How to Integrate QR Codes in NCAA Football Games

Update:  December 22, 2023
How to Integrate QR Codes in NCAA Football Games

Participating in the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision is a dream come true for collegiate football athletes. 

One game from the highest level of college American football can significantly increase local revenues, draw massive crowds, garner media attention, and bring honor to the school and the players.

The sought-after sports’ popularity across the United States and the world makes every game a prestige and a championship.

Similarly, new technologies like QR codes champion the sportsmanship of collegiate American football by providing a more creative avenue for fan engagements, sponsorships, and brand advertisements.

Get ready to tackle and learn how to use the best QR code generator for sporting events, as well as QR code use cases and benefits.

Integrating QR code technology into the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision

Football game

The NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) is one of the two subdivisions under Division I of the NCAA—the other being the Champion Subdivision (FCS).

The National Collegiate Athletic Association has two other divisions further divided into several subdivisions, conferences, and groupings that play against each other.

Whether it’s college football or any other conference, subdivision, or division, integrating QR code technology into college football is possible in many different facets of the game.

One of these is using QR code ticketing system for game events, sports merchandise campaigns, players’ jerseys, and more.

For fan clubs that want to support their favorite team, QR codes for sporting events can offer you advanced solutions to boost fan engagements, organize pep rallies, and attract more fans through a range of activities.

Otherwise, brands can run advertising campaigns to help sponsor players’ needs to play even better for their next games.

The great thing is that the versatility of QR codes—whether implemented online or offline—can unveil many creative possibilities and applications to make college football events a major success.

Create a QR code for football events using the best QR code generator

To integrate QR code technology in sporting events like NCAA football, you need to use a trusted QR code software with a wide range of advanced QR code solutions and features.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on using a QR code software:

  1. Go to QR TIGER and log into your account.
  2. Select a solution from the menu and enter the required data—a website link, a file, or contact details.
  3. Choose between Static QR and Dynamic QR, then click Generate QR code.

    Tip: With dynamic QR codes, you can update your embedded data and track your scans in real-time. You also get other advanced features like adding passwords.
  4. Customize your QR code to make it more attractive and encourage more scans. Change the patterns, eyes, colors, templates, and frames.
  5. Test your QR code by scanning it. Save your customized QR code in your local file by clicking Download.

    Tip: For best results, download your custom QR with a logo in SVG format. This file format ensures the highest print quality.

Now that your customized QR is ready, you can deploy it on digital or print mediums.

It’s not only big events such as the NCAA that can benefit from using a reliable QR code tool. Even small sporting events, such as school intramurals, inter-school leagues, and even tryouts, can benefit from QR code technology.

You can also create a free dynamic QR code by signing up for QR TIGER’s freemium plan.

Use cases and real-life examples of using QR codes for game days

QR code technology and the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision may seem to be totally unrelated topics, but combining them can be beneficial to hosting enjoyable, safe, and successful game days.

Still doubt using QR codes for sporting events? Take a look at these few real-life examples you can use as inspiration.

Enable a contactless QR code-based ticketing system

Sporting events are just like massive gatherings like concerts or conferences: They require a comprehensive ticketing system.

A contactless QR code-based ticketing system is used by many events worldwide because it’s relatively affordable to implement, easy to track, and secure. 

Regardless of whether the sporting event only has a thousand or ten thousand attendees, sports event organizers can use a bulk QR code generator to effortlessly provide each attendee with a unique QR code to be scanned by authorized personnel upon entry.

As each attendee is assigned a QR code validated before entering the venue, you can prevent ticket fraud, duplicate entries, unauthorized sales, and forgeries.

Place QR codes in TV commercials and advertisements

QR code for advertisement

Sporting events attract spectators not only in the stadiums but also through television and live-streaming platforms.

This makes it a gold mine for advertisers to showcase their products and, simultaneously, organizers to earn even more revenue.

Many brands have begun using a QR code on tv commercials to enhance viewer experience. The tech-savvy addition provides convenient access to sales and promotions and improves viewer engagement.

