Best No Code Website Builder: Designing Your Dream Site

Update:  May 03, 2024
Best No Code Website Builder: Designing Your Dream Site

Welcome to the age of no code website builders, where crafting a stunning website doesn’t need lines of code and the uncommon skillset of making them.

It’s okay if you don’t know the first thing about CSS or what to do with HTML because with a user-friendly platform and a keen eye for detail—the budding entrepreneur, inspired artist, and the individual with a vision can bring their ideas to life.

In this article, we’ll unveil the best QR code generator, which will not only make all your web design dreams come true but also help you create an attractive QR code to match.

Together, let’s delve into the special features of one top-notch software to align with your business campaign needs perfectly.

What is a no code website builder?

These are what you call a saving grace for those unfamiliar with the languages of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) or HyperText Markup Language (HTML), composed of coding elements that structure and render pages on the World Wide Web.

With these user-friendly builders, entrepreneurs and individuals can create websites without the need for traditional coding skills or experience, allowing them to design simple webpages with no fuss. 

How can I create a website without code?

Don’t know how to code? No problem because QR TIGER, an advanced QR code generator, does all the heavy lifting for you in five simple steps: 

  1. Go to QR TIGER and log into your account. 
  1. Select the Landing page QR code solution, enter your page’s title and a short description of its purpose, and then add your desired design elements and information. 

Pro-tip: Get creative with the many design features offered, such as the option to add images and videos, change the font, include links, and more. 

  1. Click Generate dynamic QR code to convert your page into a smartphone-scannable code. 
  1. Customize your HTML QR code with your preferred colors, patterns, and frames, and upload a brand logo to amplify brand recall. 
  1. Test scan your QR code to ensure it works properly, then click Download to save it. 

Pro tip: To create beautiful landing pages for free, sign up for QR TIGER’s freemium plan and create up to three free dynamic QR codes with features like scan tracking, content editing, and more.

Stunning samples of no-code landing pages

Take a look at some of the beautiful landing page templates QR TIGER, the best QR code generator has to offer: 

Company Profile template

QR code landing page template

This sleek and clean layout is perfect for business owners who want to make a good impression on customers. Personalize the page and make it your own by replacing or adding images and changing the text. 

You can also add links to your social media profiles so that you can connect with your audience better and encourage organic engagement. 

Museum Art template

Free no code website template

This template is a beautiful example of combining simplistic custom website design with substance. Use it to incorporate your business details while adding a splash of brand personality with related images and videos. 

If you need more than a single page to showcase your products or services, you can always add buttons that link to relevant pages. 

Save The Whales template 

Simple and clean website template

Last but not least is the Save the Whales template. This highlights an organization’s mission and contact details, but you can add, remove, or retain whatever you like. 

For each of these templates, we suggest exploring the platform’s offerings and experimenting to see what works for your page and what doesn’t. 

Best practices when building a website for free

What you should keep in mind when working with a free one page website builder: 

Keep it simple

Sometimes, less really is more. In the case of free website building, you must have a clear direction for your page so you can strategize the best ways to make it as easy to navigate as possible. 

You might want your page to capture leads, promote a product, or drive app downloads. Whatever it may be, avoid cramming too much information to the point of distraction. 

Research and compare

The search for the best no code website builder will begin with what you’re looking for in your ideal platform. Do you prioritize customization? Data security? Or features that completely free software cannot offer? 

Once you figure out the key elements you want, you can go ahead and quickly narrow down your options to a select few. Compare your candidates’ strengths and limitations, then choose the one that best suits your needs. 

Use a dynamic QR code generator

Of course, the great thing about using QR code software to create your webpage is that it comes with a QR code to match, allowing you to spread the word about your page immediately after making it. Is it free? Not always. 

Let us explain. Compared to static QR codes, dynamic ones are much more versatile. They let you change the embedded content (your landing page) and the design of your QR code and can even track scanning performance. 

Since this is an advanced solution, it often comes with a price. 

The good news, though, is that the best QR code generator in town, QR TIGER, has a freemium plan that gives you a generous glimpse into its cool features and actually generates dynamic landing pages for free.

