Share Your Mother’s Day Greeting Video Using QR Codes

Update:  August 07, 2023
Share Your Mother’s Day Greeting Video Using QR Codes

Mothers’ unconditional love knows no bounds; they’re always ready to sacrifice themselves for their families—especially their children.

If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to tell your mom that you love her, you can surprise her with a video where you’ll pour your heart out.

That way, it’s more memorable and heartfelt.

And to make the surprise even more thrilling, you can share your Mother’s Day greeting video using QR codes.

You can print a QR code on a card, hand it to your mother, and then tell her to scan it with her smartphone. This idea will surely get her all emotional and sappy.

Now, that’s more efficient and convenient than sending her the video through social media or email.

With the QR code, your greeting video is more easily accessible.

The good news is that creating a QR code is now much easier and faster with the best QR code generator online platform. And the best part? You can even use it for free!

In this article, learn more about creating QR codes and using them for your Mother’s Day surprise.

How does a video QR code work?

Mothers day QR code

Let’s break down QR codes first so you’ll fully understand how they work.

Generally speaking, QR codes store information in ‘modules’—the tiny squares that make up the QR code’s pattern. Users need only to scan the QR code with their smartphones to access the encoded data.

Now, a video QR code contains a link that will lead scanners to a video they can instantly watch on their device.

QR codes come in two main types: static and dynamic. You can use both these types for your videos.

Static video QR code

A static QR code stores your data directly in its modules, making it permanently encoded.

Once generated, you cannot change its content anymore.

But the good news is you can create them for free. And on top of that, these QR codes can work and last forever.

It’s also worth noting that static video QR codes can work just as well if your Mother’s Day greeting video is already online, such as on Google Drive or social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. 

The static video QR code is a convenient and hassle-free option that eliminates the need for physical media, such as USB drivers or DVDs, and can still add a personal touch to your greeting. 

Dynamic video QR code

A dynamic QR code is more advanced than a static one. Instead of directly encoding your information, it stores a short URL in its pattern.

This link redirects scanners to the actual data you have embedded.

This feature lets you replace or change the data in your QR code even though you’ve generated or printed it.

It also makes dynamic QR codes capable of storing files like documents, mp3, and videos.

But how does that work? Here’s the answer:

The QR code software stores your data on the short URL’s landing page. This way, users can view and download your file.

With a dynamic video QR code, you can let your mom save your video greeting on her smartphone.

You can also update your video greeting anytime.

How to create a Mother’s Day greeting video QR code with QR TIGER QR code generator

Many tools for creating QR codes are available online, but if you want guaranteed quality of your QR codes, it’s best to go for reliable software such as QR TIGER.

It is a user-friendly QR code platform that allows you to create and customize QR codes.

You can even use it for free and without an account.

And if you want to, you can also quickly sign up for a freemium account; no credit card details are needed.

QR TIGER also offers advanced customization tools that allow you to create a unique and personalized QR code for your Mother’s Day greeting video. 

Follow this step-by-step guide on how to create a video QR code for Mother’s Day: 

  1. Go to the QR TIGER  QR code generator homepage and log into your account (if you have one)
  2. Choose any of these solutions, depending on where your video is: URL, File, and YouTube.

Note: You’ll need an account to use the File QR code solution

  1. Paste your greeting video link or upload your file to the QR TIGER platform.
  2. Select either Static or Dynamic QR, then click Generate QR code.
  3. Customize your QR code to make it more attractive. You can even add a Mother’s Day logo or a picture of your mom to the QR code.
  4. Run a test scan with your smartphone to check for any errors or issues.
  5. Download your QR code. You can then print it on a card, gift, or any other item you want to give your mom.

Why use video QR codes for Mother’s Day greeting

Video QR codeHere are some advantages of using a video QR code for your video greetings and messages:


Adding QR codes along with your cards, flowers, or gifts can add pizzazz to your surprise and make it more special. Let your mom scan the QR code to watch your video greeting.

On top of that, you can create other QR codes for images, songs, or poems to accompany each gift you give. The added interactivity can make the experience more memorable.


Most people won’t expect to see a QR code in their gifts, and when they see one, they’d surely be amazed and left in awe. It can also make them curious, wanting to know where it’ll lead.

Convenient and accessible

By sharing your video greeting QR code using QR codes, it’s much easier for your recipients to keep and access your gift anytime.

They only have to scan the code with their smartphones to watch it again.


One advantage of QR codes is that you can share them in print or online.

Whether making a digital greeting card or a printed one, you can easily integrate the QR code to make your greeting more special.

Easier to share

Users can share QR codes easily through various channels, including social media, email, or messaging apps. 

It makes it easier to share your personalized gift with family members or friends who live far away and can’t be with you in person.

