that may infect their devices or compromise their data.

Better accessibility, more traffic

Quick access = increase in traffic.

Increased traffic means better campaign performance, leading to better opportunities for leads, conversion, and sales.

The great thing is that a link shortener platform renders tracking and analytics features that help brands monitor and manage their short links. Using it in the long run can yield more traffic, more engagement, more leads, better brand visibility, and more!

Measurable campaigns

A short URL generator offers tracking and analytics features that brands can use to monitor clicks, conversions, and other performance metrics.

In essence, a URL generator acts as a marketing tool that brands can use to push for their current roster of products and services or promote their launches or events.

And since your code is a dynamic QR, you can access detailed reports with its QR code tracking feature.

Data collected from tracking and analyzing the performance of these short links can be used for business development, creating products and services that can stir further growth for the brand.

Most of all, brands can also determine which active campaign gained the most or least traffic and engagement.

What makes QR TIGER an ideal short URL generator?

A QR code maker works just as well as a short URL maker. However, it begs the question: why choose one over the other?

To make it clear why QR TIGER is better, here are the reasons:

More than just a QR code generator

Shorten link

QR TIGER is more than just a QR code software. It’s also works as a link shortener platform for easier link management and sharing.

And it doesn’t end here.

QR TIGER Enterprise lets users generate, manage, and share up to 3,000 shortened unique links. Users can do this without interruption with their ever-efficient and high-end QR code system.

Short URL generator and QR code maker in one platform

QR TIGER offers the capability of a QR code maker and a short URL platform in just one tool.

The versatility of a QR code generator allows brands to have a wide range of  solutions and high-end features.

Using a single platform, businesses can create short links, multi URL QR code, vCard QR codes, file QR codes, and more.

Economical and cost-effective

QR TIGER is a two-in-one marketing tool. When using QR TIGER, you can generate a quick response code and a shortened URL version.

It’s a platform that can convert a lengthy link to a clickable QR code with a short link for easier sharing.

While there are free short URL platforms online, users still have to pay for an active subscription plan to unlock their full potential for tracking, analytics, and management.

With QR TIGER, users pay for only a single plan and enjoy the benefits of both tools.

Select from QR TIGER’s tiered plans with advanced QR codes and short link features. Sign up today and get a $7 discount on any yearly plan!

Safe and secure

Safe link shortener

Along with SSL, GDPR, and CCPA compliance, QR TIGER is also ISO 27001 certified. It upholds the strongest international security standards for cybersecurity and cyber data management.

This platform wants all users and brands to have the confidence to use the technology.

Even when enabling multi-user access to the dashboard of QR TIGER Enterprise users, it gives the brands full authority to set permissions on who can view, manage, and modify short URLs.

Shorten links in a snap with QR TIGER now

QR TIGER has become one of the most widely-used QR code platforms online—and for a very good reason.

This platform continues to adapt and integrate new technologies to be the ultimate marketing platform that meets specific industry needs and requirements.

With QR TIGER QR Code Generator, brands can get the full potential of common marketing tools, such as short URLs in QR codes, enterprise resource planning systems, digital marketing software, and many more.

To get started with your journey, visit QR TIGER now.

Frequently asked questions

What is a custom URL?

A custom URL, also known as a branded URL, is a unique web address customized for commercial or marketing purposes. It is a shortened link version for easier brand identification, better credibility, and faster link sharing.

What is a white label feature?

A white label feature allows brands or businesses to customize or rebrand their QR code link. So, instead of the default QR code short URL, users can change it to their own domain to fit their brand.

What is the best custom URL generator?

The best short URL generator depends on the specific features you need. For a foolproof choice  that has both basic and advanced features, consider visiting QR TIGER.

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