8 Ways You Can Market Your Audiobook With QR Codes

Last updated:   March 01, 2023

QR codes for authors and book publishers have never been a new idea. In fact, these codes have been utilized for several years long now to give life and a new digital dimension to print media. 

Furthermore, these codes have helped to bridge the offline print media to online, to catch up with the fast-paced and ever-changing digital innovations.

Using QR codes to market your audiobooks will help authors and publishers to open new opportunities to reach out and connect to their listeners in any kind of medium you preferred to use.

QR codes are 2D barcodes that embed information such as a podcast, MP3, and any audio file.

These codes are accessible using a smartphone device and when scanned, will enable to automate playing an audio file to the user's mobile device.

QR codes come in a variety of solutions for a specific QR code content that you need. 

So, how can you use these codes to automate and promote your audiobooks?

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Audiobook industry in 2022

Have you noticed lately that most of the people including your friends seem to be hooked up with listening to audiobooks? 

Audiobook industry in 2021

With the proliferation of smart technology, studies show that half of Americans over the age of 12 have listened to an audiobook in the previous year, a 44% significant increase from the previous year’s findings. A study conducted by Edison Research and Triton Digital.

Listening to audiobooks has become a more appealing trend among millennials and Gen Z and has grown rapidly more than any other format and consuming content as audio. Audiobooks are continuing to rise along with print and e-books.

According to respondents, compared to reading, audiobooks were much also preferred for book lovers when they needed to get through a book more quickly in a short amount of time.  

How QR codes will help you market your audiobooks 

As we have mentioned, QR codes provide digital content directly to listeners because of their ability to be accessed using smartphone devices. 

These codes can embed any type of information that will be useful for your audiobook marketing.

These codes that embed information is generated using a QR code generator online.

QR codes are also known for their flexibility. These codes can be displayed in both offline and online marketing campaigns. 

QR codes help market audiobooks

Therefore, you can print and place these codes to any medium e.g posters, billboards, magazines flyers, and even when displayed in your online campaign or have the QR codes send in your emails! 

Ways to use QR codes for your audiobook marketing

Redirect the QR code to audio streaming services 

You can generate a URL QR code to redirect your listeners straight away to your audiobook in audio streaming services.

If you have an account in streaming or audio streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, etc, copy the URL of your audiobook and paste the URL in the QR code generator in the URL section to generate your QR code.

Redirect QR code streaming services

Once the QR code is scanned, it will redirect listeners to your audiobook. 

Send the QR code via email 

Take your audio email marketing to the next level!

When sending an email to your newsletter subscriber, you can add an MP3 QR code to give your readers a teaser or an overview of your audiobook.

QR code via email

Automate audiobook marketing with QR codes on social media 

Get the best out of your audiobooks marketing with a social media QR code! 

Social media is a good outlet to promote anything including your audiobooks for a better and wider reach. But how can you get the best out of it?

Using a social media QR code will house all of your social media links altogether where readers can directly listen or download your audiobook on their preferred social media.

qr code Automate audiobook marketing

You can embed links using the social media QR code that will redirect to your audiobook promotion.

Social media QR code is also useful to make on-the-spot connections to your readers since this will automatically redirect your readers to your social media profiles without having to look for it manually

Interactive audiobook marketing with QR codes on print media 

For marketing your audiobook in print media, you can generate a URL QR code on magazines, brochures, or posters that will redirect your listeners to your audiobook download.

This way, you can make your print audiobook marketing interactive to your target audience by adding a digital element.

qr code audiobook marketing on print media

Promote Audiobooks via website 

You cannot only print QR codes but you can also have these codes displayed on your website!

When your website visitors lands on your page, they can just scan the QR code shown on your website to download your audiobook directly to their smartphone devices.

How to make a QR code for your audiobook marketing 

  • Enter the corresponding details needed to generate your QR code
data generate QR code
  • Switch from static to dynamic and click generate QR code
dynamic qr code
  • Customize your QR code for your audiobook marketing campaign
customize qr code
  • Do a scan test and make sure it redirects to the correct content or landing page
  • Download your QR codedownload qr code

Editing and tracking your QR code for an audiobook marketing campaign

Editing the QR code content for your audiobook marketing campaign

 With dynamic QR code solutions, you can edit the content of your QR code for your audiobook marketing campaign anytime, anywhere.

The power of dynamic QR codes allows you to have multiple campaigns in one QR code without necessarily having to generate another QR code.

editable dynamic qr code

With that being said, you can save your time, money, and effort in printing QR codes. QR codes are editable even if you print or distribute them in your online campaigns.

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Tracking the QR code scans of your audiobook marketing campaign

You can also track your QR code audiobook marketing campaign scans with dynamic QR codes.

Tracking your QR code scans enables you to gauge the success of your audiobook marketing.

track data dynamic qr code

It unlocks important statistics such as the demographics of the scanners, the device they used when they scan your QR code, how many scans do you get in a day/weeks/months or years.

QR code tracking helps you understand your campaign and the behavior of your target audience.

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Use the best QR code generator and create QR codes for Audiobook Marketing to maximize your reach

Using QR codes from the best QR code generator in your audiobook marketing not only adds a digital space to your marketing material and captivates your listeners, but it can help you as well as an author to establish your profile.

For more questions about how you can use QR codes in your audiobook marketing, contact us today for more information. 

brands using qr codes