How you can use your customized landing page

QR codes on product packaging

Everyone needs a little inspiration to get their creative juices flowing. Here are a few custom QR code landing page ideas you can use to kickstart your campaign: 

Intriguing exclusive deals

If you have an exclusive deal or content incorporated into your marketing campaign, a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to give people access to it can be through a QR code mobile website of your own. 

Having a well-designed landing page explaining the offer can guide users toward signing up, making a purchase, or engaging with your brand in other ways, like through your social media platforms. 

Fresh seasonal campaigns

A customized landing page can also be a brilliant tool for seasonal campaigns. Since they tend to be dynamic, you can update the content of a single QR code web page based on the current season or event. 

A seasonal marketing campaign can highlight products, promotions, or messaging and even launch interactive experiences tied to your campaign. 

This might involve photo contests, quizzes, or social media challenges. A beverage company, for example, can use a QR code on summer packaging to direct consumers to a landing page with refreshing drink recipes. 

Announcing product launches

Landing pages can be a great way to offer a dedicated space for piquing people’s interest and creating a sense of excitement about specific products.

You can create “teaser content” that reveals tiny hints about your new product, including captivating photos, short videos, or exclusive snippets. 

Why QR TIGER is the best landing page maker

Here are some of the key features this highly trusted QR code software brings to the table to help you create stunning, safe, and dynamic landing page QR codes:

Prioritizes data security

One of QR TIGER’s more remarkable qualities is its emphasis on data security and taking the necessary steps to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the world’s strongest security law. 

They abide by the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which gives users control over the data businesses collect about them. This generator also completely anonymizes data before storing it in its database. 

With a focus on privacy and applying data encryption to QR codes, QR TIGER reassures users that they don’t have to worry about malicious QR codes or the threat of data breaches.  

Custom website design

If you think the focus on data security was sweet, wait till you hear about the myriad design aspects. QR TIGER has a library of clean templates that radiate professionalism. 

What’s more, they allow you to integrate all sorts of rich media, adding value to your page. This includes image and gallery sliders, videos, audio, files, and links. 

Scans are trackable 

Lastly, this no code website builder isn’t complete without its trackable QR codes that allow you to stay up-to-date with scanning behaviors based on the number, time, location of scans, and devices used for scanning 

This can shed light on which QR codes placed in different locations, online and offline, are getting the most attention. You can use this information to make the most of your marketing efforts and adjust your future campaigns accordingly. 

Highlights of using a landing page QR code

  • Ideal for mobile devices. To achieve a clean-looking design, use a platform that comes with premade templates for a professional and visually pleasing layout optimized for smartphones. 
  • It costs nothing. Most QR codes themselves are inexpensive to make, which you can use to your advantage and apply to existing marketing materials. 
  • Targeted content. A landing page QR code unlocks targeted experiences, flexible campaigns, and fresh content anytime since you can edit the content even after printing. 

Launch your dream page with a no code website builder 

There is often a misconception that making a website is a long, tedious process that many people cannot do themselves, but everything you’ve read here shows you how mistaken this thinking is. 

Technical know-how can’t hold you back because the power of online website builders is sparking at your fingertips, and we’ve found the best one so you don’t have to. 

QR TIGER—undeniably the best QR code generator online—is bursting with advanced features fit to impress anyone who comes across your fully custom landing page.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best no-code website builder?

Although the “best” is subjective to your individual or business needs, the platform that stands out as an all-in-one solution is QR TIGER, the best QR code generator online. 

They offer a wide array of customization options for both the landing page and QR code and fully comply with data privacy regulations according to international standards. 

Why use a no code website builder?

There are many reasons for this, such as the accessibility to designing a website without needing coding skills or even having a large budget. Many platforms also offer a generous amount of design elements to choose from. 

What is the difference between a website and a landing page?

A website is usually regarded as your digital home base, holding your online presence in one place. It consists of multiple web pages that can be accessed through dropdown menus and navigation bars. 

A landing page is created with a specific goal in mind and is typically made up of a single web page containing all the relevant information. 

How can I make a website for free?

Create a website free of charge with one of the many website builders available online. Their features and user-friendliness may differ, so first, identify what you want in a free builder, then select what works best for you.

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