'Love, Death + Robots' TV Show Lets NFT Collectors Own Artworks Via QR Codes

Update:  August 19, 2023
'Love, Death + Robots' TV Show Lets NFT Collectors Own Artworks Via QR Codes

When the TV show Love, Death + Robots launched in its third season, Netflix also released a virtual scavenger hunt for 9 hidden QR codes that lead visitors to virtual collectibles of the show.

This lets NFT collectors own these artworks via  2D codes. 

The QR code is scattered on different advertising platforms such as social media, billboards, TV on-screen, and the show itself.

When scanned, the QR codes direct them to an internet site that presents virtual collectibles and visible artwork of the TV show collection. 

TV viewers must hold an eager eye to catch the QR-coded artworks. 

NFT fan collectors can get the virtual artwork by “minting” it at no cost to prompt it and upload it to their collection.

Nft QR code

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Minting the artwork turns on the displayed online art and will be cryptographically authenticated and delivered to their virtual asset collection. 

So far,  3 Love, Death, and Robots QR code works of art have been unveiled to the general public eye, so there are, nonetheless, six ultimate QR codes to look out for.

Who would have thought that these tiny 2nd barcodes and a reputedly non-existent virtual device would make a huge distinction in how you do TV advertising?

QR codes have undoubtedly reached every other degree of advertising innovation that bridges the space toward NFTs. 

QR codes on TV shows have become the mainstream entertainment 

QR codes on TV commercials have become popular because of their flexibility; these codes have additionally received interest from TV viewers to have a fascinating and amusing experience. 

That said, the TV collection Love, Death + Robots is not the first to apply a QR code ad TV display.  

Just recently, the series Moon Knight used QR codes on TV to surprise fanatics with a hidden message. 

Tv show QR code

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In addition to the QR code bandwagon on TVs, a scene from the film Red Notice in 2021 additionally consists of a QR code. 

Red notice QR code

The QR code was discovered as Hartley confirmed the occasion security invitation. The code directs visitors to extraordinary behind-the-visible pictures on set.

Moreover, the Greenland movie in 2020 additionally showcased a QR code dispatched to John in Greenland, wherein it brings up his call while scanning.

Greenland QR code

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QR codes in TV shows and movies as a value-added marketing tech tool 

QR codes in television can pique the interest of TV viewers, making it fun and engaging for them to scan.

Furthermore, it is also an excellent tool for marketers to reach a broader audience via offline and online campaigns. 

In addition, TV marketers don’t even need to create another QR code by using the dynamic type of QR code. 

They can recycle their previous QR code campaign using the dynamic one by simply updating the QR code content to another. 

This makes QR codes suitable for long-term use and also money-wise for marketers. 

Tracking your QR code ROI results is also possible with a QR code generator like QR TIGER

QR TIGER allows you to track your QR code scans in real-time using the QR code tracking system to make you understand the results of your campaign and create an effective QR code marketing strategy. 

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