Other creative ideas for Mother’s Day surprises with QR codes

Suprise QR code
If you don’t feel like making a video greeting, there are other things you can do to surprise your mom on Mother’s Day. And you can use QR codes for them too. Check out these examples:

Playlist of songs

Make a playlist of your mom’s favorite songs on Spotify and create a custom Spotify QR code for her. Your mom can scan the code to listen to the songs she loves.

Poems and special messages

If you have a flair for writing, use it to express your love and affection for your dear mother.

The best QR code generator offers three solutions:

  • The URL QR code for poems you wrote on social media or on Google Docs; 
  • The File QR code for poems in Microsoft Word (.docx) format;
  • The Text QR code for short poems.

With this alternative to written poems, it’d be easier for your mom to keep your poetry.

Photo montage

You can use the H5 editor QR code to make a mobile page for a virtual scrapbook or photo album.

With its “Slider Images” feature, you can create a slideshow of images showing your mom’s favorite memories.

Feel free to customize the page with designs, then add a personalized message to make it more meaningful.

It’s a fun and creative way to take your mom down memory lane and show her how much she means to you. She can scan the code, view the photo album, and reminisce.

Virtual scavenger hunt

Create a virtual scavenger hunt using QR codes that lead your mom to different locations in your home or backyard. 

Help your mom find and scan each code for clues about the target destination.

It could be a restaurant where you’ll enjoy a sumptuous meal together after the game.

Give gift certificates 

Gift certificates or GCs are a thoughtful and practical way to give your mom something she will appreciate while allowing her to choose something she wants.

And the good news is you can embed these options into a QR code.

Add a personalized QR code to your greeting card and other items, such as a bouquet or a favorite treat, to make it even more special. 

GiftLips: The perfect tool for sharing your Mother’s Day greeting video using QR codes

Custom mothers day greeting

GiftLips is a video greeting card generator that offers printable digital cards with a classic paper feel, making them perfect for Mother’s Day and other celebrations.

With over a hundred template designs for different occasions, you will surely find one you can use and send to your friends and loved ones.

You can then add your personalized messages to make the card more heartwarming.

But you must keep it short since the real star is the video greeting.

What sets GiftLips apart is the dynamic QR code feature.

Your greeting card comes with a QR code; your mom can scan it to view a scrollable feed of videos from you or your friends. 

This feature allows you to include multiple videos in one place, making it easier for your mom to access them all in one go.

GiftLips provides a more complete and thoughtful experience than a simple video QR code. 

Rather than just sending a video, you can include it in a physical card your mom can hold. It adds a tangible element to your gift that a video QR code cannot replicate.

5 Heartfelt Ways to Use GiftLips for Mother’s Day

With its unique combination of printable cards and dynamic QR codes, GiftLips can help you make a thoughtful gift that your mom will cherish for years.

Here are five ways you can use GiftLips to show your mom how much she means to you:

Send a personalized message

Use GiftLips to create a personalized card showing your mom how much you care.

Include a heartfelt video of yourself wishing her a happy Mother’s Day and expressing your love and appreciation. 

You can even use the dynamic QR code feature to include additional videos or photos that didn’t make it into the card.

Bring the whole family

With GiftLips, you can include videos from your siblings, dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and anyone important to your mom.

It’s a great way to show her how much everyone loves and appreciates her. 

You can even create a collaborative video with everyone in your family to make it extra special.

Show off your creativity

With over a hundred template designs available, GiftLips lets you get creative and design a unique card for your mom. 

You can use colors, patterns, and fonts that reflect her personality and style.

You can customize the card with images, graphics, or illustrations to create a unique gift.

Share Memories

Create a card that showcases some of your favorite memories with your mom.

Include videos of family vacations, holiday celebrations, and other special moments you shared.

It’s a great way to take a trip down memory lane and remind your mom of all the special times you have shared.

Sharing your Mother’s Day greeting video using QR codes makes it easier for you and your mom to access videos that will bring you back to your most fun memories.

Create a lasting keepsake

Because GiftLips cards are printable, your mom can keep them as a memento of your Mother’s Day celebration.

It allows her to look back on your special message and the videos from your family whenever she wants. 

She can even frame the card and display it in her home or office as a constant reminder of her love and appreciation.

Make Mother’s Day special with personalized greeting videos using QR codes

This Mother’s Day, go the extra mile and create a special and memorable greeting video for the most extraordinary woman in your life.

Share your video greeting with a personalized QR code for a unique and heartfelt way to tell your mom that you love, value, cherish, and adore her.

With some creativity and the help of a reliable QR code generator like QR TIGER, you can create a Mother’s Day greeting video that your mom will cherish forever.

Think of how you want your video to go, then head to QR TIGER to create a unique and heartfelt Mother’s Day QR code.

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