Retailers fight just to secure the primetime spot to place their QR code for advertisements, especially if an important holiday or a change in season is coming up, such as Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and New Year. 

For Black Friday 2023, Amazon launched an NFL Black Friday campaign for exclusive deals and discounts to drive online purchases for the holiday.

The NFL QR code appeared at the bottom of the screen during the Black Friday game between the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets.

The e-commerce giant dropped several QR codes throughout the game, each leading to an exclusive deal during the Black Friday game.

Connect with players with a QR code on football jerseys

Instead of a jersey number and position, the University of Central Florida (UCF) NCAA players wear QR codes for social media in their football jerseys.

During the 2022 Spring Game, spectators who were quick to scan the UCF QR code jersey amid the action were redirected to the bio pages of UCF players, listing their social media handles and merchandise stores where their fans can purchase goods.

Aside from purely using it for sale or self-promotion, a football QR code on the player’s clothing can redirect audiences to a page raising awareness of certain issues. It also offers fans an avenue to donate to these causes easily.

Compile the medical history in QR codes in cases of emergencies

American football is a physical sport, so players are highly likely to suffer from some kind of injury. It may be imperative that some of these injuries require immediate medical assistance.

In emergencies where injured players need immediate treatment, a QR code bracelet with the player’s medical history can help a team of medical professionals on-site respond more efficiently.

This practice of a medical bracelet isn’t new. Responders have been using medical ID jewelry since 1953.

It has helped medical professionals provide appropriate care to address chronic health conditions, allergies, or other ailments of those wearing medical IDs.

Simply use a dynamic QR code generator to update the player’s medical history. It allows you to edit the embedded information without generating a new QR code for the medical bracelet.

Offer contactless payments for food kiosks and stalls

QR code payment

Food kiosks and stalls experience a massive revenue spike whenever there’s a large sporting event, such as the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision and the National Football League.

With the rise of contactless payment methods, customers must have the option to settle their transactions through these convenient channels.

This way, food concessionaires can have a quicker transaction time, more customers served, and more revenue generated, even amid a massive crowd.

The best part is that businesses can easily integrate a QR code for payment. Simply visit the mobile wallet or mobile banking app and check for the option to generate a QR code.

Save the QR code in your local files, print them in tabletop standees, and place them at the check-out counters for customers to scan.

Give your sports events a kick with QR codes 

QR codes can do wonders for sporting events like the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision, proving that these 2D matrix barcodes hold versatile functions and limitless applications.

Aside from crowd management and ticketing systems, it can help fans connect with their idol players, aid in emergencies, and increase revenues for sports organizations and retailers.

If you unlock the right usage of QR codes, you can surely game up during game days.

Get acquainted with QR TIGER, the best QR code generator packed with top-of-the-line specs and features for your game days.

Sign up today and kickstart your journey in the world of QR codes.

Frequently asked questions

How can you get to join NCAA Division I?

To be eligible for the NCAA Division I, high school athletes must complete the following requirements before enrolling in college:

  • A high school diploma
  • Receive a GPA of 2.3 or higher on the core courses
  • Accomplish 16 core courses:
    • English: 4 years
    • Math (at least Algebra 1 or higher): 3 years
    • Natural/Physical Science (Including one year of lab, if applicable): 2 years
    • Social Science: 2 years
    • Other applicable additional courses in English, Math, or Science
  • Complete ten courses at the start of the senior year or the seventh semester. Seven of these ten courses must be English, Math, or Natural or Physical Science subjects.

What is the QR code on a football jersey?

A QR code on a football jersey can reveal a list of the player’s social media handles. This is a good self-promotion for players to expand their influence and gain a new following.

Players with exclusive merch can place a QR code on jerseys that redirects fans to the websites or mobile stores where these items are available. In a way, their jerseys act as advertisements because they propel customers to make a purchase.

Placing a QR code on jerseys works even with other spectator sports. Be it basketball, volleyball, or tennis, players can use QR codes and get creative with integrating them into their clothing.

Brands using QR codes

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